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RE: Fellow Steemers, I Need Help as My MRI Results Are Not Encouraging

in #blog7 years ago

I have transferred over a donation for you. Be Blessed.

I will resteem later on today.

Please verify that the donation has reached your account.


I have verified your great help and donation. I don't know what to say. How I wish I could repay you someday one way or another.

I am glad that you received it. I hope and pray that all goes well for you.

The only reason that I am of any use to anyone is because of His intervention! LOL

i cant imagine how white your heart is, the world need people like you..

i never cry like this before,

how come person never meet each other give the donation thats big...

may God blessed you and multiply your you can help more people..

I will resteem it for you to get more help. God bless you! @darthnava

Thank you, your resteems are valuable!

I am glad that you were touched. it is important for us to help one another when the opportunities present themselves.

Gracias gracias, hoy he entendido que steemit va muchoooo mas allá, esta historia y tu @papa-pimienta eres genial, me agradas mas y mas. Dios te bendiga.

Los 2 sois un ejemplo a seguir.
Regalais esperanza

My God will bless you more. I am touched.

Thank you. Just playing my part.

How can you see his donation, i'm really curious now :D

Yeah me too im also curious now. Help out the newbies please:)

just go to @darthnava's wallet and view transaction history :)

This is an awesome thing you did and you are an example to others when I grow more on steemit I would also like to do this for someone else.

Thank you for helping with this papa-pepper.

@papa-pepper your did really have a good and pure heart.
I know GOD will bless you more than you have given to @darthnava
Hope and Pray for your successfull operation.. May GOD Bless you and your Family just have Faith in Our GOD. Pray for your fast recovery.

also.. Hot Sauce Shots

Yeah, those too!

I second that <3
Hot Sauce Shots from Papa-Pepper to everyone who wants them :D
Can also be used as military grade pepper-spray :D

Upvoted, pray that you recover well...wish you good health and God at steemit, we are one big family

humanity do exist. People like you make this trust more stronger. Keep up the good work.

A great inspirational quote I use in bad times; "You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best day of your life" Hopefully everything will work out for you dear Darthnava, God bless you and all the people who showed you humanity at its purest by donating to such a good cause! Stay strong, I believe there will be light in the end of your tunnel.

So beautiful! This is exactly why I'm so honored to join this community. There is so much selflessness here :)

i feel so great when i see such a will to help people ..
my self i have no money to offer to you but my heart and prayers are with you
good bless you

go on! and god bless you dude i hope that you'll get all the money you need an beyond

What great generosity, @papa-pepper is a giver and surely believes in the pay it forward principle. Such gratitude and event makes my heart gushing with more gratitude...

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

People are like one hand fist we all get sick and no one will be sure to stay alive for the next day . So let us help each other.

As promised my first donation was sent today. I will remind myself to keep sending some for you man.

Your firstborn will now belong to your friend, mwa ha ha ha. >:)

OK just kidding. Anyways, best wishes. :)

Well, just steemed up and the first thing i see is people helping out people that are in need. Love the platform and ill hope u will be allright! Love u people, this makes me happy and ill make sure my friends and family will hear about this so they can sign up and help out even more people.

You, and this community are amazing. This is why I am so excited an so proud to be part of this. So much generosity. So much selflessness. So much love. Followed you. Excited to connect more with all of this magic we can create together for the greater good

Incredible @papa-pepper - you truly are an incredibly generous person; a paragon for the community.

I try to help in times of need, and I have been blessed with the opportunity. Thank you @avarice.

"a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with STEEM is better" ;)

Thank you for that huge donation! That's really a big help for him for the operation.

I try to do what I can. I have been blessed so I try to bless others.

You are welcome.

You're a great man papa!

This world needs more hoomans like you.

wow! Great donation @papa-pepper ! This community is awesome , Wish I could more ! 👍👍👍

It was a donation anyway. Thanks @karenmckersie.

Awesomeness!! Your welcome !👍👍👍

Today I am proud to be part of Steemit. Beside the fact that I had tears in my eyes when I saw the progress here within 24h. This is so right what happens here. This is exactly how social media should be. without advertizing, without corporate control but with a big heart. "the more good energy you give, the more you get back" is a wisdom a yogi told me in rishikesh 1994. @papa-pepper you are a real power

I totally agree ! The support is overwhelming ! 👍👍👍

Man, that was incredibly generous.

@papa-pepper As an emotional beingas I am, I truly think you made a very great gesture where some people can actually learn from. Keep up the good work!

I try to help when I feel like I should.

Good Stuff @papa-pepper Amazingly generous. I only wish I could help more. Followed @dartnava as well. God Bless and Semper Fi!

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