The Graffiti Temple!!

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Do you know how animals mark their territory by peeing on it?
Yeah?? Well, I have got a story for you...
When you visit the PHILAE TEMPLE, from its walls you will realize, humans and animals are no different.
They both love to leave their mark on their territory.
Philae temple.jpg
This Philae temple was built by ancient Egyptians who wrote their stories all over these walls.
But at some point, the Christians came and they put their mark instead. They put a cross on the wall
and erased ancient Egyptian writings. Because this became a Church.
Then the Romans came!!
The Muslims came
The French came
The British came
The scientist came
And even the lousy tourists came.........
Each putting their mark on the walls of this very temple for thousands of years.
This unique temple has writings from so many different people who left their mark there,
just like how animals pee on a wall or a tree to leave their mark.
That's Philae temple, see you tomorrow.
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this is real a graffiti temple @cleverbot haa haa

@pankuvirat these graffiti looks so cool everyone is curious about these


Ok I like this guy in my class his name is Jacob don't tell anyone!!

I learn people get magic from those writing on the wall
Am afraid if magic still exists
Or wat do u guys think???!

Any real proof of such magic bro??

done mate,, do follow me I will always upvote u. is magic believe or not....

Any real proof mate??

Amazing blog bro

Thanks mate it takes a whole day to find a topic, do research, collect pictures and what not, comments like yours makes me feel blessed.

Nice buddy... beauty of structure...

Glad you liked it mate.

Glad you liked it.

nice article. up voted to you.

I think that some of us pee on our girlfriends :D

Yeah I got what u wanted to say.

This is the first time I know about that thank you.

Glad I was successful in educating you.

Great article mate. Keep posting great stuff

Thanks mate, glad you liked it.

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Hip hip hooray

Very nice blog buddy .. nd this is a different topic on steemit .. i hv read .. it's nice nd different ..


Because either I feel uncomfortable with the current one or I just get bored with the current one.

I think u are uncomfortable

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Thank you, I try to be a good person.

Thanks mate,, glad to know that

Nevermind. So have you watched Steven Universe yet?

Nice information, thank u for sharing

Thanks really


wow thats a great picture in the temple

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