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Let me ask you a question.
Some of you will say YES, and some of you will say NO!!
But all of you will wonder- WHAT'S THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS!!
The answer to that I found in Copenhagen, DENMARK.
This Scandinavian country is ranked as one of the happiest places in the world according to many studies.
Despite long winters and high taxes. they are HAPPY!!
And why wouldn't they be?!
They have free education, free healthcare, $20 minimum wage, work-life balance, bikes instead of cars,
welfare systems and even people studying HAPPINESS and it's called
The combination of all of this makes for a better society, where everyone is
We all want to be happy but not many people know how. So let's learn from the Danish
because from what I could see- these guys are doing something right.
That's Denmark, see you tomorrow.
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Great content. I try to be always happy from inside. what about you buddy?

Same here buddy. Happy today and forever

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My reply is no

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Lol, read the blog then you bot.

nice country

Yes it is mate.

not for nature (in quotes Problem time between day and night)
Yes for finance
from the info obtained? and how do you think

Can you be more specific ma'am?

@pankuvirat everyone should follow this secret of happiness

That is true

Thailand is probably the happiest country

Probably yes buddy. What's important is in learning their secret to happiness right??

Family, good food and smile a lot

Yes, very true.

Where there are equality and justice there is always happiness !

Yes these are some of the reasons too.

I have no idea.

HEHE, now you have.

Nice Work and great article

Glad you liked it.

They are happy because their government and their people are not corrupted and support each other.

That could also be the reason.

Thank you for letting us know it bro.

Welcome mate.

that is good part of country they are enjoy the winter session with happiness @ami065

very nice city Copenhagen

@pankuvirat great to know. I never knew about this till now, great article my friend

Hahah .. this country would be definitely be the happiest country .. becz there is no need to do work, there is life work balance ..

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Haha yes but they do work

Today participation.

@pankuvkrat awesome article ...
Every one want HAPPINESS
But don't
Denmark is a role model for every
For happiness ..
Thank u for great one
Please u also upvote me 😊

Yes buddy, I did already. keep ssupporting.

Happiness depends upon some factors,may be they are having most of them.
good job bro.

Glad you liked it mate.

That's a strong question. Though good writing.

hmm..very thoughtful. Nice post

Thanks maam.

I like the quantity of happiness in this post.

Hey thanks mate, glad you liked it.

i like content like this :)

You will love all my contents mate.

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