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Good morning one and all.

It's back to very cold winter mornings here in Portugal. We had a few really nice sunny days, but last night it dropped down to 6° (Celsius), so I knew today would be a doosie..

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying to get back on top of my content creation. It's been a wild ride these past few weeks..

On top of the usual household maintenance, we have the bureaucracy of emigrating, the bureaucracy of the project and physical work on the land.
So this would seems to be a good time to focus on the things at hand and really buckle down.. That would be the logical conclusion..
For some reason though, I have been having an overwhelming sense of creativity, more than I have had in recent years. From experience I know, that when the muse visits, it is unwise to postpone, since there's no gurantee it will still be there when you're ready... In my life, when I feel the creative need, to write, or play music, or whatever, I know that's when I can do my best work..
So I have decided to try and juggle my creative endeavours with my family life, in order to not miss out.. This is possible, as thankfully both my wife and I are living off our savings currently (as planned), and so we have more time than is socially acceptable for a human being to have. Basically, we're both stay at home parents.
Which is another reason I want to try and "sieze this moment", as it is a very temporary and unsustainable one. As is always the case, in the beginning there is more time and energy than actually things to do. We would love to get down tomorrow and start building our house. But for that we needed to sort out our residency, a bank account, utilities for the house, etc, clearly settling into our temporary accommodation, is a higher priority than building our next abode..

Our plan is, come spring, when the weather allows, and having finished our winter bureaucracy odyssey, to start working more intensely on the land I general, and start building our home.

So right now is a golden time, when the three of us, my wife, son and I, spend almost all day together. Which is partly how I'm able to write this post.
Personally, I'm much more sporadic with my content creation, and general endeavours. I have bouts of boundless energy, followed by a sometimes crippling lack of motivation, though recently I have been more successful in my struggle against apathy.
This is why I'm even more determined to manage to juggle and maintain my different creative outlets. This blog, for one, is a place where I feel most at ease to share my inner thoughts and goings on.

I must take a moment to thank the Steemit community at large, as well as all the wonderful individuals that have been, and still are supportive of me. The list would be too long to even mention here sadly, as so far, nearly everyone I have come across has been so supportive and encouraging.. I have had a few blogs and videos that I have posted in the past on various platforms, the Steemit community is by far the most positive and uplifting I have ever been on..

So I will be doing my best to give back what I can, and continue to post here as often as I can.

On top of this, we do have a youtube cannel where I upload a video once a week, and live stream once a month.
The newest and most exciting development (imo) is that the minnow support project has graciously allowed me to start my own podcast on the msp waves interactive radio!!

Thank you so much r0nd0n for all your help, support, and for this amazing opportunity!!!

I've never been part of such a big platform, and I will do my best to uphold what this wonderful project is doing.

The podcast itself will be about the theory behind the ecoVillage model. These are my personal beliefs, and do not represent anyone else.
In the first episode I'm going to talk a little about who I am, and how I ended up moving to Portugal to start the ecoVillage.the second will outline the general theory behind the ecoVillage model.
If you'd like to tune in live, the first episode will be Monday 12th January 2020 (exact time TBD). It will be broadcast to the msp waves discord room (here's a link to the PAL server), to the MSP Waves website and to vimm TV. If you don't catch the live show, I will be uploading the episodes to 3speak as well, so you can listen at a later time when it's convenient for you.
I will update exact times in a later post.

OK, if you've read this far thank you.. I didn't mean to write nearly 1500 words... I actually sat down not sure what to write, just that I wanted a quick update..
Anyway, to finish up this already too long blog, and this is really a side note, I've been putting more time into my filmmaking interest..
When I was 16 I had a dream of becoming a director. I wouldn't say I was a big film buff, but I enjoyed films a lot, and was fascinated by the process and what this medium has to offer..
Of course, over time, directing made way for a whole slew of dreams that were never meant to be fulfilled. That is, untill recently, when I started making videos to document our family's journey. I founds I didn't want to just "point and shoot" as I had done in the past with my music videos. Instead, I wanted to see how far I could take this creative medium, in order to tell our story in a more profound way. Sound design, colour grading, composition, all these things I knew nothing about befire, suddenly joined my tools in being able to tell our story, better..
I must point out I am in no way flattering myself. I personally am much more auditory than visual. All visual arts are less accessible to me. And so trying to work in film, a most visual art form indeed, has been quite a challenge for that reason.
But because of this challenge, I am learning how to see the world in a new way, noticing things like colour, perspective, depth, things I really wouldn't see before.
So no, I'm not a very good filmmaker.. Luckily, this isn't a problem as I'm not doing it to become "successful" or make a career in filmmaking.. I just love films. And now, I love making them.
Despite all that, it still came as quite a surprise, when I found myself telling Lila (my wife) that I wanted to make a short film, as in narrative, fiction. Until now all my camera work has been documentary style. However edited or presented, it was all real life, being captured in the moment. Unscripted (except for the voice over, but that's non fiction as well..)
So why do I want to make a short film?
The truth is, I don't know. The idea for the film came to me, and the more I thought about it, the more I realize it is something I can practically do.. It won't be very good, I'm certainly not going to win any prizes.. But it will be my first short, the idea being to make mistakes, gain experience, and improve.
And this is a very important lesson, in my life, and maybe for you as well.
Whenever we start a daunting project, something that will take time, effort, and many mistakes, we can easily fall into the trap of saying "I'm not good at this, I can't do it, I tried and it didn't work." sometimes that may be the case, but always, when we try something new it's going to be hard at first.
We won't be very good at it.
It will be frustrating.
But that's always the case. All the most famous directors, started out as films students (whether in school or out).
So what if my film will suck?
So what if I'm not "good enough" yet? I will never be, if I don't start sometime.

So I would like to end this on an inspiring note, for you and me.
Let's not judge ourselves too harshly.
If you want to do something new, try it! Even if you suck at it, even if someone tells you you're no good.
Don't do it to be good. Do it to be better.

P.s. I made this for the podcast background, what do you think?


You will never know if you are good at something if you haven't tried it :)

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Oh my gosh, you have nothing to apologise for.. Its on me! I'm so sorry I forgot to use the ecotrain tag.. Will not happen again. Working on a new post announcing my podcast about the ecoVillage starts this Thursday, so I'll make sure I tag it.
Thank you so much for reminding me...
All the best

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