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The Main Role of Drinking A Lot of Raw Water Every Day

Important Preface

I have to inform my audience that I'm not a doctor and I'm not a dietitian or a scientist. I'm just an average person who like to take care of his health. Here below I will describe in details the main two gold daily healthy rules: 1) drink lot of water; 2) drink it in the right way.

Rule 1: drink a lot of water.

Drink lot of water is one of the most healthy feed(1) habit that a human being could take. This habit can preserve health and save people even from very bad illnesses such as cancer, alzheimer and so. We are made of water and we need a lot of water to stay health: this concept may look trivial but it isn't. Water (and his absence) has an intimate relationship with our body cells. Health and illnesses both starts from our cells: so what needs our cells to stay healthy? Water and oxygen first of all. Coincidentally the main role of the water is to lead oxygen (and nutrients) to our cells [in the "forward path"(2)] besides to expel toxic elements from our body [in the "return trip"(3)]. Mitochondria are the hydroelectric plants of our cells and (obviusly) they work with... water. It's simple to understand: water for our body is health and energy.

Rule 2: drink it in the right way.

First of all the water contained in plastic bottles should be avoided. Plastic tend to give to the water a very bad acidity level. Furthermore external and environmental agents such as light or heat cause the release of toxic substances from plastic to the water, so water should ever be contained in glass or other clean and inert material. That said, the very first and main rule of drinking water in the right way is: always with empty stomach!! This means that you have to drink it at least two hours after the main meal. Prior the meal I suggest a glass or two of water (15/20 mins before) just to properly hydrate the digestive system so it would work better. The rule of drink water with empty stomach has to do with the good operational of the digestive process. Drinking water while or immediately after having eaten cause problems to the digestion process. First of all the water drive much faster the food to the end route of the digestive system avoiding it to do the complete steps in the right times. Furthermore water cause the dilution of gastric juices so reducing they digestive capacity. It's also ever a good idea don't eat small amount of food out of the main meal: you know when you're are not so hungry and you just want few chips or a little snack? Avoid them and drink water, fed yourself with water!!!(1)

SIDE TOPIC "Correct Digestion Process": Having a good digestion process is very important for our health to avoid toxins enter in the body circle. Indeed the not correct digested food produces toxins which accumulating in years tend to cause our body to became weak and prone even to great diseases such as cancer alzheimer or leukemia. Here below others good rules for a proper digestion:

  • Chew Your Food Well: to saying it in other words; food should be drunk instead of eaten :)
  • Don't Eat At Evening: if you really must here's the main rule; not after 19:00 or anyway at least 4 hours before going to bed.
  • Alcohol Can Help: alcohol (in moderate quantity) can cause chemical reactions in our stomach that facilitate the digestion process. So a glass of red wine with Bolognese Macaroni or beer with Fish and Chips are not so bad.

    In this article I've exposed with my own words which are mostly the results of years of study and research of the great and authoritative russian doctor and professor Ivan Neumivakin.

(1) Water should be considered mostly as a meal instead of as a drink.
(2) Down the esophagus to the intestine and (consequently) blood vessels.
(3) Carbon monoxide and other toxic substances are driven to the kidneys and lungs and skin to be expelled with urination breathing and sweating.

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