Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas! Great for Beginners !

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Sometimes it is hard to find good thematic to write about on your blog. There are so many things you could write about, but it is still happening.


If you have a job or hobby that you could write about, then there is no will have a lot of materials, and photos to put on your blog. Like if you are a photographer, chef (with some new ideas), or maybe you have a hobby with some handcrafts or similar than you are ok.

Now let's look at those who do not have a lot of their own materials to write about, but they have to get new ideas in their head. A lot of peoples do not have their own materials to write a blog about, especially beginners so usually they:

  • Write about some news they find online

  • Copy some cooking recipes

  • Post some Meme, or other jokes

  • Post some photos and add some short description

  • You might even think to copy some posts from another blog

  • ..........

    ok, it's a start, now let's check for few problems here...

  • If you found news online it is already old if you didn't write about it on the same day it was on news channel. And if you are a beginner, you probably won't represent that news that good so it will not be interesting and nobody will read it or click on it.

  • If you copy some cooking recipes it is ok, but you can not claim that it is yours (because you add brown sugar instead of white sugar)

  • If you start taking photos from the internet and posting them on your blog and commenting on them, chances are that photos might be protected from copying, in most cases they are not, but if they are, add a source of the photo to your post.

  • If you are thinking about copying other posts from other blogs....... just do not do that, they will find you and you will get banned or worse.


    So what to do now?!? You still do not know what to write about and those upvotes are flying away!

Solution #1
Steemit has two great categories you can check "Trending" and "Hot". If you check posts in these two categories, you will see which posts are upvoted the most. I would not check the $ value of posts, but the number of upvotes, It will show you which posts are trending the most. So check few posts in these 2 categories, maybe you will get an idea.
I also recommend you to choose a tag from the left side of the page...... try the one that you are familiar with it!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 23.28.32.png

Solution #2
Read some of those trending posts (or others) and if you disagree with most of the author's post, try not just to comment it, but also write your own post and add your own opinion about the same topic (but of course a different opinion), do not duplicate posts.

Solution #3
Try to use Buzzsumo is a great tool to aid you in your quest for blog ideas. There are seemingly hundreds of ways to search various topics and keywords and glean lots of helpful data. Here’s just one way. Try it out, but if you want to be serious about writing a blog, you will need a subscription plan.


Solution #4
Search Quora for Questions. Quora is a great resource for discovering what trends and topics people are interested in right this second.


Solution #5
You can try a different approach, getting personal is always a good idea on your blog. It makes you, and your business by extension, seem more real, approachable, and trustworthy.

If you think you are just a loser, and you do not have anything smart to write about yourself, great! Most of the people like reading loser stories, as long you are a bigger loser as they are :)
You should try!

about you.74af726b927ad0cf11f4272e96411778221.jpg

Solution #6
You can check news and write your own opinion, and solution to that not use daily news. For example, now you can use "Facebook's problem with users personal data breach" this news will be around for quite a while and problem will not be solved quickly, so readers might start some good debate about this topic at your comment area.

Solution #7
Check Post comments, look at the questions visitors are asking, the discussions that may be happening, or the related topics that are raised. Pull ideas from these comments and address them in a fresh blog.

Solution #8
Have imagination or better.... google it. Here are som of my ideas:

  • Make a full case study about something
  • Bust a myth
  • Write a post about things you regret doing/not doing
  • Write where you’d like to travel
  • Write about the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life
  • Make a post about your most popular posts
  • Write an inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes
  • Share recent travel experiences

Whatever you do, remember you can’t reinvent the wheel. Nobody is an idea powerhouse 24/7. Consider this your helpful little nudge to get you going. After that, picking up speed is entirely up to you.


Of course, Steemit is something special, and I recommend you to read some other posts about how to get started on Steemit because if you do it right, you might get some nice rewards soon!

I am happy to help you with more answers. I will soon add some more posts. If you liked my post please upvote and follow. Thank you!


Great tips for starters. It is challenging to create original content. Your help has set the lightbulb on 👍

when i see the title its like me
and when i see the picture i know its me
ha ha lol

I love this! I think it is easiest to write about what you love! If you love something write about it, don't worry about the amount of people that will like it or find it interesting just write because you enjoy it! :)

People can tell when someone is passionate about the topic by the way they write about it, I would suggest that people stay away from posts that they think people will find interesting and instead write about what YOU find interesting! Something as simple as this will make your blog a much more engaging place! :)

Upvote and a follow from me! :)

Followed. :)

Followed. :)

well said since i stared to write about my talent as an artist i feel is endless i feel my head is smoking already.

followed :)) t

What seem interesting to me is more interesting to write it

Good advise, but I wouldn't look at the trending/hot posts that much, most of them are there because of bid bots, so maybe a lot of them are not really the content you want to emulate.

yes, I agree. That is why I add that you should not check the $ value of posts, but the number of upvotes. It is much harder to get a lot of upvotes with bots, it is also possible, but harder.

Great post, these are valuable ideas and suggestions to a new Steemit user like myself.

Nice one you have got here, i must confess its really helpful and it came in handy. Thanks a bunch i appreciate your help atleast new stemians like myself would never be stranded nor out of ideas on what to post. You the best.

Hi, its real helpful, thanks for sharing with us this, its so important to keep original and be the most ourselves as possible!!

writers block can be a bummer. I find that if i cant write a whole post ill just spend some time commenting on other content until i have a creative moment.

these are some great options you have provided that will help any writer tackle writers block. great post!

Really helpful post for new and mid users like me. I will follow your tips when writing a post. Thank you

@nunik thanks to you I see that I am on the right way :) And I also have some new tips from you to test. Thank you for the good article❗👌

Thanks for this post, it's just what I needed! I'm new here too, and my posts have been a bit, um, sporadic. I want to focus on one topic, but I'm interested in way too many to just pick one really. I'll figure it out!
Thanks again! :)

Wow thanks this will really help out on my next blog post i think il be doing travel guides do you think that will work?

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Good post! thanks for sharing.

I am the beginner and i am in what you teel us conditions. I think that great solutions, i will practice it. Thank you n i hope you are always in health and succes

Thanks for all these ideas, since sometimes my mind is totally blank on what to write about. Really enjoyed this post!

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As well am a new to these steem it.i dont know about anything of steemit.even i dont know anything about how to pst a blog.but this post help me alot than before.i will try this out now.thank alot man.✌️👍

@hottopic, how many sbd do you collect for a resteem?
I'm pretty much interested.

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Wow.... it is very good post. You help me how to find and to create a brilliant writing. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and ideas ,this is helpful for beginners, i was thinking about this 'what should i post' and then i find your post and it is looking that problem is solved

Upvoted and followed me!!!!

Good ideas not just for Steemit but also for videos and tutorials. I take this approach when trying to find a subject for new audio tutorials.

sure, you can use these also for tutorials :)

Great post! Thank you @nunik for your tips. I am beginner and I feel overwhelmed with so much information to digest. But, I love Steemit due to the fact that my effort can be rewarded. If I was already wasting time on Facebook, well, here I give my time with pleasure.

I am happy to help :)

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nice post @nunik

Post resteemed and upvoted!

Thank you!

Thats what im looking for ..

Steady your amazing postings, I see, read and enjoy it thanks for sharing

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Will definitely use some of the pointers, thanks for the tips ! :)

This is a great tip for starter like us. You really did explain every thing we need to be successful as a blogger. I will need to work on my writings and bring out nice write up. Thanks!!!!

Thank you for your great content and for using our services. Keep it up.

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great sharing..

I'm a newbie from Korea.
It's so useful post for me.
Thanks and have a nice day:)