Affinity Publisher - Beta is Released!

in blog •  3 months ago

Download it now - link below.

Affinity Publisher

I am downloading Affinity Publisher right now - and you should too. Right now.

If you haven't tried Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer yet, you really need to at least take a look. Available for Windows, Mac and iOS, their software is intuitive and incredibly powerful.
This is the third piece in this amazing company's plan to sway designers away from Adobe products. I use it on the iPad and it is buttery smooth. On the Mac I feel like somebody has finally understood what designers need.

I could write more, but I want to give it a test-drive - you should too and leave me a comment about your feelings!

In my haste to spread the awesome news, I should have mentioned that I plan on reviewing this software. I am not paid by Affinity and have absolutely NO affiliation with them. At any rate, follow along to see some of the stuff that this piece of kit has. (will be updating over the next few days)

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.33.20.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.09.35.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.32.40.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.34.46.png

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Doesn't seem to be Open-Source. Please remove utopian-io tag and stop using it for promotion of non-open-source products. You could also include 'promotion' tag or hunter, I dont know which one would be a better fit than utopian..


Thanks @ookamisuuhaisha, this was not intended to be for promotion of a product, but more about making graphic designers aware of the awesome news that they finally have an alternative to Adobe products. I changed the tag.


Great, many thanks!

Hello there!

I can't help but notice that you used the Utopian-io tag on a blog post that is entirely unrelated to open source software. That's an inappropriate way to use our tags, I'm afraid.

If you want to contribute content that is relevant to Utopian, please read our guidelines. I would also recommend reading our weekly Top Of Utopian posts to get an idea of the kind of content we particularly like.

I look forward to seeing awesome relevant content from you in the future.

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@didic - I changed the tag, but started a conversation in Discord in the #designers channel. Would love to have a discussion with you about this.

I have affinity designer on my mac which is sometimes quite handy but still I can't compare it to Illustrator, it's faster on my mac mini 2012 for sure so when I check files etc it's my first choice. However tools like shape builder, 3d extrusion are the reasons I still have illustrator installed. Never tried affinity photo yet I've been using photoshop for a quite long time I'm not sure if I can make that transition ever :( And if I'm not mistaken photo doesn't support something like smart objects, yet.
And now we have publisher, yeah Serif doing great stuff with supporting multiple platforms on a reasonable price.

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