Chapter 8

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On the highway, a black Audi A6 is flying all the way north.

There are two people in the car, one is the driver, the other is sitting in the back row, tall and tall, looks like nearly thirty years old, and the face is similar to Lu Yu.

"Hey, hey ~ ~" The phone vibrates.

The tall man took out his mobile phone: "Hey, Yang Ge, what?"

Then the face of the tall man changed: "What do you say?"

"How is it possible?" The tall man couldn't believe it.

"Okay, I understand!" The tall man nodded. "I have already returned to Yangzhou City, knowing, understand!"

"Do not worry, Yang Ge, what is the character of Qin Hong? You don't know what? You know, despite your peace of mind, I know that I will not act recklessly. I am bold enough to make fun of my brothers. Well, Understand!" After the tall man 'Qin Hong' hangs up the phone, his face can't help sink.

"Qin Ge, what happened?" said the driver driving in front.

"The situation is not good, we are a small Yangzhou city, but there has been a major event that has caught the world's dark world." Qin Hong is low.

"What?" the driver asked.

Qin Hong said in detail: "On the first two days, the two world s-class killers in the dark world, 'The sharpshooter' Sun Ze and the 'broken body' Dorgo Trove, chasing another s-level killer 'flying knife' orphan The wolf, the three superpowers, had a big fight, but the result was stunned. This 'flying knife' was a lone wolf, and one person killed the other two."

"What!" The driver exclaimed. "How can this flying knife be so powerful?"

"Dark world, has been the ‘flying knife’ lone wolf, the first person to be the 50 s-class killer, known as the quasi-ss-class killer! Maybe he has the ss-level killer strength!” Qin Hong is low.

"God, this level of killer in Yangzhou City, does not mean that the humanoid nuclear bomb in the city?" The driver was also scared.

No matter s or ss, they are not resistant.

"It’s very troublesome. There are only eight ss-level killers in the entire dark world. Any one has surpassed the limits of the human body and reached an incredible realm! Ordinary bullets and other weapons have been ineffective for them! And even with powerful weapons, at their speed, nerves The speed of the reaction... We haven’t raised our weapons yet, and everyone’s eyes are gone.”

Qin Hong understands the meaning of ss level.

If we say that the s level, known as the human body limit, can be rampant in the city, the threat is extremely high, the special troops are dispatched, and the words can be suppressed.

That ss level has already surpassed the limits of the human body and reached the peak of the world. It is called the existence of a humanoid nuclear bomb.

A super-powerful person who is suspected to be the most peak in the world, is in Yangzhou City. He is only the head of the special operations team responsible for Yangzhou City, dare to provoke people? A small team in the past, I am afraid that I have not fired yet, and people have already killed them with a few flying knives.

Not at all a level.

"Qin Ge, what do we do?" The driver was also worried.

"What can I do?" Qin Hong took a deep breath and lowered his voice. "This flying knife is a lone wolf. According to intelligence, we are Chinese, and his super-powerful level should not be mad. If he is in Yangzhou. Even if we find him, we will follow him at most. Don't irritate him."

The driver nodded.


Qin Hong's brow wrinkled, and he was puzzled by the mobile phone. His mobile phone was uniformly distributed by the special department of the country. At this moment, an intelligence has been passed.

"Not good!" This Qin Hong face was pale in an instant.

"What?" The driver was nervous.

"We Yangzhou City, to become the center of the focus of the entire dark world." Qin Hong's forehead is a little sweaty.

"What's wrong?" The driver is also worried.

"Headquarters just heard the news, that the Redmein family did not hesitate to spend this time, please move the world's first organization 'Shenguo' to go out, 'Shenguo' three giants 'Vishnu' and 'Shiva' have Departed to chase the 'flying knife' lonely wolf." Qin Hong was completely shocked.

The driver was shocked and trembled.

The world's ss-level killers, a total of eight. Among them, there are three "Shenguo" organizations. These three names are 'Big Brahma', 'Vishnu' and 'Shiva'. These three names are actually the three highest gods in Indian mythology. This is also the recognized title in the dark world.

It can be imagined that these three people are terrible!

As for the real names of the three people, they have not been made public.

"The second of the three giants of the Kingdom of God, dare to come to us." Qin Hong brow wrinkled.

In the dark world, China enjoys a special status. Because there are too many strong people in China, there are only three Chinese ss-level killers. At the same time, domestic domestic boxing masters are extremely rare, but there are still domestic ones. Every inside boxer is comparable to the ss killer.

Therefore, many dark world powers call China an 'old country' and a 'magical country'. There is a trace of awe in my heart.

Such as the red organization, the killers were sent to the master of the form of the 'Teng Bolei', let Teng Bolei teach, although Teng Bolei they have to teach for some special reasons, in general, they are all Chinese, and most of them are only registered Disciple.

"Qin Ge, two ss-level killers, chasing a quasi-ss level. If the same return is good, but once it reaches the civilians, it will be worse!" The driver is also worried.

"In the moment of crisis, even if we sacrifice our lives, we can't let them affect civilians." Qin Hong took a deep breath. "But don't worry too much. These people are not going to kill civilians. What we have to do now is wait, wait, I hope they can leave the mainland as soon as possible."

The driver nodded.

Dealing with the existence of the 'humanoid nuclear bomb' of the ss-class killer, the state will not deal with them when it is not necessary, and once the country really decides to deal with it... it will definitely concentrate enough power and surely kill it in one fell swoop. Hands-on. After all, the ss-level killer, once killed, can not endless.

The Redmein family also learned that Lu Yu’s amazing strength is now, and he is beginning to be afraid. This is desperate, please ask the ‘God country’ organization.

"In three days, in Jiangsu, all elite members of the special operations team will be concentrated in Yangzhou City, and be careful." Qin Hong is low.

The two talked, the car had already got off the highway and headed for Yangzhou City.

"A military, the 'flying knife' lone wolf, the image of the second of the three giants of the country, 'Shiva', 'Vishnu' and other information, has been sent to your mobile phone. After returning, watch carefully. Don't touch the road I don’t know them when they arrive.” Qin Hong reminded him.

The young driver turned on the phone and looked down at his eyes: "I haven't seen the three of them. Hey, this ‘flying knife’ lone wolf, you are somewhat similar to Qin Ge.”

"Yes, I feel a bit like it." Qin Hong glanced at the image in the phone.

That is the image of Lu Yu's appearance.

Although the previous battle caused a shock in the entire dark world, even Lu Yu was called a 'quasi-ss' killer, but Lu Yu himself was reclusively living in a remote residential area on the outskirts of Yangzhou City, and his ears did not smell the window. One heart to recover from injury, subliminal martial arts.

In the quiet courtyard, Lu Yu, who wears a black trousers, is practicing the ‘three-dimensional shape.’

The three-body style is the basic of Xingyiquan. There is a saying that ‘the law is derived from the three-body style. The beginners need to practice, and the masters of the form also need to practice, that is, to reach the realm of the master, and also need to practice. The three-body movement is simple, and it is more suitable for Lu Yu who is seriously injured.

One stroke and one style, brought in Lu Yu, flowing in the water, is just like art to give people a beautiful enjoyment.

As the saying goes, the bones are broken for a hundred days, and the average person can recover from fractures in March. Of course, comminuted fractures are extremely troublesome. Lu Yu’s foot has already entered the guru’s threshold, and his physical quality is far superior to that of ordinary people, and his control of body and blood has reached an incredible state.

In addition, every day, we insist on ‘three-body’ and breathing, and the recovery speed is several times faster than ordinary people.

As for muscle tears in the arms and abdomen, recovery is faster.

After twenty-one days, the body recovered completely.

"These days have been reclusive in this place, one heart to repair and cultivate, have not been to the city, do not know ‘Qinghe’, he did not come back.” Lu Yu secretly.

Lu Yu is very sensible. He was not able to cope with a crazy killer before he was injured. So he chose to lurk in one heart. The organization of the 'Hands of Darkness' is powerful, but Lu Yu hides in the houses and does not show up at all. It is not easy for the other party to find him.

"Twenty-one days of cultivation, I finally got through all the meridians of the body, and the internal strength can be perfect throughout." Lu Yu’s face showed a smile.

Fighting with Sun Ze and Dorgotrov, the last 'Tiger Cannon' made Lu Yu touch the threshold of the masters. The 21st day of retreat and physique gradually improved, and the last meridians were completely smooth. Internal strength can easily reach every part of the body.

Today Lu Yu is already a veritable master!

The human body, there are eight classics, twelve classics and many small and unknown small meridians. The internal fist training is to open up every meridian of the body, including those small meridians. In fact, in this process of improvement, physical fitness is also constantly improving.

"The guru is the master, from the end of the inner family to the master's twenty-one day, although the physical fitness is estimated to increase only two or three percent. But the strength is to increase several times." Lu Yu knows that the master is so powerful because it is in strength The use of it is even more powerful.

The same body, the inner strength of the strong, one punch can have a ton of attack. However, the master can play three or four tons of attack power.U10131P115DT20150107140651.jpg

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