Chapter 7

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Lu Yu tipped a little and leaped to the side, easily opening the gap with Dolgo Trove.

"The coward, you have the ability to not escape." Dolgotrov was anxious.

Lu Yu jumped on the roof, just briefly played, the fist itself did not hurt, according to the practice of 'Tie Sha Zhang' secret method of quenching a hand, the hardness is comparable to steel, plus internal strength, even with the metal glove It’s okay to touch. The real injury is at the upper arm.

Lu Yu glanced at the upper arm of his right arm, and the insignificant blood spots had penetrated.

Feeling the pain inside the arm, Lu Yu felt bad at the bottom: "This monster, the body is too strong. I had a shot in front of my right arm, Sun Ze, the muscles inside have been injured, and now the injury is more serious. The force is affected by the big The impact is only 50% of the strength."

"To deal with this monster, the flying knife is useless." Lu Yu thought about it.

The ‘shredder’ Dolgotrov, smirked: “Lu Yu, if you are afraid, you can escape.”

This is not the predecessor of Dolgo Trove, but because of -

On speed, he is not as good as Lu Yu.

Lu Yu wants to escape, he can't stop it.

However, in terms of strength, Dolgotrov can not be afraid of Lu Yu.

Although Lu Yu has a flying knife stunt, but the trick of 'a slap in the face', the flying knife is broken, although it is sudden, the direction is uncertain, it has advantages, and it also has shortcomings. The flying knife is broken, causing the power to disperse, making those pieces of power not too strong!

Unless the attack is on a vulnerable part of the face, it will not work for this Russian big man. ‘Broken Machine’ Dorgo Trove is physically strong and wears special suits. Plus, when you are prepared for ‘a knife,’ you need only one hand to cover your face.

As for the two men’s melee...

Although Lu Yu is a strong form-and-will-boxing player, he is only one step away and reaches the realm of the master.

But this Russian big man is also terrible.

Dolgotrov, born with infinite power, once dominated the black market boxing, the body is stronger than steel, and also the ancient yoga, rigid and soft, he is the strongest, has been in China's chance to get 'joints Skills 'cheats, and successful practice, this makes Dolgo Trove, the most terrible machine in the melee, with the name of 'broken machine'! Can be ranked among the ranks of the dark world s killer.


Lu Yu’s warfare is rising, “It’s ridiculous!”

When his wife dies, ‘Wu Dao’ has become the only pursuit of Lu Yu. Today, the last step from the realm of the Grand Master is this step, but it is like a scorpio. It is extremely difficult to pass. Fighting in life and death is possible to comprehend and transcend self and reach a new realm.

Chess is an opponent, but you can't ask for it.

No worries, how can Lu Yu give up such a great opportunity?

"Don't escape the best, let the monkeys go with the funeral." Dolgotrov was shaped like a thunder, five steps in a row, causing the ground to tremble, and then the whole person jumped up.

"It’s good."

Lu Yu's hand is a flying knife.

"Peng!" Dolgotrov, who had been prevented for a long time, could easily block the flying knife and crack the flying knife.

Just blocking this knives, Dolgotrov himself is still in the air. Lu Yu was condescending, swooping down, squatting forward and rushing forward, his left hand twisted and twisted in front of his eyebrows, his right hand was like a shell, and slammed directly to Dolgotrov's head.

"Well?" Dolgotrov was in a mess, and the big fist was like a hammer, and he slammed into Lu Yu’s fist.

"Boom!" "Boom!"...

Lu Yu’s left fist and right fist are madly intertwined, and one punch and one punch, making people’s eyes invisible, only seeing a series of boxing shadows. Dolgo Trove, who jumped upwards, was forced to fall to the ground.

The cannon is like a fire, just like a meteor.

Dolgotrov just slammed back as he landed.

"This guy, the body is terrible." Lu Yu was shocked at the bottom of his heart. He was squatting on the other side. He felt that he was kneeling on a piece of steel covered with cotton wool. "The body is like steel, and he also repairs ancient yoga. He must seriously hurt him. difficult."

Lu Yu was shocked, but there was no hesitation in the action. Once he took advantage, the whole person immediately continued to attack.

"Call, suck ~ ~" and Dorgotrov's chest bulged and sag, the whole man's momentum was soaring, roaring as if a polar bear was forced to come over, the violent fist, such as the same shells continue to come.


Lu Yu was like a big bow bent to the limit, and even the back of the ridge trembled, and the pickpocket was shot by the left fist.

Breaking the fist like an arrow, there is a wave of waves breaking!

Regression is a collapse of the boxing, pacing is a collapse of the boxing, and step by step is also a collapse.

Lu Yu is like a dragon, surrounded by Dolgo Trove, cleverly avoiding the other side's heavy punches, while giving the other party a heavy blow.

"Hey." Dolgotrov couldn't help but smother the blood in his mouth, and his eyes were cold and flashing. "This wolf, the inner boxing is really strong enough, it made me hurt, only the only move." Dolgotrov found that if you don't use 'joint skills', it is estimated that it is difficult to win today.

"This monster, at least my eight points collapsed, even a minor injury." Lu Yu was also shocked at the bottom of his heart, if it is himself, in the eight-breakdown, it is estimated that it has been seriously injured.


Dolgotlov’s fingers caught Lu Yu’s left wrist.

"Ha ha ~ ~" Dolgo Trove took advantage of the situation, violently pull Lu Yu, while habitual is a left leg sweep kick!

In the black market boxing, sweeping is the most terrible trick.

"Joint technique?" Lu Yu only felt a pain in his wrist, such as a needle stuck into the wrist, the natural internal strength shocked, the spiral strength shocked the other's fingers, immediately like mud, slipping back to recover the left fist.

The left fist just escaped, and the leg shadow has arrived.

That is like a scythe-like leg shadow, kneeling in the chest position of Lu Yu, Lu Yu’s chest is actually sunken three inches below the air, avoiding the strongest force, but the leg shadow is still on the chest, only the bones are heard. One sound, Lu Yu, the whole person vomited blood and flew up.

"Not good." Lu Yu fell to the ground and his face was pale.

Great earthquake!

Dolgotrov was like a high-speed roller, laughing and rushing over.

Lu Yu’s eyes were red, and the whole person fell to the ground. Both hands slammed into the ground. The fingers were inserted directly into the concrete floor, and their feet slammed. The whole person seemed to be shot by the trebuchet. After a big arc, squat to Dorgotrov.

"Haha..." Dolgotrov slammed and kicked Lu Yu.

"Peng!" Lu Yu's right fist into a palm, slamming on the bones of Dolgotrov's calf, only felt the pain of the palm of his hand, but Lu Yu still borrowed the momentum, the right palm slammed on the chest of Dolgotrov .

Almost at the same time, Lu Yu's face suddenly rose red, centered on the lumbosacral spine, the whole body muscle strength almost completely transmitted the left fist, the entire left arm muscles were grave, the blue veins burst, the speed was almost twice as fast as the right fist. Almost along a straight line, attacking the chest of Dorgotrov.

"Ah ~ ~" Dolgotrov is roaring, and a terrible punch is on the head of Lu Yu.

If this fist is really on the head of Lu Yu, Lu Yu will die!

"Nothing to go ahead, no fear..."

At the moment when Lu Yu decided to succeed or fail, he actually felt the true artistic conception of this cannon. The power passed along the bones of the whole left arm, and it trembled. The strong force from the shoulder to the fist.

"boom~~" A low and faint tiger cries sounded.


If the gun pops up, Lu Yu’s left fist, like a flying meteor, directly slams on Dolgotrov’s chest, with strong punching force, instantly damaging the hard-earned sternum, the internal organs. It was shattered by the shock, and the vitality was cut off instantly.

Dorgotrov’s body was shocked, and the slamming force of Lu Yu’s head slammed into the head of Lu Yu, and the skin was not injured.


There is still incredible in Dolgotrov’s eyes, and it seems that he can’t believe that his defense would be killed by a punch.

Immediately, his eyes went down and crashed.

"Hey." Lu Yu couldn't help but a blood. Just now, Dorgotlov's swipe kick shook his two sternum on the spot and shocked him. In that case, Lu Yu could not fight for a long time, so he was able to show his strength and the most dangerous one.

Tiger cannon!

In the form-and-will-boxing five-line boxing, the fists are like axe, the fists are like arrows, the punches are like cones, the cross-cuts are like beams, and the guns are as famous as the artillery. Cannonball should be the most powerful of the five elements. The ‘Tiger Cannon’ is a combination of tiger shape and cannon boxing, and its power is even better. It is a form-and-will-boxing trick that has been passed down from Tengshi.

Tiger cannon, although the power is the biggest, can have advantages and disadvantages.

The shortcoming is that after issuing the strongest punch, you can't change the moves in time. Once you kill the enemy, the enemy can easily seize the opportunity and kill him!

Originally, it was the power of the tiger's cannon, and it was impossible to kill the ‘Dorgotrov, which is as strong as a monster. Who wants, in the line of life and death, Lu Yu actually touched the threshold of form-and-will-boxing boxing ‘master’s realm’.

Form-and-will-boxingform-and-will-boxing, pictographic and heavy, shaped as secondary, meaning heavy.

The symbol of reaching the realm of the guru is that the strength of each muscle can be perfectly used. The strength of each bone, the strength of the bones is applied to the limit, and when the tremor is shaken, the buzz of the animal can be produced incredibly. As I have just played, there is a ‘Tiger scream’ sound.

"That was just..."

Lu Yu’s eyes lit up and there was a hidden surprise on his face. He had never been so excited since his wife died.

The insider is strong, the goal pursued is the realm of the guru!

It can perfectly control every muscle and muscle strength of the body. The inner strength runs through the body meridians, and even a fist and a foot can even produce the sound of dragons and tigers. However, Lu Yu only used the strongest punch - the tiger cannon punch, only barely made that sound. Did not really step into the door of the master.

"That kind of feeling..." Lu Yu clearly remembered the artistic conception of that punch.

Looking back at that mood, Lu Yu couldn't help but smile, and the breath was a mess. He immediately felt a pain in his chest and couldn't help but cough.

Eyes swept around: "I am seriously injured now, this place can no longer stay." Rex Rabbit three caves, Lu Yu has been prepared to deal with the enemy, naturally rented several places in this Yangzhou City. He did not enter the house, pressed his chest with one hand, and rushed directly to the side wall. With one hand and one support, the whole person leaped away.

Only a mess in this courtyard was left, and the two s-class killers, the "shooter" Sun Ze and the "broken machine" Dolgotrov, were lying on the ground, and there was no life.VQR87jet8C.jpg

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