Chapter 6

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"Not self-reliant." Sun Ze could not help but laugh, but his eyes were getting colder.

They just said that it seems to be for Lu Yu. But actually, I want to influence Lu Yu’s will. If Lu Yu commits suicide, it is naturally best. In this way, the two of them can complete the task without any effort, but if they are really a life-and-death battle, even if they can kill Lu Yu, they are estimated to be injured.

"This Dolgotrov, I have a knife, it has no effect." Lu Yu glanced at the Russian strong man, "He and Sun Ze, both wearing black uniforms, this black uniform should have a strong defense."

The Russian brawny, on the roof, did have a flying knife. However, the two of them knew that Lu Yu had a flying knife stunt. This time, both of them wore special clothing with strong defensive capabilities. Just after a flying knife pierced the clothes, the power was already weak. The crusher ‘Dorgotrov’ easily gripped the knife blade with muscles and squeezed it out.

"Monkey, this wolf is looking for death, we will fulfill him." This Russian great man ‘Dorgottrov’ is a Chinese, but very fluent.

"The biggest threat is the sharpshooter 'Sun Ze', who must kill him, and I will have life."

Lu Yu was very abrupt, without any signs of low body, his feet slammed, his hands grabbed the ground, such as the same tiger down the mountain, a jump is nearly ten meters, a gun shot to Sun Ze.

The "shooter" Sun Ze, who is standing at the gate of the courtyard, has a slight tilt, and the whole person moves. This movement, like the same illusion, is wrapped from one side, and the silver pistol in the hand also emits a few Nearly inaudible sound.

“Hey!” “Hey!”

Lu Yu immediately twisted his body when he was holding a gun. Like a poisonous snake, he turned and turned to the side.

On the flexibility of melee physique, the three major inner fists, the Eight Diagrams Palm is the first, and the Eight Diagrams Palm has the words 'one walk, two vision, three sit, four turn'. This is the most basic 'going'. And this gossip master level of the 'Sun Ze' line to swim dragons, lightning-like, elegant as wind.

The pistol bullets are even more sinister.

With the sensitivity of the Eight Diagrams Palm, coupled with the power of modern gunpowder guns, it is indeed terrible.

"My speed and flexibility are not as good as this 'Sun Ze'. If you want to chase him, he can continue to attack me. At the same time, there is this 'shredder' Dolgotrov... I will react slowly, that is Dead end. I only have one chance!" Lu Yu understands.

"Hey." Another bullet, Lu Yu can't hide, and there is a smashing machine, Dorgo Trove, a terrible monster attacking.

"not good."

Lu Yu’s abdomen is soft and soft like a cotton bud. When the bullet hits the abdomen, a strong internal force is shaken, and the bullet force is removed by seven points. At the same time, the muscle is shocked like a steel plate, and the bullet is hardly stuck in it. Extrused by muscles. Lu Yu himself is a slab bridge, hands clasped to the ground, the whole person is like a dragon and waves, suddenly slammed to the side.

Not far away, Sun Ze’s face showed a sneer.

"Ha ha..." The Russian big man was laughing and rushing to Lu Yu.

"This is the time." Lu Yu's body shape was transferred to the peach tree in the courtyard. The left and right hands grabbed a flying knife, and the eyes became sad. At the same time, the two flying knives came out and each of them crossed a cold track. Through the space, shoot at Sun Ze and Dorgotrov.

Sun Ze smiled coldly and shot a shot at the flying knife.

Single-handedly, Sun Ze can definitely rank in the top ten in the world, shooting a knife in a shot, which is very easy.

"HEN~~" The Russian great man ‘Dorgottrov’ gave a low snoring, and the right fist with a metal glove slammed into the flying knife.

Lu Yu's eyes are cold and deep, and there is a hint of grief. The intrinsic strength instilled in the two flying knives is an incredible faintness and a link between Lu Yu's mood.



Just when the knives were about to hit the bullets, and no objects touched the flying knives, the flying knives broke into seven or eight pieces of iron. The trajectories of the seven or eight pieces of broken steel pieces changed slightly. , still shot at a very fast speed to Sun Ze. That bullet is naturally shot.

"No--" Sun Ze’s face changed dramatically.

He was originally less than ten meters away from Lu Yu. Lu Yu threw a flying knife. He immediately fired a gun. When the flying knife broke, he was about two meters away.

Two meters away, with the speed of the flying knife fragments, this sudden change, Sun Ze is just a nervous reaction, the flying knife fragments have already come to his eyes.

"Puff puff!"

Three pieces of the flying knife fragments directly hit the face of Sun Ze and shot from the back of the skull.

"Oh..." Sun Ze was still unbelievable in his eyes, but then he lost his brilliance and the whole person fell to the ground.

One of the fifty-two s-class killers in the dark world, the gossip palm--the ‘shooter’ Sun Ze, the commandment!

The insider is strong, this face is generally the lowest defense, unless it reaches the realm of the guru, there is no weakness in the whole body. Like Sun Ze, if you don’t go to the realm of the guru, you will certainly die.

"Peng." The Russian big man ‘Dorgottrov’ suffered the same danger, but his luck was much better, because he blocked the right fist from the flying knife, and the left fist was habitually blocked on the face. When two pieces of shattered flying knives hit his face, he smacked with the left hand with a glove and easily blocked it.

"You, you..." The Russian man looked at the dead partner and was shocked to see Lu Yu.

Lu Yu’s face finally showed a smile.

"Monkey, monkey..." Dolgotrov looked at Sun Ze's body. "How can a flying knife and a flying knife break?"

A flying knife, cracked for no reason?

Lu Yu looked at this Russian man, but he was a deep sigh of relief.

At the beginning of the internal battle of the red organization base, one person and many killers fierce battles, two fists difficult to rival four hands, seeing to be besieged to death. On the edge of life and death, in a desperate state of mind, I found out that under the special state of mind, under the special feelings of the surrounding world, I was able to have a strange connection with the ‘inner strength’ in the flying knife.

With this silk connection, you can completely control when the flying knife breaks.

A flying knife shot, when it was close to the enemy, suddenly broke into pieces of broken iron, how can it react? For example, this Sun Ze, just two meters away, could not respond at all, and was shot through his head.

Absolute killing!

Although Lu Yu did not understand, in that state of mind, why could it be related to the ‘inner strength’ in the flying knife. However, Lu Yu remembered that state and remembered this trick. At the same time, this trick was also named as "a knife."

"Wolf, he is buried for the monkey!" Dolgotrov, the Russian big man, his eyes faintly red, as if an angry lion screamed in a low voice, and the Russian black man’s black uniform swelled in sight. On the 1st, this strong killing machine slammed the ground.

The concrete floor was shaken and the cracks opened, like a high-speed heavy truck.

"Haha, it’s good!" Lu Yu laughed and greeted him without hiding.

The feet are continuously stepping on the ground, as if a giant trampled, so that the cement floor does not break, Lu Yu looks violent, but the body shape is elegant like a dragon, the left palm is in front of the eyes, and the right fist is like a dragon, with the waist as the center. The whole body power is completely concentrated on the right arm.

"CI CI~~" The right arm turned out to be a strange expansion.

The blue-ribbed bulge, like a burst, the root muscles bounce like a tendon, a strong spiral is generated, and the right fist is like a rotating electric drill, which produces a sharp whistling sound.

"Hey!" Dolgotrov, the monster, jumped up, the right fist of the metal glove was lifted high, and then the force of the force, like the same blasting shell, slammed Going to Lu Yu.

Dolgotrov's huge fist with a touch of shadow, and Lu Yu's fist hit.


Dolgotrov clearly felt that a strange power was transmitted through the glove, and even his entire right arm could not help but twist, giving a subtle squeak, and Dorgotrov’s body changed. Fortunately, his achievement in ancient yoga is extremely high, and it is hard to resist this spiral: "If the strength is weak, I am afraid that the arm will be broken! Now, the right fist is estimated to only play 80% strength."

Dolgotrov is uncomfortable, and Lu Yu is even worse.

In the instant of fist attack, Lu Yu took the opportunity to fly down. "Haha..." Dolgotrov made a manic laugh, didn't hesitate, and followed quickly.true.jpg


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