Chapter 5

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The Baiyun Cafe not far from the Yangliu Tea House, Lu Yu and Lin Qing are sitting opposite each other. Soon, the sun is setting.

"Hurry." Lin Qing glanced at the window. She didn't notice the passage of time today. One day had passed. Then she looked at Lu Yu, who was opposite. Lin Qing’s face could not help but reveal a quiet smile. Whenever he saw Lu Yu She always feels very comfortable, and her heart that has been helpless can calm down.

At the beginning, Lu Yu walked with her on the 20-mile mountain road, and she felt that she could never forget her life.

In her life, she has never felt so safe and feels calm.

"If you can look at him like this forever, until the old days, how good." Lin Qing's heart is dark, but the image of a person can't help but emerge in his mind. Lin Qing could not help but tremble. "No, I can't be so entangled in Lu Yu, in Ann. Yixian City is okay, but this is Yangzhou City. If he finds it, Lu Yu is terrible!"

But when I thought of it, I no longer met Lu Yu, and Lin Qing’s heart was not reconciled.

The meeting of Daxing'anling is a fate.

An Yi County can still meet, it is a fate.

Today, they meet again in Yangzhou City. Even Lin Qing feels that this is God's fulfillment.

"Buddha said that the past five hundred times of returning to the past was replaced by this life. I and Lu Yu, three consecutive coincidences, this should be the fate of the day." Lin Qing heart bitter, "... I can't harm Lu Yu." The inner struggle made Lin Qing hesitate.

Lu Yu shook his head slightly, and today he waited for a day and did not see his brother Qingu.

“Hmm?” Lu Yu suddenly noticed the music in the cafe, which is Qi Qin’s “A Game A Dream”.

"Lin Qing, how about Qi Qin's song?" Lu Yu smiled.

Lin Qing came back to God. When he heard it, he couldn’t help but smile: "A game, a dream? Qi Qin is a cover, but this song is Wang Jie."

"Oh, I only listen to Qi Qin's songs," Lu Yu said.

Lin Qing was amazed. How can a person listen to a song and listen to only one person, like a person's song, and can't completely abandon other people's songs. I can't help but wonder: "Why just listen to Qi Qin?"

"Because he has a song, called a wolf." Lu Yu said freely.

"Wolf?" Lin Qing is even more confused.

"Well, I have to go back, I have a chance to see you again later." Lu Yu smiled and stood up. Lin Qing had not had time to say anything more. Lu Yu turned around and went out. Lin Qing’s mouth was open and finally it was weak. Sit down and listen to the beautiful song, Lin Qing couldn't help but smile: "A game, a dream? Just all this, it's a dream." Then he lifted a glass of red wine and drank it.

Lin Qing suddenly appeared in Yangzhou. For Lu Yu, it was only a small matter. He also just sighed, Daxinganling, Anyi County, Yangzhou City, and Lin Qing met three times in a row, which is really clever. Of course, Lu Yu is just a sigh.

"Call, call ~~"

The night wind whistling, a peach tree branch in the courtyard was not shaken by the wind, a figure was constantly flashing, the air bursting, the sharp whistling sounded, because the sound was low. Coupled with the distance between the houses, the impact on the surrounding residents is not great.

Suddenly, the figure stopped, and there was a doubt in Lu Yu’s eyes.

"In the realm of the guru, how can we step into the realm of the guru?" Lu Yu’s heart is full of doubts. "I have been practicing for many years. Now this inner strength can be almost everywhere from the whole body skin, leaving only the most difficult skin! The final step, how to break through?"

"The master has been trapped in the last step for decades, and he can't enter the realm of the master." Lu Yu is not only in his heart, and he is more and more eager for the realm of the guru.

Then I don't think about it anymore.

"It’s been eight days since I came to Yangzhou City. For eight days, I didn’t see Qinghe at all.” Lu Yu’s heart was a little anxious. “Ask Elena, Elena’s own confidence is full, and she is sure that Qinghe is responsible for the Yangzhou area. The address is there." Lu Yu has no other way.

Can only sigh low, close your eyes and retreat.


At dawn, the heavens and the earth are only bright, and now the world is cool and cool.

Lu Yu closed his eyes and sat in the courtyard.

There is silence between heaven and earth.

"Boom!" The thick solid wood courtyard door was hit by a shell, and suddenly burst open. A large amount of wood fragments, such as the same handle, were shot in the courtyard and covered to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu, sitting cross-legged, with his hands in the shape of a tiger claw, slammed into the ground and grabbed several holes in the concrete floor. The whole person rushed forward, and at the same time, his feet slammed into the roof like a monkey. At the same moment, very subtle sounds -

"Puff puff!"

Three consecutive sounds!

Three bullets, of which two had rubbed Lu Yu’s body and almost shot.

"I have a silencer? Sun Ze and Dolgo Trove, the two of them have finally arrived." Lu Yu, who leaned over the roof, looked cold, like a cold lone wolf, his right hand quietly smeared on his trouser legs, and his hand appeared. A dagger. Said to be a dagger, in fact, just an ordinary fruit knife.

A flying knife is in hand, Lu Yu is more powerful.

"Call--" the low whistling sound of the air, a tall and strong figure like a high-speed tank rushing in from the front of the courtyard, this figure instantly found Lu Yu has been on the roof, he did not hesitate, directly When you are in the courtyard, you have to jump on the roof. Lu Yu recognized it in an instant, this is a bald white!

At the same moment, there appeared a seemingly thin yellow man in front of the courtyard, holding a silver pistol. The yellow man’s eyes were cold like the iceberg that had never been seen for thousands of years, just in the moment of the tall figure leaping. He shot at Lu Yu.

“Hey!” “Hey!”

Two consecutive shots.

He shot and jumped with the strong white man, and the match was almost perfect.

If Lu Yu wants to be on the roof and use a flying knife to deal with the white man, in the case of distraction, facing the bullet of the s-class killer ‘shooter’ Sun Ze, he can’t escape. However, if he spares no effort to avoid bullets, then the strongman who is facing the close combat, the smashing machine, Dorgotrov, will also be in trouble.

For a time, Lu Yu seems to have no choice.


At the moment when Sun Ze fired and Dolgotrov jumped, Lu Yu did not hesitate. The foot was forced, the roof tiles shattered, and Lu Yu fell directly down.

This fall made the opponent's offensive completely defeated.

Falling Lu Yu looked like electricity, staring at the top, the right hand was stable without a trace of trembling, abrupt, picking up hands -


In the dawn, the flying knife is like a lightning bolt, passing through the space and penetrating the roof tile.

"Hey!" The familiar voice sounded, and Lu Yu’s mouth had a smile. Obviously, the flying knife had hit the target.

Lu Yu is a cat leopard. He enters the back room flexibly and quickly. He flips his hand under the bed. The left and right hands hold five fruit knives. It is very simple to buy a fruit knife in any city. Lu Yu’s hands are in double pants. For a moment, the ten-skinned knives were inserted into the knives that were tied to the trouser legs.


Turbulent, the bricks on the top of Lu Yu suddenly burst, and a horrible figure was like a prehistoric monster falling from a high altitude.

"Dorgottrov! Fighting with this monster, the probability of winning is not high. And, once he is entangled, then Sun Ze will shoot again, I will die!" Lu Yu's face changed, his feet were awkward, as clumsy. The elephant, but strangely moved a few meters toward the rear, and then both hands and feet, such as the same tiger, a jump has entered the yard.

As a form-and-will-boxing boxer, Lu Yu is already very fast in speed.

From the inside of the house, the coldness of the morning came, but the same thing came with it - bullets!


A bullet is almost accurate in the speed and direction of Lu Yu’s jump. It’s just intercepted. Lu Yu’s backhand is a throwing knife.

The icy blade of the flying knife shimmers with the luster of the metal, passing through a few meters of space, to the extreme point, and colliding with the bullet. "Hey!" The bullet was directly bounced back to the side.


But at the same moment, another bullet has arrived.

On the power, Lu Yu's flying knife is bigger than the average bullet. However, on the speed of the launch, Lu Yu throws a flying knife, and the modified professional gun can already shoot several bullets.

"Hey." Lu Yu was twisted in midair, the whole person was like a dragon, the bullet shot directly on Lu Yu's right arm, and Lu Yu's right arm was like that tight tendon at the same time, while the right arm As soon as you turn around, there are several tendons on the entire right arm that bounce back.

A strong spiral is produced.


The spiral internal force, such as the sharp needle that is ejected, collides with the bullet warhead, causing the bullet penetration force to drop sharply, and the bullet is injected into the muscle, which is hardly caught by the strong muscle.

"Oh." Almost a moment, the bullet was squeezed out by the muscles, dropped on the ground, the bullets fell on the concrete floor and made a crisp sound, so that the 'sharpshooter' Sun Ze smiled and let the new one out. There was a smile on the face of the 'broken machine' Dordogrov.

One person stood at the door of the courtyard and stood alone at the door of the house.

The two just laughed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu is standing under the peach trees next to the courtyard, his face is as calm as water.

"'Flying knife' is a lone wolf. It is a super strong person who can kill the red organization alone. I just shot two shots in a row, but it just made your right arm slightly hurt. You can't control your muscles. Admire, admire." The sharpshooter 'Sun Ze' is a seemingly handsome boy.

But the eyes are cold and chilly, like the cold snake in the Amazon.

Lu Yu is very clear that this Sun Ze is one of the three major internal boxing ‘Bao Yuzhang’ strong, the real age should be comparable to himself, and also cultivated the internal strength early. Cooperating with guns is a death ambassador that has frightened countless people.

"Wolf, you are a strong man, I donate Dolgotrov, you still commit suicide." The tall white man like a polar bear said low.

Lu Yu glanced over the bullet on the ground, and there were traces of blood on the bullet.

Lu Yu sighed at the bottom of his heart. Although he was only one step away from the realm of the guru, his muscle control ability reached a very high level, but he still could not easily resist this special bullet. The bullet actually affected Lu Yu’s right arm and the strength was discounted.

"Look at your body's ability to resist bullets, you should reach the peak of the inner family. Just one step, you will step into the realm of the master." Sun Ze sighed. "Unfortunately, another insider is dying." This is the upper hand, and now Lu Yu is injured, they are sure to win.

"Wolf, the same as a domestic practitioner, I respect you, you commit suicide, decently dead." Sun Ze said.

Like their super-powerful fierce battle, when the head burst or the body is fragmented, it is normal to let Lu Yu die and die. It is also a bit of pity for these two people.

"Suicide?" Lu Yu looked like a knife and passed the two. "It’s a joke. Whoever is born or not is not necessarily, my life is here, I have the ability to take it!"8489.png_860.png

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