Chapter 4

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Lu Yu was in the courtyard of the residential building on the fourth day of Yangzhou City.

Lu Yu is sitting in the courtyard in the middle of the courtyard. The night has passed. When the first radiance of Chaoyang shines on Yangzhou City, Lu Yu opens his eyes almost at the same moment, and his heart is as quiet as water and restrained. Stand up, face the sun, take a deep breath, look calm, and then display the form-and-will-boxing twelve.

Form-and-will-boxing twelve, divided into dragon, tiger, eagle, monkey, horse, swallow, pheasant, chicken, bear, bird, pipa, snake twelve.

There are various mysteries in all kinds.

I saw that when Lu Yu was exhibiting dragons, such as the dragons rushing out of the water, they walked through the waves in the sky, the speed was like lightning, the spiral was rolling, and the fists turned sharply, and they slammed like electric drills. The whistling sound of the air rang. The combination of the dragon shape and the form-and-will-boxing five-line boxing ‘Drilling Boxing’ is almost perfect.

When the tiger shape is applied, the speed of the undulating shape is fast, and people feel that this is a phantom flash, and then both hands and feet support the ground, suddenly swooping out, such as the tiger down the mountain, actually brought a low howling, left fist One turn in front of the eyebrows, and the right fist is like a cannonball slamming out, a sound of firecrackers exploding in the air. The left fist and the right fist are interlaced, and the left fist is once again blasted... alternating before and after, like a tiger going down the mountain, the two claws are constantly tearing, wanting to tear the prey into pieces.


When the punches are finished, the sun has completely jumped out of the horizon.

In the face of the sun, close the trend!

Lu Yu watched the gaze of the sun, and if he was determined to be a rock, he could not move. Since his wife died, Lu Yu only had the only pursuit of 'martial arts', and his belief was firm to the extreme. He also made Lu Yu's understanding of form-and-will-boxing fists constantly improved. Every time he raised, Lu Yu felt form-and-will-boxing boxing. Broad and profound.

"It has been three days, and I haven't seen Qinghe yet!" Lu Yu brows slightly, then smiles. "But the 'Hand of Darkness' is really low efficiency. I found my trace yesterday evening."

Lu Yuyuan thought that with the distance of Yangzhou City and Anyi County more than 100 kilometers, the hand of darkness should be able to find itself within one day. But who thought, until the evening of the third day, the other side found their own trace. However, it is not surprising that the organization of the Dark Hand originally thought that... Lu Yu’s whereabouts would be immediately overlooked, so the search was spent elsewhere.

Who thinks, Lu Yu is not afraid of death, actually staying in Yangzhou City.

"I haven't found Qinghe for three consecutive days. Qinghe is now a member of the special department of the country. Maybe there is something important to delay." Lu Yu, as usual, left the residence and took a taxi and went directly to the Yangliu Tea House in the old city. .

Under normal circumstances, Lu Yu will stay in Yangliu Tea Club in the morning, and in the afternoon is the Baiyun Cafe not far away. In the Baiyun Cafe, you can also see the younger brother Qinghe.

Yangzhou City, the old city, Yangliu Tea House.

"Mr. You are coming, please come in." The waiter was very familiar with Lu Yu, and went to the second floor to the window. "Mr., is it still soy milk, Xiaolongbao?" For three consecutive days, the same position every day, the same point Eat, come here for a morning, the waiters are naturally very familiar with what Lu Yu points to.

Lu Yu nodded slightly: "Yes, thank you." Then he turned his head through the window and looked at the direction of his younger brother Qinghe.

"Well, these days, Qinghe did not go home, what happened?" Lu Yu brows slightly wrinkled, this is his fourth day to observe, for several days of observation, Lu Yu is very familiar with many places in his brother's home, at first glance In the past, it was very simple to tell if the door was opened, whether the window was opened, and whether the curtain was pulled open.

no change!

It seems that these days, Qinghe’s family has never lived in these days.

"After a few days, ‘shooter’ Sun Zehe and ‘shredder’ Dolgotrov came, hope that before the war, I can see my brother.” Lu Yu’s heart silently said.

"Sir, your soy milk, dumplings."

The waiter brought a caged dumpling and a large cup of soy milk, and Lu Yu began to use breakfast while waiting quietly...


The breeze boasted, a Land Rover Range Rover suv marched on the streets of Yangzhou Old Town, such a car full of domineering men, driving is a very delicate short hair beauty. The beauty has opened this kind of car, but I really don’t have a taste. I can’t help but let many people on the street shine and be amazed.

Lin Qing drove the road and quietly.

She had become accustomed to the gaze on both sides of the street, and there was only a slight faintness on her face.

"I thought it would be like this, but let me meet him... Lu Yu, he seems to be a gust of wind, suddenly coming, let my world once again full of color, but then it is like a gust of wind, quietly leaving. Lin Qing’s eyes were cold and his eyes suddenly fell on the street next to a tea house, Yangliu Tea House.

Yangliu Tea House is not as famous as Fuchun Tea House in Yangzhou City, but it also has a profound historical heritage, and the price is much lower than Fuchun Tea House.

Habitual turn, parked the Land Rover in the open space in front of the tea house, Lin Qing stepped into the Yangliu tea house.

"Miss Lin." The waiter saw Lin Qing and even greeted him with enthusiasm. "Miss Lin hasn't been here for a long time."

"Going out for a trip." Lin Qing smiled and said, went straight up the stairs and went upstairs.


Lu Yu has already finished breakfast, is drinking tea, pay attention to his brother Qinghe.

"Lu Yu!" A little trembling voice sounded.

Lu Yuyi, a few people in Yangzhou City know themselves, Lu Yu looked around and looked around, only to see a short-haired woman wearing black ladies trousers and white ladies' shirts standing on the stairs - Lin Qing! Seeing Lin Qing’s eyes, Lu Yu’s calm heart could not help but tremble.

Lin Qing’s eyes are angry and anxious. There is a hint of joy but a hint of anger. What kind of eyes are there, and there are so many emotions?


Lu Yu still remembers the year when he was twenty years old. He and his wife, 'Kitten', performed their duties in the Middle East and Lebanon. Because the kitten was shot, he took off his kitten clothes in an emergency and took out the scene of the bullet. At that time, the kitten looked at his own eyes, and so was...

It’s angry and anxious, with joy and annoyance...

The same look!

It was also after that time that the kitten and himself took a crucial step and became lovers.

"Lu Yu, don't you say that you are in a hurry to go back to your hometown? I also said that your home is in the mountains. I don't know? Why, you are still in Yangzhou?" Lin Qing sat down opposite Lu Yu and asked again and again. However, Lin Qing found that Lu Yu did not speak, just stared at her.

Staring at her eyes!

This is a very rude behavior, as opposed to a woman.

"What do you think?" Lin Qing couldn't help but said that although she couldn't help but have a hint of happiness, Lu Yu's wood finally found her charm.

"Your eyes are very similar to my wife." Lu Yu sighed softly, took back his sight, and toasted a cup of tea.

Lin Qing was shocked.

"Your wife?" Lin Qing was still angry. He wanted to ask Lu Yu why he cheated her, but he heard the words "wife" and was completely shocked. "You, you are not just graduated from college, just out. University door? How do you have a wife?"

"the University?"

Lu Yu shook his head. "I have never been to college." In fact, even the glasses are fake, just a simple disguise.

"You, you..." Lin Qing’s brain was completely chaotic.

"Sorry, I have been deceiving you. I said that my family is cheating on you in the mountains. I said that I just graduated from college, and I also deceive you." Lu Yu smiled. "Lin Qing, I do have important things. You are not allowed to be involved." So I have been cheating you. Many things are complicated to explain, the best way, you have never seen me."

Lin Qing originally felt that Lu Yu was mysterious. That was because Lu Yu’s amazing strength and terrible physical strength were revealed in the Daxinganling Mountains in the Northeast. Now, Lin Qing is more and more aware of Lu Yu's mystery.

"When I haven't seen you?" Lin Qing stared at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu nodded.

Lin Qing feels the indifference that Lu Yu hides in his heart. It seems to resist the contact of others and understand him!

"You have been cheating me, aren't you going to make up for me?" Lin Qing asked.

"Compensate?" Lu Yu brows.

"Is it busy today?" Lin Qinglian asked.

Lu Yu nodded slightly: "In the afternoon, I will stay in the cafe next to me for an afternoon."

"Good." Lin Qing smiled and nodded. "I don't ask for it. You drink tea here. I am next to you. In the afternoon, you go to the cafe. I also go to the cafe, I can be there. If What kind of guest do you want to see. I don't mix it. I just want to stay for a day. How?"

Lu Yu has some doubts, just to stay with him for a day?

If the other party is hard to be there, he can't stop it.

"Okay." Lu Yu nodded, and Lin Qing showed a smile.true.jpg

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