Chapter 3

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The spring rain is floating, covering the ancient Yangzhou City.

On the second floor of Yangliu Tea House in the old city of Yangzhou City, leaning against a window. Lu Yu, who is wearing glasses, is sitting there quietly. There is a cup of soy milk and a steamed buns on the table in front of him.

"My whereabouts leaked, it is estimated that the killer found me in the last one or two days." Lu Yu is very aware of the powerful energy of the first intelligence organization 'Dark Hand'. Anyi County is just a small county under Yangzhou. He Last night, I only rushed from the county town to the urban area more than 100 kilometers away. It was not that he could not escape, but because he did not want to escape!

Because Yangzhou has the people he wants to see most!


Lu Yuyao looks at a two-story old house in the distance.

After eating the buns, I finished the soy milk. Even after ordering a cup of tea, while drinking, the tea was added three times, it was already 11 o'clock noon. Lu Yu still did not find the person he wanted to see.

"go back!"

When Lu Yu settled, he immediately left the tea house and returned to his temporary residence in Yangzhou.


This is a residential house in the Xicheng District of Yangzhou. The monthly rent of this kind of house in the market is about 1,000 yuan, and Lu Yu only has to live for three months, but he has taken out 10,000 pieces, and the owner of the house has no more. I asked to see Lu Yu’s ID card, even without a nonsense. With so much money, what is the owner of this house still afraid of?

In the living room, Lu Yu was lying on the sofa, just fell a cup of tea, and the phone rang. Lu Yu frowned.

This mobile phone was bought temporarily. There are only two people who know his mobile phone number. One is Lin Qing and the other is Liu Wei of the Welfare Institute. This phone was originally purchased to contact the welfare home.

"Hey, Lu Yu, have a meal together at noon." The familiar voice sounded.

Lu Yu shook his head and smiled. He said: "Sorry, Lin Qing, I have now left An Yi County to go outside."

"What?" There was an exclamation on the phone.

"How did you get to the field? Yesterday was not still..." Lin Qing was anxious.

"Lin Qing, my brother called me yesterday to tell me something happened, so I was anxious to go back to my hometown, and it was dark, and I didn't notice to bother you." Lu Yu made an excuse, he didn't want these Ordinary people are doped into his world.

"Oh..." Lin Qing’s voice fell down and looked disappointing. After a while, he opened his mouth again. "Lu Yu, where is your home? I have time to travel."

"My hometown is in a remote mountainous area, and you don't know it." Lu Yu said, "Lin Qing, I will come back to Anyi County afterwards, and I will definitely find you when I am, oh, I am going to have lunch, and later Time has a chance to talk again." Lu Yu also hung up the phone.

Lu Yu laughed at himself and threw the phone on the table.

Then, from the neckline, I took out a small black dart that was hung on my chest and gently stroked the little tripod, just like touching my lover.

"Kit, your man's charm is not big? So soon there is a girl chasing."

Lu Yu looked at Xiao Ding so much, and said to himself, "Kitten, I lived in An Yi County for nearly a week. I also saw the grandmother. She was as kind as she was, and I saw the dean. Grandma, I have also completed a wish. Now, there is another wish, see my brother Qinghe. Qinghe is in Yangzhou, I guess I should be able to see it."

"When I saw my brother Qinghe, I have no regrets!"

"At that time, I will go through the north and south of the motherland and pursue the peak of martial arts. Of course, all the way, you will accompany me!"

Although Lu Yu appears to be a young man who has just graduated from the university, in fact, he is nearly 30 years old, just because he has reached a very high level in practicing internal boxing. Some of the old and dead skins that have been caused by past practice have fallen. The whole person is rejuvenated and young.

Take the backpack next to you and take out the laptop inside the backpack.

After plugging in the power and turning on the computer, the music player is turned on, and then the notebook is placed on the table in front of it.

"I am a wolf from the north, walking in the innocent wild, savage north blows..." A Qi Qin's "Wolf" echoed in the hall, this song is a favorite of Lu Yu. Song, because in his nearly twenty years, there is only one name - wolf!

Just like his beloved woman, there is only one name - cat!

Since the day he was brought to Siberia, Russia, the name '青青' has become a thing of the past. After experiencing many life and death tempering and screening, and coming out of the dead, he is qualified to have a code name - wolf!

Before he was seven years old, he was carefree and was a child of an orphanage.

When he was seven years old, he was adopted. He thought that life would be better, but he entered hell. He became the killer candidate for the killer organization. In the first round of screening, a large group of children stifled only for a little food, and 360 people only lived 113 people. Then he was sent to the terrible Siberian training camp.

At the age of ten, the original 113 people only lived 38 people. He was supported by his will. He was given the name - wolf! That same year, he met his master, a Chinese form-and-will-boxing master of the 'Teng Bolei', Tenbury first received four people, the other three are just registered disciples, only him, is the pro-Teng Lei disciple! This is not even known to the killer organization.

At the age of sixteen, he returned to the killer organization and began a real killer journey.

Camouflage, hidden, and so on, are constantly learning and constantly improving in the journey of life and death.

In the long days, he has always accompanied a girl of the same age, 'cats'. They were among the same 360 ​​people in the same group. They experienced screening together, experienced life and death training together, and studied together under the master of Tenbury, together in the killer organization... ...they support each other and get along with each other.

In the dark journey of the killer, unconsciously, neither of them could be separated from anyone.

This plan, one day can be separated from the organization, the two can live a free life. but--

At the age of 29, the nightmare came.

The flame of the explosion made Lu Yu desperate. At that time, the other half of his life, a female killer called ‘cat’ died! That is his favorite woman, the most important existence in life! The death of ‘Cat’ made Lu Yu fall into absolute madness, making Lu Yu a lonely wolf of revenge, a crazy lone wolf! Desperate to start revenge!

Kill, kill the top of the organization that made the plan!

He took the mortal thoughts to revenge, but who thought, at the end of life and death, his flying knife stunts were able to break through, and actually escaped from the organizational base.


The death of ‘Cat’ completely changed Lu Yu’s state of mind. He sneaked back to the motherland this time, just wanting to see the mother’s grandmother’s grandmother and the younger brother Qinghe. After fulfilling these two wishes, Lu Yu will be unconcerned and pursue the martial arts.


After listening to the song, Lu Yu took a deep breath and carefully placed the little Ding in his arms, then turned off the music player and connected the broadband. Lu Yu then expertly opened a foreign website.

Full English.

But he is very familiar with the click, input. English letter input, very skilled.

"Every time I want to contact Elena is so troublesome, this 'beetle' software is downloaded every time." Lu Yu downloaded a beetle software and installed it on the computer. The beetle software is a chat tool similar to qq.

However, the beetle software was written by Lu Yu’s friend ‘Elena’.

If qq has millions of users, then the beetle chat software has only two users - one is Elena and the other is Lu Yu. This software is written solely for two-person chat.

After starting the beetle chat software.

The whole screen was abruptly dark, only two drops of blood were so beautiful, and then the account and password boxes were revealed. Enter the login.

"Elena!" After Lu Yu entered the English, he waited for the other party to respond.

Only a moment, the other party responded.

"Wolf! Oh, I should call you Lu Yu now." In a faraway Europe, a villa in the suburbs of London, England, a barefooted blonde in a nightgown is knocking on the keyboard, full of eyes Excited.

"Elena, you told me last time, the orphan who called ‘Qinghe’ was now in Yangzhou, right?” Lu Yu asked again.

"Of course, do you doubt my intelligence? When he was in the orphanage, he was called Qinghe. Later, after being adopted by his adoptive father and mother, he was renamed 'Qin Hong'. When he graduated from high school, he entered the army. Later he joined a special department of the country, now I am in charge of the Yangzhou area. I have absolutely no problem with your address." Elena is sure.

Lu Yu nodded. Today he just waited for a long time. Although he did not wait, he did not mean that his brother was not in Yangzhou.

"Right, wolf, I have to remind you once again! The powerful Redmein family can't make you alive. You can be slap on the face of the Redmein family this time. Death Scythe You have taken over the task of killing you. The two superpowers they organized have already sneaked into China. You must be very careful. Once the whereabouts are exposed, you must flee immediately."

"Oh, the two superpowers of the death sickle organization? It is the ‘shooter’ Sun Ze and the ‘shredder’ Dolgotrov.” Lu Yu tapped the keyboard to respond.

"Smart, they are two, this is two s-class killers, each one is not weaker than you, you can not care." Elena reminded.

Lu Yu’s eyelids burst out with a trace of fineness: “The death sickle organization is apart from these two, and I haven’t even looked at other people. But since I came, I’m just fighting with me!”

"So arrogant? Hey, it's a 'flying knife' lone wolf, you can't be less famous than the two of them, but you are just one person. They are two people, one melee, one far attack, the power of cooperation. Multiply. Wolf, I remind you as a friend, once the whereabouts leaked, you must escape immediately." Elena persuaded.

"You persuaded it late, my whereabouts were exposed yesterday." Lu Yu’s face showed a special smile. Since his wife’s 'kitten' died, Lu Yu’s most important thing is to be a martial art. He can't ask for it.

"What, has leaked, and fled!" Elena eagerly said.

"Haha, what escape? I am in Yangzhou, waiting for them both... Come and fight with me!" Lu Yu looked sharp.

The wife is dead, no concern, and now, on this one, what is Lu Yu afraid of?

How many people come, he Lu Yu is going!

Big deal, go out, just in this small Yangzhou City, quiet and other world superpowers come, come to fight one, come to kill two pairs!

"I really want to see, who can kill me!" Lu Yu's eyes are sharp as a knife.images.jpg

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