Chapter 2

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Lu Yu only left for a moment, and the two dilapidated Santana cars drove away from the courtyard.

There were three people in the first car. In the back row, there was a black man with a tiger-backed waist. He held an infrared thermal imager with one hand and watched it carefully. He immediately whispered: "You, there should be no courtyard." People, set off!"

Suddenly, six people came out of the two cars, five yellows and one white.

"I hope that guy is really not there." The black-haired brawny headed the whisper.

"If it is really, how much we will die." The Caucasian whispered, although the squad was uneasy, but the organization ordered them to dare not defy, or daringly, from the walls, scattered Leap into it, only a moment, the entire courtyard was searched again.

The headed black man has a relaxed expression: "The target has escaped, leaving only the body of the 'small four'. Now it is determined that the target is in the area around Anyi County! Our mission is completed, you can go back to rest, right, Take the small four bodies away and clean them around."

This kind of thing they do, it is very skilled.

Located in the Adriatic coastal city of Italy, the water city of Venice, it has an ancient history. It once held the strongest power in Europe. Today, this ancient city still has many in the 14th and 5th centuries. The ancient architecture that exists.

In Venice, there is a brick-and-wood castle building that has stood for hundreds of years.

This castle building, known as the 'Red Fort', is also known as the 'Blood Fort'. It is the ancestral home of the old 'Red Dein' family in Europe, even though the Redmein family is spread throughout the West. However, this 'Red Fort' is still the highest power center of the Redmein family.

Inside the red fort, a dark hall.

There is a giant LCD screen hanging on the wall of the hall. There is a map on the screen. There is a young man with short brown hair and a silver hair in the hall.

"Young Master, the Hand of Darkness has heard the news, 'Wolf' appeared in the Anyi County area of ​​Jiangsu Province in the ancient eastern country. I have already told this news to the death sickle organization." The silver-haired old man respectfully said.

The red-brown short-haired youth has a pale face, cold eyes and low voice: "The existence of the wolf is a shame of our Redmein family! What I want now is... at all costs, kill the wolf at the fastest speed. ! It must be resolved before the father knows."

"Yes, young master." The silver-haired old man nodded.

At this time, the footsteps sounded.

The brown-red short-haired youth changed his face and saw a bearded middle-aged man with the same brown-red short hair and indifference came in.

"Father!" The red-brown short-haired youth immediately fell into the air.

"The patriarch." The silver-haired old man also immediately fell into the air.

The immediate family of the Redmein family are brown-red hair, and the bearded middle-aged man is the leader of the highest power of the Redmein family - Alexander & Radman. Alexander's cold eyes swept to his son: "Ambros, my child, you really disappoint me."

"Father, I, I want to solve it as soon as possible." The red-haired youth lowered his head.

"Resolve as soon as possible? I have begun to doubt your ability now! If this is not the case my friend talked to me about this, I don't know what happened so." Alexander snorted, "until Now, I still can't believe the news. Ambrose, you go through the details from the beginning to the end."

The family's immediate child, Ambrose, looked up and walked to the side of the computer.

"Father, this happened, mainly involving a killer codenamed 'Wolf.'" He said, he tapped the keyboard, and suddenly appeared in the huge LCD screen on the hall wall and a lot of text introduction.

"Twenty-two years ago, the red organization, one of the two major killer organizations controlled by our family, collected 360 well-behaved children around the world, including the 'wolf'. According to the data, the wolf, he It was Chinese, only seven years old. In the first round of screening we organized, 360 children survived 113 people, he is one of them."

Alexander watched the description on the screen.

The killer organization absorbs fresh blood every year, and this screening is extremely cruel, not life or death, no third way.

"The 113 children who survived were sent to the Siberian training camp for life and death training. Three years later, 38 people survived. He is still one of them, and he was officially awarded the codename - Wolf!"

"The 38 candidates were sent to Mr. Teng Lao. Mr. Teng Lao only received four people to become his apprentices. Among them, there were wolves. Six years later, the wolf was sixteen years old and returned to my red organization. In the 12 years, wolves and cats are the two strongest killers in my red organization. These two have completed many tasks."

"On Christmas last year, a $300 million ss-class mission was sent to me." The red-haired young man Ambrose's low voice, "red has not completed the ss-level mission for 20 years, in order to The $300 million reward, and in order to revive the reputation of the red organization, I took this task."

"My child, you, is more crazy than the mother wolf who protects the donkey." Alexander could not help but cold.

This ss level mission is the highest level mission in the dark world. It is not within the capabilities of the red organization. Even if it can be completed, the cost will be extremely high.

"I asked the eight top executives of the red organization to plan well. They spent a lot of effort and finally used the "wolf and cat" killer as a bait to successfully complete the task!"

Red-haired youth firmly said: "In my opinion, wolves and cats are only A-level killers. They will bring up to $120 million in revenue for our organization in their lifetime. This time they sacrificed them, not only to get 300 million US dollars at a time. And it can also revive the red organization's reputation, why not?"

"Oh." Alexander sneered. "It can be a result, but it is very bad."

"Yes, father." The red-haired youth shook his head and sighed. "I didn't even think about it. I didn't even think about it... This extremely good killer 'wolf' is still hidden in so many years of missions. strength!!!"

Red-haired youth can't help but take a deep breath.

"His strength is far more than A-level!"

"In the course of the mission, the organization took advantage of him and let him both be bait to die. 'The cat' died, but his 'wolf' is still alive, after his best partner 'cat' died, the wolf launched Crazy revenge! He killed the red organization headquarters alone."

Alexander didn't change his face.

How crazy is it to kill a killer organization headquarters alone? Even the most powerful executive of the ancient family was amazed at the killer's madness.

"Red organized the headquarters, this wolf has lived for 12 years. With his familiarity with the organization, he quietly sneaked into it. Two A-level killers, 52 B-level killers, even in silence, unconsciously, He was killed nearly half, and killed seven of the top eight people in the red organization."

"When the organization woke up and began to besiege the 'wolf', the wolf showed a terrible strength. One person was alone in two A-level killers. He was far superior to the A-class and soon killed the two, and will The last senior management officer killed. Later, with more than 20 B-class killers, one person battled so many people, with the flying knife stunt, it was incredible to win. Perhaps he was injured, but the red organization's A-level And the B-level killer has been slaughtered."

That Alexander's face changed dramatically.

"A crowd of more than 20 B-class killers?" Alexander could not believe.

One person and two A-level killers won the battle, and Alexander was not surprised. However, one person and more than 20 B-level killers also won. That is incredible! After all, the two fists are difficult to attack four hands, and more than twenty powerful characters are besieging one, and it is unlikely to lose.

"He is at least a s-class killer! Or stronger!" Alexander made this judgment.

"Yes, the dark world has adjusted the level of 'wolf' to s, and the world's s-class killers, including wolves, are only fifty-two." Red-haired youth 'Ambros' has some sighs, " I knew that he was so powerful, how could I do that. A s-level killer, that is, one billion dollars, I will not change."

A level killer can be trained.

Can be a s-class killer, only one out of an average of 100 million people worldwide. Of course, it does not include some super-powerful people. But it also shows its preciousness. The Red organization has been sitting in the town for decades without a s-class killer. With a s-level killer, and no s-level killer, the difference can be too big.

"Red organization headquarters in Siberia, Russia, after the successful revenge, the wolf immediately began to flee, I naturally also launched a mission in the dark world, began to chase him."

"But, this wolf is really strong."

"From Russia, I fled all the way. Later, I passed through the Sino-Russian border and fled to Heilongjiang Province, an ancient country in the east. As for later, we can no longer find his trace. In the ancient country of the East, it is difficult to find a Chinese. Very large. Not long ago, the 'Hands of Darkness' organization finally found that 'Wolf' appeared in a county town in Jiangsu Province."

In one breath, the red-haired youth 'Ambros' face is also ugly.

"This is a good killer. It would have been the strongest fangs of my Redmein family." Alexander sighed and heard the killer experience. He also admired the killer called "Wolf". "But The killer organization of my Redmein family will be destroyed by the internal traitors, which is the biggest joke in the dark world! In the past 100 years, the dark world has not happened in the second!"

The red-haired youth 'Ambros' also lowered his head.

This is indeed a shame!

A powerful organization will be completely destroyed because of retaliating. This is incredible. The Redmein family, an ancient family that has been inherited for hundreds of years, cannot afford to lose this person!

"Kill him! No one can provoke me that the Redmein family is still alive!" Alexander's voice was low, but it seemed to contain endless

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