Chapter 17

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At this time, it is already eight or nine in the evening.

The sparsely populated Lake of Mingyue is dimly lit, and only the distant street lights emit light. In this dark night, the bald-headed ‘Shiva’ is highly wary.

"Haha..." Shiva laughed and danced like a two-handed machete, squatting to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu slammed his hands, crossed his hands, and crossed in front of him.

"Hey!" The right leg was coming very fast.

Lu Yu's hands with such a large impact, was actually pressed on his chest, the whole person's toes a little, and quickly retreat.

"Flying knife lonely wolf, your strength is very good, it is already the door to the realm of 'Heaven and Man'," that is, the "master's realm" that you China said, but look at your age, you should just step into it soon. It’s a pity, haha...” This bald-headed man, 'Shiva,’ said in English.

Lu Yu knows that ‘the combination of heaven and man’ is the highest state of ancient Indian yoga, equivalent to the realm of the internal school boxing.

If there is no "Tiger-shaped God", the physical quality has not doubled. Perhaps Lu Yu is really dead today.

After all, the other two are old-fashioned ss-level powerhouses.

At this moment, the strength of Lu Yu’s exposure is only the strength after the first entry into the realm of the guru. The real strength has not been shown.

"Come on, don't waste time." The white man, "Vishnu," who was watching the battle, said.

"Know, big brother."

The Shiva should be down, a low-pitched voice, the whole body muscles immediately twisted, the tomb, and even the spine was twisted and twisted, and the whole person began to grow taller, regardless of the arm, thigh, waist, abdomen, etc. No. 1. The Shiva at the moment is like a demon.

"Can let me take out all the strength, you are dead, but also worthy of pride." After Shiva finished, a little under the foot, such as the arrow shot.

Lu Yu’s face changed greatly and even fled.

"Can't escape." At this moment, the speed of Shiva increased greatly, and it quickly pulled closer to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was not willing to scream, turning back is a broken fist.

"Haha..." Shiva was very casual. He swept his leg and swept it directly on Lu Yu’s right arm. At the same time, Lu Yu swept the whole person out and squatted directly on a big tree in the distance. At the moment of the big tree, Lu Yu’s back clothes can see obvious bulging.

After the impact, Lu Yu fell to the ground.

"Hey." A trace of blood escaped from the corner of Lu Yu.

"Haha..." Shiva became more and more proud, and rushed again.

"It's almost the same." Lu Yu said in the heart, the blood just scratched his tongue and deliberately made it out, and everything he did from beginning to end was to numb Shiva, but also to sneak a veil to watch Vishnu. Lu Yu is now showing strength, and is the first to enter the ranks of the masters.

This coincides with the conjecture of Shiva and Vishnu, and they have no doubts.

"Dead." Shiva took a sentence to judge the other person's life and death, and immediately squatted from a height, "CHICHI ~ ~" this fierce to the extreme, with a low whistling sound that cut through the air, directly 劈To Lu Yu. This foot has not touched Lu Yu, Lu Yu has felt a pressure above the top of the head.

Just at this moment -

The figure is erratic, the left hand is like a dragon, with a strange spiral to the leg, and the right fist has begun to gain momentum.

"Hey." Lu Yu's left arm is obliquely touching Shiva's right leg, and suddenly removes most of the opponent's strength. Even so, Lu Yu's whole person is still rushing to the right, and the right fist has already gained momentum. As if a shell was fired and slammed out -

Such as the flying fire meteor, the Thunder is not as good as the ear, attacking the other side of the chest.

"Ha ha..." Shiva still laughed, and did not care about Lu Yu’s fist. He directly wrote a left leg and cut through the sky, attacking Lu Yu.

At this moment, Lu Yu attacked him with his right fist, and naturally he could not stop the left leg.


The right arm of the grave, a fierce punch, in the moment of getting close to the chest of Shiva, even the power surged again. When the internal school boxing masters are in a fierce battle, they are all bursting out with the strongest power when the fist is close to each other. Among them, the protagonist is like Wing Chun, and his strength seems to be mysterious. In fact, the principle is not complicated.

Let the power pass through the joints, muscles, and one section, and the strongest power is erupted at the moment of reaching the final 'fist'.

Of course, it can also be transmitted through the muscles, but this can only be regarded as a means of the general insider.

As a generation of masters, Lu Yu showed up, this fist just started to show no water, so that Shiva did not care too much, but the last moment of the explosion, but -


Hit the middle point!

"Hey!" The low bones broke, and a strong internal force passed directly through the skin and passed into the internal organs.

Lu Yu’s strength is completely exposed at this moment!

The five elements of the most powerful guns!

"Call." Powerful as the devil's 'Shiva' the whole body is unable to fly and throw a large mouthful of blood directly splashed out.

"Bahadur!" The white man "Vishnu", who was quietly watching the battle, changed his face and shouted anxiously.

Lu Yu guessed that this 'Bahadur' may be the real name of one of the Big Three, 'Shiva.' In fact, Shiva’s real strength should be comparable to Lu Yu. Shiva reached the realm of 'Heaven and Man' for more than ten years, and Lu Yu also cultivated the "Tiger Shaped God".

However, the other side thought that Lu Yu was weak at first, and even they did not plan to let the two besieged Lu Yu.

This kind of generalization finally brought the tragic lessons to the 'Shiva' at a critical moment.

Lu Yu, and his super-powerful superpower, is also a powerful ‘cannonbox’, and Shiva is too confident to use his body to resist. The consequences of this boxing can be imagined. There was a hint of visceral debris in the blood that spit out.

"Big Brother." Shiva, after landing, knew that it was not good, and she had to climb and escape. This Shiva, as the 'big achiever' of ancient yoga, is incredibly healthy in terms of skin, bones, and internal organs. Even if the internal organs are damaged, he can't die easily. His vitality is better than that. It is not inferior.


Lu Yu's body shape is low, his feet slammed into the ground, like a tiger rushing out, only to hear the ground vibrate, Lu Yu jumped ten meters, sharp eyes staring at 'Shiva', like a downhill tiger I vow to tear the other person out.

"Oh." The white man "Vishnu" immediately rushed to Lu Yu in the moment of his brother's serious injury.

Just at this time -

Starting from the headquarters of the ancient city, driving along the way, members of the special action group arrogant at a speed of more than 100 yards, this time has already arrived at Mingyue Lake, the emergency brakes, numerous footsteps, with Lu Yu and the two giants of 'Shenguo' The perceived ability, of course, was discovered.

"Haha, my teacher is coming." Lu Yu laughed. "One of you can't escape today."

The phrase "teacher's door?" surprised Vishnu and Shiva.

The most taboo of them is the internal school boxing sects in mainland China, such as the sects of Xingyimen, Wudang, and Baguamen. Which sect has few masters? They chased the flying knife 'lone wolf' this time, but they came to two people, in order to meet the dangerous situation, they can safely retreat.

In the bottom of my heart, at first they didn't care about the flying knife 'lone wolf'.

After all, the flying knife 'lone wolf' was originally only a s-class killer. Even if it became a master, it was only a first-time master, not worth mentioning.

But the facts are far from what they imagined.

The words "Shimen" have changed the mood of Vishnu and Shiva.

The master fights, the state of mind, the momentum is extremely important, and the state of mind trembles, then the strength is weakened by one or two.

"Call." Shiva is desperately trying to escape, although he knows that the big brother 'Vishnu' is far behind him, but he does not dare to turn his head and does not dare to turn because he is slightly hesitant and is getting closer to him. Lu Yu can seize the opportunity and kill him in one fell swoop.

Crossing the rock, crossing the road, running all the way.

"Stop." The white man 'Vishnu' is so fast that he is almost the same as Lu Yu.

"Kill me?" The bald-headed sultry ‘Shiva’ roared, and the roaring back was a whip leg, which may aggravate internal injuries from the action, and blood shed from his mouth.

Lu Yu was guilty of ‘Shiva’ and dismissed him. He was very confident that his punch had seriously injured ‘Shiva’. At this moment, Shiva is just a ruin. Lu Yu is like a whirlwind, his hands are like an arrow of a bow, and the other side is madly hit.

The collapse of the fist is like an arrow. At this moment, the number of broken fists fell on the head of ‘Shiva’, and the head of the ‘Shiva’ burst like a watermelon.

It was because of this momentary delay that the white man ‘Vishnu’ had caught up.

"Oh." The angry Vishnu, the cockroach is a punch from the top, just like Pangu open the world, with endless power, kneel down.

"CHICHI ~ ~" Lu Yu's back is sag in a large area, so that the other party's fist can not touch themselves.

Suddenly, the right fist of the white man 'Vishnu' stretched into a claw type. Like the lions in the Americas tearing their prey, the claws are slashed directly on the back of Lu Yu, directly buckled a large piece of flesh and blood. Lu Yu had just killed Shiva at this time, and the whole person immediately flew out.

The back is hard to buckle off a large piece of meat, this pain can be imagined.

A piece of blood!

But almost instantaneously, Lu Yu's back muscles squirmed and the blood stopped flowing. Lu Yu relies on muscle control, and it is hard to temporarily control the injury.

"Not good, the back muscles are torn apart, this back strength is greatly affected, and the power of the left and right fists is also reduced by 20%." Lu Yu does not care, but the strength can be reduced, Lu Yu has some headaches. After all, the power of the fist has a close relationship with the muscles of the back.

If it is an ordinary person, the back is buckled with a large piece of meat, it is estimated that it is impossible to throw a punch.

"But it's okay, sacrifice this, and finally kill Shiva. Otherwise he will not die, I am fighting with this Vishnu, and I have to worry about this Shiva's black hand." Lu Yu glanced at the lying in the mud. The body, like this ancient yoga master, as long as a little time, they can control the internal injuries, at least can play 70 to 80% strength. At that time, it will definitely threaten Lu Yu. Therefore, Lu Yu was desperate to kill Shiva.

The white man ‘Vishnu’ took a deep breath, and the loose white clothes swelled.

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