Chapter 15

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Yangzhou Railway Station.

At about five o'clock in the evening, two Indians walked out of the train station exit. One of them was nearly one meter tall and smiled mildly, making people feel like a spring breeze. The weird thing is that his neck is as thick as his head, and he has a scorpion. The other Indian is nearly two meters tall, bald and expressionless.

“Mr. Two, come to Yangzhou for tourism?” At this time, a short-haired youth greeted him and said in English, “We are left-hand travel agencies.”


The two Indians nodded.

Follow this short hair youth and come to the road not far from the train station, where there is a taxi that looks like ordinary.

"The trail of the lone wolf, it took more than a month to find out, your dark hand, the efficiency is really low." The indifferent Indian, nearly two meters tall, snorted and spoke fluent English.

The short-haired youth can only accompany the laughter: "The flying knife is a lone wolf. It is estimated that it was injured after the war with the 'sharpshooter' 'broken body machine'. It has been hidden since it appeared. And in China, we are restricted too much, and the manpower is also Less, so we just found him yesterday."

"The two little guys with Sun Ze and Dorgotrov are both injured. Big Brother, it seems that killing the flying knife and the lone wolf is not a challenge. I can easily solve it by myself." The tall Indian Said, the three giants of the world's first organization 'Shenguo', the names are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The status of the three is quite the same, but on the age, Vishnu is the biggest, the big brother.

Da Brahma and Shiva are extremely aggressive. Vishnu, it is more amiable.

"Well, but I can't care." The Indian man with a gentle smile and a scorpion said.

The two giants of the Organization of Gods took this taxi and went to the city.


Just about an hour after the departure of the two Indians, about six o'clock in the evening, another group of people appeared at Yangzhou Railway Station. This group of people set off from Tianjin and took a train for one day before arriving in Yangzhou in the evening.

"Shen boss, get on the bus." Two Volkswagen Passat took the group of four people away.

In the first Passat, sitting in the back seat is a lean man with a travel cap and casual clothes. On his side, he is sitting on a middle-aged man with a big belly and a cross-legged face. .

"You boss, and the killer he hired, are all dead?" The lean man frowned.

"Yes, shortly after the killer died, the boss died. The boss, he died in the secret passage of the study, or two days after his death, the servant cleaned the study and smelled the smell, only to find the body of the boss." The middle-aged man with his face sighed and sighed. "We don't know, who is moving."

The thin man's brow wrinkled and he said: "It is impossible to be Qin Hong."

Qin Hong is a member of the special action group. To kill, he will never leave the body and will clean the scene.

"Shen Boda, this time the event is very strange. The boss is under our heavy protection, and he will die without a word. Killing Qin Hong, not in a hurry, why should you come to Shen Lao, you are in danger? "The middle-aged man with a slap in the face persuaded."

"Hey, what do you know." The lean man snorted and scared that the middle-aged man would never dare to say anything.

After all, the other party is a famous big man on the road - Shenyang, the Northeast.

"Big brother, I am dead, and I must avenge you." Shenyang Ming Min silently, generally can form a killer combination, then, the two people must be able to give their lives to each other, the feelings are extremely deep. Like the ‘wolf and cat’ combination of the year, Lu Yu and his wife are simply husband and wife. The death of the cat even made Lu Yu mad and killed the entire organization.

There was also the ‘shooter’ and ‘shredder’, and Sun Ze died. That Dolgotrov’s anger like a madman attacked Lu Yu madly.

Can form a killer combination, the feelings are definitely extraordinary.

In the northeastern two tigers, "Wang Qing" was attacked by the elite of the special operations group. It was the hand of Qin Hong. The reason why Wang Qing died is actually to help his younger brother, "Shenyang Ming." In the end, Shenyang Ming escaped a sneak to save his life, but Wang Qing was killed.

Killing Wang Qing is Qin Hong!

For the rest of his life in Shenyang, it is impossible to forget the enemy 'Qin Hong'.

He originally wanted to kill Qin Hong by knife. It can be seen that it is not so easy. For his older brother, Shenyang Ming did not hesitate to commit suicide to Yangzhou.

"Qin Hong, you will die." Shenyang Mingxin secretly said, "I went to the front of the hotel, you stopped, there is no such thing for you." About monitoring the whereabouts of Qin Hong, Shenyang is naturally impossible to let These hooligans are going to do it. He also spent a lot of money this time, and invited the 'Hands of Darkness' to help.

In order to kill Qin Hong, Shenyang Ming did not hesitate to do everything.

At 7 o'clock in the evening, Lu Yu was having dinner at a farmhouse restaurant.

The phone vibrates.

“Hmm?” Lu Yu was a little surprised, and no one should call him.

"Hey." Lu Yu pressed the answer button.

"Lu Yu, I am Lin Qing." Lin Qing’s excited voice came from the phone. "Do you have time now, I am in a hurry to find you."

Today, Lu Yu has nothing else, just immersed in the martial arts.

"Emergency?" Lu Yu has some doubts.

"Well, very urgent, can you come over? Just in the Mingyue Lake in Xicheng District." Lin Qing Liandao.

Lu Yu thought a little and then nodded: "Well, I will be there soon."

Then Lu Yu directly stopped a taxi and immediately rushed to Mingyue Lake in Xicheng District. Lu Yu was full of doubts: "With this contact with Lin Qing, she seems to be a very calm person, not so eager. But listen Sound is not like any danger."

I can't figure out what happened to Lin Qing, but after all, there have been many contacts, and Lu Yu still chose to go.


It is now completely dark. In the Mingyue Lake in Xicheng District, only the dim street lights are on. So late, there are not many people there. A silver Audi A4 is quietly parked next to Mingyue Lake. There is a woman sitting in the driver's seat, it is Lin Qing.


After the taxi stopped, Lu Yu paid the money, got off the bus and went straight to the lake.

"Lu Yu." Lin Qing immediately walked out of the car and waved with excitement.


Lu Yu looked at it carefully. There were no other people around Lin Qing, and he walked over with doubts.

"Lu Yu." Lin Qing immediately ran over.

"I am so anxious to find me, what is the matter?" Lu Yu asked.

"Haha..." Lin Qing couldn't help but smile. "I am very happy, very happy, so, just like looking for you." At this time, Lin Qing's smile was very bright, and even his eyes were laughing and screaming, that is From the bottom of my heart, it is extremely pure and extremely arrogant.

The wind of the lake is blowing, the hair is crossing the face of Lin Qing, and Lin Qing, who is smiling at the moment, does not have a special charm.

"So happy?" Lu Yu smiled.

"Well, I tell you, Li Mingshan is dead!" Lin Qing was very excited. "He is dead, this demon, finally dead, I am so excited, I have never been so happy. Haha..."

Lu Yu is a glimpse.

Li Mingshan?

Is it the Li Mingshan who killed himself?

"Who is Li Mingshan?" Lu Yu asked.

"It is Li Mingshan of Mingshan Group. You are not a Yangzhou person. I don't know." Lin Qing said.

Lu Yu was sure that he was the middle-aged man who killed himself.

Lin Qing's fists clenched, his body trembled slightly, his eyes sparkling.

"I dreamed that someone would kill this bastard. There are many people who want to kill him. However, he has never died. I even despaired, I can only expect, I expect him to be terminally ill. But I did not expect that he actually died. In the secret lane of his own study." Lin Qing smiled cheerfully. "It’s good to die, it’s too good to die.”

"He seems to have a big hatred with you." Lu Yu said.

"Great hatred?" Lin Qing sneered, "or, he has mercy on me!"

Lu Yu brows, what is it?

Lin Qing continued: "Actually, my family is very poor. My mother has to die seriously. My father is working outside. The accident falls from a height and falls into a half body. I can only work hard to take care of my younger brother and let my brother go to school. You too Understand, I am a girl with a general education, can I have any solution?"

"It is Li Mingshan who has supported me." Lin Qing sneered.

Lu Yu’s mood is not fluctuating. He has seen too many misfortunes. He struggled in the dead piles when he was seven years old. He has not seen any misfortunes. Lu Yu did not discriminate against such things. The so-called family has a difficult experience, everyone has their own suffering.

"I use the money I got from him, take good care of my younger brother, and take care of my father who is in bed. The guarantee is a year. I rely on some money, do business, and the business is getting bigger and bigger. I don't need to rely on him at all. But, I But he can't get rid of him. Because he has the power to go to heaven. The underworld and white roads are all eaten, and it is easier to pinch me than to pinch an ant. I have a younger brother and a father... I have to endure."

"In front of him, I am like a slave."

"I have been spending it in horror, I am afraid of it, don't look at my appearance, but actually..."

Lin Qing looked at Lu Yu: "At that time, Lu Yu, you carried me through the 20 miles, I felt peace of mind on your back, I felt safe for the first time."

Lu Yu knew the feeling in his heart, because at the training camp in Siberia, he was also in a panic, and did not dare to relax at any moment, because he could die at any time. It was only after the master ‘Teng Bolei’ that he had to live a quiet life.

"Now I am relieved. Without Li Mingshan, the people under his hand have already fallen apart." Lin Qing felt relieved before, and the heart that has been hanging all the year round can finally be put down. "I never use it again." That kind of day, no longer needed. I am very happy, I want to find someone to tell, telling all this, my first thought is you!"

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