Chapter 1

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The second floor of the secluded tea restaurant.

The soft music sounds like a trickle of water flowing through people's hearts. There are not many guests on the second floor of the tea restaurant. There are only a dozen people, two or three, and they consciously whisper about their topics. There was a sudden footstep on the stairs, which made many guests involuntarily glance at the past.

A ponytailed pure girl in jeans, a white polo shirt and a tall, short-haired young woman in purple casual wear walked side by side.

Many people in the entire tea restaurant have a bright eye!

"Look, two beautiful women! Especially wearing purple casual wear, hey, my university stayed in Suzhou for four years. This just came back. I didn't expect that we have such a big beauty in Anyi County. It's a mature woman, next to that. Although young, it can be pure and beautiful."

"Monkey, beauty is good for others, don't dream anymore."

"Hey, brother, don't hit me. Yes, that tall, short-haired woman, who? I have lived for more than 20 years, and this is definitely the top three of all women I have ever seen. That five senses, that temperament... is really touching."

"Monkey, I tell you, the beauty named 'Lin Qing', that is a big man, the background is very deep, the two million Land Rover we saw in the previous two days is her. Just in An Yixian City, she has a hotel and two tea houses under her name. In our county, this industry is only a small part of the industry under the name of others."

“So powerful?” The young man, nicknamed ‘monkey’, could not help but be stunned.

Anyi County is just an ordinary county in Jiangsu. Two million Land Rover in the small county town is indeed very eye-catching.

"Miss Lin, we are ready for your room, please come with me." The waiter on the second floor of the tea restaurant immediately greeted.

The two beautiful women, under the leadership of the waiter, stepped into the box under the watchful eyes of many people, and then the door of the box was closed.

Inside the box.

Feel free to order a pot of tea and let the waiter step back.

"Lin sister, you have come here every day for a few days, and fixed this box. Haha, you are the heart of the horse, everyone knows." The ponytail girl smiled and slammed out the window, opposite the window was a children's welfare home. .

On the open space of the Children's Welfare Institute, some staff members of the Welfare Institute are playing with the orphans.

"You Xiaonizi." Lin Qing couldn't help but smile, but Lin Qing still looked through the window and looked down to the welfare home below. Looking for a moment, he didn't seem to find the target he was looking for. Some regrets.

"It’s strange. On the open space of the welfare home, I can’t find Lu Yu’s figure. Why didn’t he come today? He didn’t know if our sister Lin was waiting for him here?” The ponytail girl deliberately sighed.

"Well, Amin, don't be mad at this yin and yang." Lin Qing chuckled.

The ponytail girl 'Xiao Min' nodded and then wondered: "Lin sister, I always feel that this Lu Yu is very mysterious. When we went to the Daxinganling self-help tour, then Lin sister was in distress, then Lu Yu was carrying you this big job. People, walked nearly twenty miles of mountain roads. That is the mountain road! This Lu Yu's physical strength is really terrible."

"He is very mysterious." Lin Qing also nodded.

Lin Qing also clearly remembered the scene when he met Lu Yu.

At that time, Lin Qing and a group of like-minded friends went to the northeast to explore the Daxinganling adventure. As a senior friend, Lin Qing, of course, a group of people will not follow the safe route provided by the tourist area. At that time, they hired local villagers as guides to explore some areas that were not publicly available.

What do you want...

It’s too fascinating in the forests that are rarely seen. Lin Qing was attracted by a rare bird. In order to shoot this bird, he was inadvertently separated from the big team. When Lin Qing woke up, he could not find the team.

In the ridiculous mountain forest, the mobile phone has no signal at all, and it is impossible to contact the team.

In this case, shouting every day should not, shouting the ground is not working, Lin Qing can only bite his teeth and go back alone, but who wants to encounter the poachers in Daxinganling on the way, this poacher sees Lin Qing dress up, Guess it probably.

In the wilderness of the wilderness, Lin Qing is so beautiful. Seeing Lin Qing, this group of poachers who have not touched women in the mountains for a long time has proliferated. There is no hesitation, and they immediately start. Lin Qing’s character is very strong and he is desperately resisting.

Can a woman fight with five big men, how can I fight?

Lin Qing was naturally injured and was insulted. When Lin Qing was desperate, the ‘Lu Yu’ who was alone in the Daxing’an Mountains appeared. Lu Yu shot like a lightning bolt, and the injured Lin Qing didn't even see it. The five big men had already fallen into the coma.

"Oh..." Recalling the original thing, Lin Qing couldn't help but snorted, but his face was a smile.

"Lu Yu, he even wanted me to go back alone. Fortunately, it was not too timid. I finally brought it back." Lin Qing’s mind emerged from the scene of the scene, on the back of Lu Yu, It seems that the floating boat has returned to the harbor. Regardless of the rugged mountain road, Lin Qing felt the peace of mind.

Full of twenty miles, or a rugged mountain road, Lu Yu is so carrying Lin Qing to the destination.

The average person walks 20 miles and is tired enough, let alone carrying a big living person. And it is still in the place of the Daxinganling no man's land. Even the excellent special forces, I am afraid I can't resist it.

After the mysterious youth 'Lu Yu' and Lin Qing's two Daxinganling respectively, Lin Qingben thought that it was difficult to see Lu Yu again, who wanted to meet again in this An Yi county.

"Lu Yu..." Lin Qing is still immersed in memories.

"Hey, Lin sister, look, Lu Yu, he appeared!" The voice of the horsetail girl "Xiao Min" made Lin Qing wake up and couldn't help but turn his head and look down the window.

Opposite the window is a welfare home, the full name of the Hua Hin Children's Welfare Institute. Lin Qing and Xiao Min can clearly see the playground grounds of the welfare home through the window. At this time, a short-haired youth dressed in casual casual wear and glasses was carrying a large washbasin full of apples and came to the open space.

"Wow, Apple!"

"Eat apples."

"Quickly line up and eat apples."

"Don't mess, you are behind me. Line up."

The children who were originally playing were immediately surrounded and consciously arranged into two teams.

The Hua Hin Children's Welfare Institute will give these orphans a glass of milk every morning, and a fruit in the afternoon. These orphans usually have no snacks, so the fruits in the afternoon are particularly attractive to them.

"Thank you, Uncle Teng."

These lovely children, after getting the red-passed apples, are very cleverly shouting.

The short-haired youth listened, and the face was not smiling, but the fruit was kept in the hands.


In the tea restaurant box, Lin Qing and Xiao Min are watching the short hair youths through the window to distribute fruit.

"Lin sister, you look at Lu Yu who laughed so happy, it seems that he likes children very much." Xiao Sen sighed.

"He likes children very much, otherwise he will not come to this welfare home as a free volunteer." Lin Qing's eyes are completely condensed on the short hair youth 'Lu Yu', and Lu Yu's sincere smile on the orphans completely attracted her. "Xiao Min, I suddenly thought of going to do something."

"What to do?" Xiao Min's eyes lit up.

Lin Qing sighed: "The old lady of Huaxin, relying on the strength of one person, has maintained this welfare home for nearly 30 years. It is worth admiring... I am going to donate one million, so that you can get in touch with people in welfare homes. ""

The old Huaxin, who is now over 80 years old, is the dean of the Hua Hin Children's Welfare Institute.

"This is a good thing." Xiao Min was overjoyed.


At this moment, the short-haired youth ‘Lu Yu’ is also constantly distributing apples. Most of the children have already received them and have begun to eat them.

"So small." A slightly curly child looked at the apple in his hand and looked at the apple in someone else's hand and found himself a small one. This welfare home buys apples, of course, not every one is as big. So the children will not hold the same amount of fruit.

Can children like it! It seems that...slightly smaller, I will suffer the same.

"Brother, my fruit is the smallest. Your fruit is more than me, and it's almost two of me." The curly child and another child standing next to him said.

"Well, I am not very comfortable today, so big, I can't eat it, change it with you." The sturdy child smiled and smiled. The curly-haired child's eyes slid brightly and said: "Really?" This is what the mouth said, but it fell on the big apple in his brother's hand.

"Is this still fake?" The strong child smiled and took the apple in his brother's hand and handed over his big apple.

At this moment, Lu Yu has been released and just saw this scene.

"The two brothers..." Lu Yu’s eyes glazed, and there was a scene in the mind that was extremely long before it appeared.

It was a thirty year old a long time ago.

Outside the snow fluttering, the sound of firecrackers continued to sound, and in an empty house, a large group of children also cheered around a seemingly 60-year-old grandmother.

"Everyone has, there is, one by one." The gray-haired grandmother, looking at this group of children kindly, sent three big white rabbit toffee to each child. In that distant era, in the age of poverty, Chinese New Year can have big white rabbit toffee, which is not bad.

"Thank you Grandma."

A group of children cheered and took the toffee one by one excitedly.

They have not tasted the toffee for a year and a half. At this time, they can bear it, and they are happy to eat, and they are excited.

"Brother." A child wearing a patched and worn cotton jacket, pouting and looking at his older brother.

"What's wrong? Qinghe?" Next to a taller height, wearing the same simple children, I wondered.

"I, my toffee is finished. It's so delicious... This is only a moment, I will finish it." Said, this child called 'Qinghe' watched the other children still eating slowly, slamming They are drooling. The slightly taller child looked down at the two big white rabbit toffees in his hand.

"Well, Qinghe, take it," said the child, who was slightly taller.

"Brother, don't you eat?" Qinghe was hesitant.

"I have a toothache." The slightly taller child smiled. "Just eat a piece, it hurts badly. Give it to you. Right, remember... eat sugar, don't bite, bite like you Eat, others have not eaten, you have eaten all three."

"Well, I know, brother. Brother is the best for me." Qinghe smiled. "But, these two, I am alone with my brother."

A slightly higher child, look down, obviously he is just a child, can not help the temptation of toffee, nodded: "Well, we are one person."


"One person." Lu Yu whispered, "Qinghe, twenty-two years, have been twenty-two years."

At this time, the footsteps sounded and Lu Yu turned around and looked. I saw a grandmother with silver hair, who was coming under the escort of a woman.

"President Grandma!"

"President Grandma is good!"

A large group of orphans immediately shouted excitedly, and the silver-haired grandmother seemed happy to smile.

"President Grandma." Lu Yuyi, the grandmother of the dean, seems to remember that the old grandmother who took care of him and his younger brother is one. "Twenty-two years, grandma, she should also be eighty this year." Three years old." Lu Yu excitedly trembled slightly.

But for a moment, he excitedly converges and calms down.

"President, this young man is Lu Yu, who volunteered to come to us as a free volunteer. It has been here for six days. He is very diligent and very smart." The woman said with a smile.

"Oh, Lu Yu?" Over 80 years old, the grandmother with silver hair smiled and looked at Lu Yu.

"Aoyama, you take care of the dean, I go to the cafeteria to prepare the children's dinner." The woman smiled.

"Do not worry, Liu Wei." Lu Yu smiled.

"President, I will go first." The woman and the dean said, and Lu Yu was very natural to help the grandmother. The old lady looked at Lu Yu and smiled kindly: "Aoyama, you are twenty-three this year, I have seen your resume."

"Yes, I just graduated from college." Lu Yu nodded.

"A look at the green hills of your fine skin and tender meat, obviously did not do heavy work. These days, I suffered in this." Dean said with a smile.

"No, I am very happy." Lu Yu supported the dean and said with a smile.

The dean's grandmother exclaimed: "To be honest, Qingshan, I am very kind to see you. I can't help but think of an orphan in this orphanage a long time ago. It was still eight years. At that time, the orphanage was in poor condition. That is, I and my eldest daughter took care of the children. At that time, there were a pair of brothers in the orphanage, one called Qingshan and the other called Qinghe. This name is still given to them. You are also called Qingshan... It’s really a fate."

Lu Yu’s heart trembled, but nodded: “Well, it’s fate.”

"However, Qingshan was adopted by people. It has been 22 years since I left the orphanage. It is also twenty-nine years today. It is much bigger than you. Maybe you are married and have children." The grandmother sighed, "That is one." Very well-behaved children, I don’t know, how is he doing now, my body is getting worse and worse, if I can see the child of Aoyama again, just fine."

Lu Yu couldn't help but tremble: "I believe that you will definitely do what you want."

The brothers of Qingshan and Qinghe, who were born shortly after they were born, were abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage. At the beginning, the dean, Hua Hin, just opened the orphanage. Qingshan and Qinghe can be said to be the earliest orphans. Moreover, the Dean 'Hua Xin Grandma' worked hard and raised the pair of brothers slowly. The feelings are of course deep.


Lin Qing and Xiao Min, watching Lu Yu in the welfare home, Lu Yu first accompanied the dean's grandmother, and later, accompanied the children to play. From beginning to end, there is no trace of impatientness. The children obviously also liked the ‘Teng Uncle’. Later, Lu Yu sent the children to the cafeteria for dinner.

"Lin sister, he came out." Xiao Min immediately said.

I saw Lu Yu coming out of the gate of the orphanage. Lin Qing immediately shouted through the window: "Lu Yu!"

Lu Yu only looked up.

"Let's sit up." Lin Qing said with a smile, she is very clear, Lu Yu must have eaten dinner in the cafeteria, because ... she has invited Lu Yu several times a few days ago, Lu Yu just came over and talked to her twice It’s gone.

Lu Yu smiled and shook his head: "No, I have something to do today, and I will have time to gather again later."

"That's good." Lin Qing was disappointed, but still said with a smile.

Lin Qing and Xiao Min just watched Lu Yu leave.

"Lin sister, this Lu Yu really does not give face. Lin Jie, this big beauty personally invited him, he did not agree." Xiao Min smiled.

"Well, let's go, go to my dinner." Lin Qing stood up and left the tea restaurant with Xiao Min.

A farmyard in the suburbs of Anyi County.

In the empty courtyard, Lu Yu, who was naked, did not wear glasses. Lu Yu, who is wearing glasses, was modest and humble, but he could get rid of the glasses, but he was calm and determined.

At the moment, Lu Yu, naked in the upper body, is standing in the form-and-will-boxing three-body style.

With the chest pulled back, the palm is shaped like a tiger's claw, and the heart of the foot is like walking in the mud. When Lu Yu stood there, he gave a feeling of a mountain across it. Whether it was moving forward, sideways, or squatting, it made people feel unmovable.

"Call!" "Call!"

There was a strong wind in the air.

Once it is gaining momentum, it is as quiet as a bell.

The left foot is like an iron plow, the right foot is suddenly slammed, and the right fist is pulled out. The whole person is like a big bow bent to the limit, and the right fist is like a sharp arrow.


A burst of anger was created out of thin air, and even a strong wind was created in the courtyard.

The form-and-will-boxing three-body style, the five-line boxing of the "cracking", such as the flow of water, no trace of reluctance, the power of the big, but also the explosion.

If those in the society who learn martial arts see this scene, they will be shocked and stunned.

I saw that Lu Yu’s whole person began to flash in the courtyard. It was based on the form-and-will-boxing three-body style, and sometimes turned into a five-line boxing. Obviously, Lu Yu had the highest results in the 'cannon boxing' of the five elements.


As soon as the figure was turned, Lu Yu reverted to the form-and-will-boxing three-body preparation style, and slowly exhaled.

The heart is like a water, like a wave of lakes, naturally clear to the whole body, up to the internal organs, as small as every muscle and skin hair. However, it is still a lot worse than the legendary ‘internal vision’.

"Although it is only the last step, but this step is like a scorpio, it is difficult to pass. If you can enter the realm of the guru in your lifetime, die without regret." Lu Yu could not help but sigh.

As you hear the news, you can die in the evening!

Form-and-will-boxing boxing is one of the three major internal boxing techniques. There are also some historical masters in the realm of the guru. However, in modern society, it can be achieved in the realm of the guru.

"The ground is too weak, and I can't let go of it." Lu Yu looked at the ground and there were some cracks in the concrete floor. This is also the case where he did not exert his full strength and only practiced. If it is a battle with the strong, this cement is afraid to completely collapse.

Later, Lu Yu sat cross-legged, eyes and nose, nose and heart, weak breathing to a few inaudible, quiet as water.

The spirit is infinitely relaxed.

"哗哗~~" The faint to the extreme, like the sound of blood flowing in the blood vessels of the turbulent water, and the sound of the heart beating, are so clear and audible.

Time passed slowly, and soon it was late into the night.

Lu Yu still sat quietly in the courtyard, and at the moment, on the country cement road outside the courtyard, the lean man with black clothes was whispering to the neckline: "Grey Eagle, I have arrived at the suspected target." Then, this lean The man calmed his emotions slightly.

It is quietly close, the footsteps are light, and there is no sound.

Both hands quietly grabbed the courtyard wall, the ten fingers slightly force, one grab and one support, the whole person jumped in like a civet cat, landing with both hands and feet, the sound was weak to the extreme.

The man in black immediately looked around and suddenly, he found the blurred figure sitting in the middle of the courtyard, and could not help but jump.

"You still chase it." The man who sat down on the knees suddenly opened his eyes.

"Escape!" The man in black changed his face and did not hesitate.

The man in black knows very well that if he sneak attacks, he may still have hope, but now the other party finds him. According to the information, he has no hope at all.

"Oh." The man in black retireed, and when the figure turned over, he would jump out of the yard.


In the black man’s line of sight, he only felt that the figure sitting on the knees suddenly violently exploded. The entire concrete floor suddenly slammed and cracked. The figure was like a fierce tiger, and it instantly crossed the distance of seven or eight meters. Come over. The frightened black man even got his weapon out in the future.

"Hey!" The black man only felt a sharp pain in his throat.

"HE,HE" The man in black wanted to talk, but he couldn’t say it. Then the head was unable to hang down and died.

Lu Yu rips the black man's sleeves, blood is applied to the black man's arm, and the complex code resembling a 'tattoo' appears on the arm. Lu Yu's amazing eyesight, although only a faint moonlight, still clear, Lu Yu The face changed slightly: "For me, they are willing to pay such a high price, please ask the people of the 'Hands of Darkness' to trace my traces."

"The whereabouts have been leaked, and this Anyi County can no longer stay."

Lu Yu immediately returned to the house, changed his clothes, and then carried a backpack, quietly left the An Yi County in this dark night.images.png

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