My Colourful Weekend with the UNICORNS 😊😊😊

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When we were kids, it was normal for us to be a fan of any cartoon character that we loved to watch in our free time. Some of us even have this attachment to it, even in our adulting years. Today, I would like to share with you a place that reflects the owner's addiction to her favorite character, the UNICORNS.😊


A few days ago, we visited a friend in our hometown. Since we didn't see each other for three years, we decided to stay for two days at their house. Every time we have this kind of reunion, we always make sure that we will visit the newest food hubs in town. In one of our conversation, she mentioned a new cafe that caught the attention of most customers. I was interested then and wonder how this place becomes the new trending in town.

The Place

The place called, TWILIGHT KINGDOM. It is a cafe located in the heart of the town. Upon entering, you will be blown away by the colorful stuff everywhere. According to our source, the owner asked a friend of her to do the layouts and decorations. She wanted to have this place to be playful and vibrant, with the unicorn everywhere. As we can observe, almost all the details are handmade. From the wall up to the ceiling, and also with the frames. Based on the designs, the owner emphasized the kind of ambiance that she wanted her customers to have.

The Dining

The area is quite small, having four tables with four chairs each. Unicorns stuff toys served as the centerpiece that added a playful ambiance while eating or chilling. They also have an area with high stools, perfect for customers who want to stretch their legs while enjoying the foods and drinks. They also offer free WIFI access to their high-speed internet, to enjoy the perks of social media and other websites. So, you can't feel any boredom while staying.

Since the cafe is located a few distances from a university, most of the customers during schooldays are students.

The Food

When it comes to the foods they served, the prices are affordable with a lot of choices to choose from the menu. They don't offer any rice meals, but there are other sources of Carbohydrate to choose. Since we just wanted to cool down our throat, we ordered some refreshments. We had a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino, Unicorn Milkshake, and Pink Lemonade. We also had sandwiches, to fill in our tummy a bit. We ordered New York Bread Roll and Clubhouse Sandwich. All of them were great in our taste buds.

The Props

One thing that caught my attention was the costume and the headdress they provided. These items were prepared to experience the character as a UNICORN. If you want to do some poses for souvenir photos, you can wear it. You may also used the stuff toys and the quote tags for additional props. It was fun, knowing that most of the customers were adults. But who cares, as long we enjoy it and be a kid out of nowhere.

The Experience

We had a great time. For three hours that we stayed in the cafe, all we did was talking and giggling. We love the warm atmosphere of the place. Aside from a high-speed internet and delicious choices from the menu, it is maybe the main reason that customers keep on coming back. The personnel are also friendly and accommodating. But if you are a UNICORN fan, you will surely enjoy and love your stay.

The photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy Note.😊

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Pwedeng pwede to sa Unicorn Island haha! Good place, good food, good friends. Nothing else to ask for except a real unicorn :D

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