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You must have heard about death punishment. It is given when a person commit serious crime. As per law, if any crime is severe crime, then criminal gets death punishment. Do you know that prisoner gets a chance to make wish but these wishes have a limit, otherwise think if someone demands wish of living then what will happen?

Let me tell you the convict of death punishment cannot get pardon for punishment. In such, this question raises in your mind that what he can demand in his last wish? Let me tell you what he can demand.

  1. Prisoner has the right to demand food or special dish of his choice. This demand is fulfilled happily.

  2. He can also demand meeting his family. Jail authority make him meet with his whole family.

  3. He can also demand for reading mythological book of his choice. He is given required book in the form of its last wish.

After hanging, the dead body of the prisoner is checked and confirmed by doctors. After that his body is given to his family. This takes too much time. Hanging is done before sunrise so that it does not affect society negatively. It is also assumed that, in the morning person is tension free upto a large extent.

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