Some Treasures from the Past

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The other day we were in one of the hotel lobby and I came across these few things which took me 25 years back. Time is changing so fast. I have grown up with most of these objects and now they have become items to be displayed in a Musueum.

I remember till I was in my teens we had this type of Radio at our home. My dad would put it on every morning from 7 to 9 P.M. to hear the news. This was the only source of entertainment at home in those days as we did not have a television then.

My first Typewriting class had this typewriter. The keys were very hard and it needed so much pressure. I would type one page and feel enough. When the shift later happened to the Desktop computer, it was like a complete comfort, and typing became fun. In those days I wanted to become a Secretary and hence I was learning typing and shorthand. We had to complete typing a page in 2 minutes and I could never do it with this old typewriter. Thank god it upgraded.😁

At my Granny's place we had this Music player but a better version of it. My mom was fond of music and she used to get all the old records, which we really didn't enjoy much 😀

This Camera, Tape player and Phone is a little older then my time. At our place we got the telephone in the late 80s, till then only one of our neighbour had a phone at their home and we would all go there to use. Today I can imagine how annoying and disturbing it must be for them.



Those who invented all these items laid a base for where we are today using the latest gadgets and technologies. They invented and now the modifications and upgrades are happening. I hope you all enjoyed watching these old treasures.

Sadly at my place we did not retain any of these old objects, we were in the spree of upgrading and in that the value of these treasures was lost. But today I feel it would had been good to keep a few of them.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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My grandfather has almost 300 of them... They go from the early '30s to the' 80s... They are all repaired and good to go... He is thinking to give it away to a museum that will like to expose all that treasure ❤️

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Wow that must be a real treasure. I see nowadays many people want to buy these antic things for home decor. They add a lot of charm to your place

beutifull nice dear

Radio gaga;)

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WOW how cool is that hotel lobby with all these pieces like a blast from the past


Yes, very fascinating and it's a top range hotel, very unusual to see


I suspected it was a classy hotel :)

Except two of these photographs, all other objects I had encountered in my childhood too. But none of them was at my home ...I used to find these at some of my relatives' or acquaintance's place, we weren't a gadget family perhaps.

Thanks for showing us the window to the past!


Those were the times of simplicity, which I really feel is completely lost now

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This is reminiscent of my high school days where I have to type my papers with the use of typewriter @nainaztengra
I would spend the whole night typing and if I made a mistake it is hard to erase it :/


Oh, this typewriter I used to find it little hard and never enjoyed using it much. When the smoother ones came in it was so much of a relief