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Writing my story....

Hi reader, i hope this meets you well, now before i go on, there is something i need you to do for me, i need you to first relax, relax, why? This is going to be the first of my longest posts ever, lol , and no it wont be boring, so relax.

For the past 3months i have been going through a thorough quest of finding the what and how to write the best quality post. My first problem was actually identifying what a quality post was based on what people said it was. It didnt really work for me, as some so called quality posts could not communicate its message to its audience, what kind of quality is that, however, i came across some awesome writers and i loved their style and so im learning everyday from them.

I realised Rome was not built in a day, if i want to be as good as these guys, i have to begin now, begin with all my mistakes, and i will tell you why further down the post.

.....If you are still here, then you have made it

...... ...Made it how ?

You've just made a discovery, into my world of very many, you are wondering, what does that even mean?....okay let's find out

So i asked you to relax because if you are not relaxed, you will be as good as those guys that didnt make it this far, you would miss the entire point of the post. So here is another chance to slide out if you want to.

This is actually fun, or rather annoying, but if you are daring, you will want to know what nonsense i have to say at the end this so you can satisfy your ego that you said you said so.

There is a reason for everything, just as there is time for everything. Our lives are made up of our experiences, and our experiences are fueled by our decisions and our decisions are driven by our immediate self, who we are at the moment, because who we were yesterday is not who we are today, and definitely not tomorrow, because, what is tomorrow? We cannot be what we can become, we can only become what we can be!

This post is not a motivational post and i am not a life coach, the only person i'm good at coaching is myself, it actually just occurred to me i used to give motivational speeches to girls i liked in high school, even till college, and they enjoyed it, well they always seem to enjoy it or maybe they just liked to marvel at my stupidity who knows, lol, but now, i have run out of juice i really dont know what happened

Sometimes in life, we come across something's that were never meant to be for us. They were only suppose to help us while we wait for our's, but we've let ourselves become attached to the wrong things that they feel like the right things, then the right things, seem like the wrong things, you have made it if you know the difference between the both and if you dont, please do yourself a favour to know, so you can cut off that wrong attachment

This post has the tendency to challenge your philosophy, if you have, not because im a genius but because im of light, and where there is light, there cant be darkness

I'm an avid reader of anything that interests me and once i am engrossed in what im reading, i tend to zone out, then the voices in my head begin to the reading, dont bother talking to me at this point, since the inception of steemit, i have become one of those people that can catwalk out of their destiny once their heads are buried in their screen, this too is a matter of concern we shall be discussing about in another post.

So i came about a post by a friend @tarazkp, he said something that caught my attention in a different perspective, and we will go into it. It is a very common practice that employers go to the extent of scrutinizing their employees social media accounts, i have heard of countless employees who lost their jobs due to their actions on social media.(cuss). A friend lost his job because he retweeted a meme about rape, the meme was quite funny, but apparently it seemed to be an attack on his boss who is a female and a supposed feminist, and it ended ugly.

It is also a common practice now that employers get candidates for a specific job position through social media and even list vacancies on the platform. I know a bunch of people who got employed through linkdn and some through twitter. Why am i saying this? Steemit is not very different from these other platforms, and believe me, steemit has not gone mainstream yet, there are barely 1,000,000 users on steemit now.

Now imagine steemit goes mainstream, then it becomes a point of global relation and connection for creatives, authors, investors and crypto a bigger version of what it is now, at that point dont you think steemit will be a point of reference for your resumé? I would not mind looking through someones profile to know what the person likes and how much the person already earns or financial worth.

People try as much as they can to produce quality content, about themselves, their lifestyle, and interests, these metrics are saved on the blockchain forever. Peradventure i got it all wrong and all my speculations are incorrect, how about the blockchaintivity of the platform, the fact that nothing goes away from here is underestimated. (Everything we do now, on here will be in record for a long time(and ever lol). If you want to save a picture and never loose it, put it here.)

Im the wrongest person to tell you how serious you should take your activities on here, however wisdom is profitable to direct

Imagine an article you wrote 25years ago on steemit is pulled up against you while you are running for some sort of position by your opposition who is on a quest to bring you down.

As much as you have your freedom and wish to do anything on here, wisdom is profitable to direct. Your anything today can be something against you tomorrow

Can you feel the need for a rethink about how you handle your steemit, because trust me what you do inside your account reflects and affects what happens on the outside. A word they say really is enough for the wise

There is a change in me that im about to unleash, and im ready to do what ive not been, im ready to make the mistakes, im ready to learn more, im ready to grow, im ready to take upon myself the challenge to be a better me and i want to see a drastic change and improvement in myself because i am strong in the spirit to will and to do, i am strong in the spirit of might and courage, of soundness, soundness of wisdom and understanding, that by this time next year i will be blown away by my achievements and the growth of the platform.

From now i challenge myself to continuously acquire knowledge and share my understanding, i challenge myself to be outstanding and astounding in my approach to everything in life, i challenge myself to be more!

Will you like to challenge yourself too?

Now i said you made an awesome discovery into my world of many right. Is this not many? Lol, just watch out for what you have to discover next

Haha i hope you had a nice read

Cheers to greatness

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Thank you Mistakili. Yes I made it to the end. you are very hard on yourself and it was an interesting read. i know which article you were referring to as I also follow Taraz. I agree that your social media may come into help you with future positions in your career path. They may have had a problem with me as I have never been big on it. No Facebook, no Instagram, very little twitter. I tend to keep my life rather private. I prefer it that way. I have nothing to hide but keep to myself. I suppose it could also go in my favor as I wouldn't jump on social media to spread a rumor and can be trusted etc.
A very good post and look forward to many more.

Hello, thanks so much for stopping by

you are very hard on yourself and it was an interesting read

Ah yes finally someone gets that part of me, you are absolutely right, i tend to over analyse a lot, im an introvert so i pretty much have all the time to think about it. But im glad you have brought my attention to this now, you see why i wrote this post, so i could find myself while finding you. I hope you also found yourself. Thank you

Your anything today can be something against you tomorrow

This is something that people should remember on both sides of an argument. We are also going to have to forgive indiscretions that become public from youth. Clinton inhaled, and it is shameful that he had to lie about it, he was a college kid (at least the proof they had). In the next decade or two, we are going to have to get ready for a flood of leaked nudes from influential people.

In the next decade or two, we are going to have to get ready for a flood of leaked nudes from influential people

Hahaha a very mighty flood...thank you so much for your contribution

Thank you for your encouragements

2 months ago, your upvote and comment on this post meant so much to me, you helped me breed the fire i needed to begin to create and create, i can honestly tell i'm better, not just me, but steemit also seems to think so, i made 10$ on this post without a bot, and I know i'm not stopping there.
Thank you for your critical approach to the platform and how you help build the ecosystem, thank you for forming a community around your blog where you discuss matters pertaining to life, health, nature, skills, poetry, the steem community and your once in a while weirdly funny jokes. Thank you for allowing people like me believe in steem and steemit. I love it here

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