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Hey Steemians 😇

Here is another post about emotions and how it controls us throughout life.

Let's start with the quote that perfectly matches this cliche topic .

If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far. -Daniel Goleman

Let's divine in to the topic :)

Imagine a floating iceberg. This iceberg is called "Man". Its top floats above the surface of the ocean, and the lower and most part is hidden from our view.

Let's talk about the hidden part. In my opinion, this is a very entertaining topic, since studying the inner world of people gives answers to a variety of very diverse issues.

  • The structure of emotions explains why some people see the world in light colors, while others often experience depression. Emotions explain the nature of laziness, fears, uncontrollable anger. Emotional sphere is closely connected with the success of a person in the family and society, with his self-esteem.

  • Why is a person embarrassed in talking to others and is there any way to increase self-confidence? What is the nature of fears when meeting with the opposite sex?

  • How do emotions affect love relationships and family life? Are there ways to improve relationships with your loved one, stop quarreling and get offended?

All of us are unique and we all have our own world within ourselves.

  • The set of emotions of each person is unique as fingerprints. It would seem that there is a certain number of emotions: fear, joy, anger, surprise, resentment, interest and many others.

  • But if you collect a group of people and ask them to describe feelings of joy, then it turns out that one and the same emotion with the name "Joy" is felt in everyone in its own way.

  • Someone in moments of joy feels how inside the chest a balloon of orange blooms and radiates radiance in all directions. Another will say that joy is the warm energy that comes from the belly, rises to the crown and waves "swims" out of the eyes into the world around them.

  • For some, the experience of joy brings a feeling of light and airy body. Some have joy in the head or in their hands. At someone in a nape or on a back.

  • How many options are there for joy? As many as the people on the planet Earth.

  • The same is true for absolutely any emotion. Whatever emotion it is , all people feel it in their own way. Why is this happening? Because, each person lives in his personal universe, which is completely different from the Universes of others.

  • We see colors in different ways, smell and taste. We have unique fingerprints and lines on the palms. Thought processes, such as remembering, remembering and inventing a new one, are absolutely unique for all people. For example, the number of ways to remember the same verse is equal to the number of people.

  • All of us are so different from each other that we had to come up with and standardize common ground, allowing us to interact with each other . We agreed on a system of color shades, gave names to emotions, tastes, smells and bodily sensations.

  • If you look at it from other perspective, we perceive quite differently, and we call the same words. For example, everyone who loses salt, will feel its taste in its own way, but we all say: "This is the taste of salt."

  • If I say "Bear!", Everyone will see in the imagination their bear - white or brown. Someone will present a bear scratching a tree or running through the forest, and someone bears in a zoo.

  • How many people will read this text, as many will be options for its understanding and perception.

    So what is those emotions?

    • Emotions are like a coin in nature if i would say. On the one hand, these are chemical processes in the brain. The other side of the coin indicates the energy (or wave) origin of emotions. And both of these statements are true.

    • It's like in physics. Is light a particle or a wave? Experiments led physicists to the conclusion that light is a particle and a wave. With emotions, things are exactly the same. Emotions are hormones secreted by the endocrine system of the brain, and, at the same time, emotions are energy fluctuations in a person's inner world.

    • Perhaps you read in yoga,meditation stuff, on psychodelics or else where, about the fact that a person consists of several bodies. This physical body and "thin" (or energetic) bodies, vibrating with a high frequency of oscillations and passing, like radio waves, through the physical body.

    • Different sources indicate a different number of "thin" bodies. For example i decided to conditionally divide the person into two bodies: physical and energetic. The physical body is the body that we see, and the energy body is the lower and invisible part of the iceberg. Either way it is literally were given to us and this is only beginning of understanding of your true self...

    Modern Medicine deny that fact that we have those energetic field or bio field around us. And this is so ridiculous_

    If you really wanna find out the truth u should start your journey on what is enlightment and how to unlock the doors to inner self.

    • In ancient China, knowledge of the energy envelope of man was widespread. The Chinese have learned to diagnose the bio field and to work on it for treatment purposes. They knew that by influencing acupressure points, it is possible to control energy flows and treat, at the same time, physical and "mental" diseases. The Chinese people became one of the first to draw a map of energy points on the human body.

    Negative emotions directly affect to your body and coz tremendous issues or i would say physical diseases.

    Emotional health directyl affects to your body's immune system.If you gonna start to practicing self awareness of your thoughts constantly you gonna find lit information how you getting colds and other infections during emotionally unstable times. When you feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, your awareness in health are is shutting down and you coz of that you can literally find yourself in such a bad spot when more than 2-3 ares of your main needs struggling and everything comes apart? You may not feel like exercising, eating nutritious foods, or taking medicine that your doctor prescribes.
    just for instance(i'm pretty sure you can get more information about yourself than visiting doctor.)

    Other signs of bad emotional health :

    stomach issues
    stiff neck
    breath frequency drops
    sexual problems
    gaining or losing weight
    sweating a lot
    high blood pressure
    general aches and pains
    dry mouth
    Insomnia (trouble sleeping)
    back pain
    knee pain
    constipation or diarrhea
    appetite is in crysis
    chest pain
    palpitations ( the feeling that your heart is racing)

    Usually, negative emotions arise in a person as a reaction to the discrepancy between his expectations and what actually happens.

    • By re-scrolling some of your experiences , you can actually feel again negative emotions that were taken over by you and you
      choosed to think and continue to feed those thought that actually leads you towards bad consequences.
    • The endocrine system of the brain secretes the hormone cortisol and other stress hormones. In certain areas of the body, thus, there are unpleasant sensations. Multiple experience of the same emotion leads to the formation of muscle clamps.

    Our health care systems literally turning off that need of thinking it properly when it comes to health.

    • For example, antibiotics can kill "harmful" microbes, but they will not eliminate the cause of the weakened immunity, which was missed at the customs post by uninvited guests. And immunity is weakened due to severe stress. A man with this stress in time did not understand.

    • At the level of the bio field, in places where there is an emotion, there are energy "plugs". They are also called emotional charges. The normal flow of energy in these places is disturbed and, over time, these disorders lead to the disease of internal organs.

    • Negative emotions, stress, depression increase the production of dopamine hormones, which inhibit the production of hormones of the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and this undermines immunity.


    Strengthen Your Connections with everything.

    The importance of incorporating joy, spirit, and relaxation in your life has many implications in developing resiliency (the ability to recover from an illness) and staying healthy. The four C's to joy, spirit, and relaxation are: connect with yourself, connect with others, connect to your community, and create joy and satisfaction. As you use these four C's remember to continue trying to push your comfort levels and do things you may not have done before.

    main source


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Complete post about emotions, the truth that is an extremely important aspect of life, where we can have unlimited research with respect to it, I leave you my upvote for the effort and well presented publication.


Thank you so much , i never had a cool social media page , since it was hard to grow due competition out there , in platform i found myself writing my blog for the first time and it's just keep getting better and i am enjoying it more :)
That's the beauty of this community for sure .

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You speak my heart out in this post

Just love your post. I have studied psychology, parapsychology, and energy medicine for years. Amazing topic! Thanks @mirage.