9 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Getting Women(Girl) You Like.

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Hey guys!

Another Sunday post from Nick 😛

Let's talk about who's got most chances to get attention from women and the tricks that u can use (LAW OF ATTRACTION)

Who has more chances for increased attention to women - a slovenly chuhan with long greasy hair or a mannered gentleman dressed with a needle? It seems that the answer is obvious. This is especially evident during the acquaintance, for manners and appearance . Then there are gestures and speech. However, give about everything in order. Only before I want to note that so many people, so many preferences. Someone connects life with the different stuff , but if you follow these 9 commandments, your chances of liking increase by a hundredfold.

1 . Face, head and everything on it

  • The face is, so to speak, your showcase. Here everything is extremely simple: if the muzzle is normal, neat - then you follow yourself. Do not try to jump above your head - do not squint under Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman.

  • Not everyone is lucky to be born with an ideal face. If women only pecked at the handsome "handsome", then there would be plenty of single men in the world. So do not complex, if not turned out erysipelas. In the end, Steve Tyler, known on this planet, code-named "fucking mouth", carried the text taken from the quotes for a while, there were several marriages and beautiful well-groomed hair. To you, by the way, too it is necessary to do or make an accent on neatness and grooming everything, that above a neck. Watch the hair on the top and face.

  • Choose an adequate hairstyle that suits your image, not God's fear from the 80's. Of course, the hair should always be clean. If the beard is shear, trim it. If you shave completely, make sure that there is no irritation, inflammation and cuts. To do this, you need to choose a shaver and balms.

  • Finally, the skin itself. Some mistakenly believe that acne should be greasy, bright as a spray of spilled oil on the feathers of the albatross, that they should rise above the skin like Jomolungma over Tibet. We do not want to break your inner world, but they should not be on your face at all. The only thing that such a person can attract is their desire to hurry as soon as possible. As for acne and all kinds of red blades, then, of course, it's not so simple. To reduce them, sometimes you need to seriously and for a long time to be treated, because it may not be quite in the skin. But if the problem can be solved cosmetically, scouring, squeezing and washing, using folk and not very means, then why have not you done so yet?

2 . Smile

The face has a mouth. In the mouth there are teeth. Hidden pearl fence with two musculocutaneous folds of a pinkish hue. This is what you say and eat. If by strong-willed effort to stretch the muscles of the face in the sides, then the lips will stretch, and the grin will be bared. If you pick a confident posture to the grin and add a visual touch, you can charm the lady-lady or at least remember her. True, a smile can be a hindrance if your teeth are yellow like parchment, and between them you can see a barely noticeable pattern from the pet. Alas, we all drink, smoke, drink coffee (we do something one thing), and our teeth do not become more beautiful. The enamel layer wears off, the natural layer of dentin is revealed. You can bleach at home, but you can, if you have money, go to the dentist. And then we run out of moral rights to force you to spend money on such unimportant parts of the body. But you have to understand the stench from your mouth. This is no good, already sprays for this business came up.

3. Your silhouette

It's about the contour of your body and how clothes sit on you. Women look at proportions and silhouette much more attention than we do. Developed chest, broad shoulders, slender torso - that's what attracts, and not flabby loose flesh. Choose a dress that emphasizes the benefits and hides shortcomings. This is a complicated science, but we already said that in such cases it is necessary to do.

4. Wardrobe

There is a stereotype that they pay more attention to the wardrobe than the rest of the details. About what clothes should sit, we already said. Should I stammer on the topic that clothes should not be washed, minted, spoiled and burnt? A good, matching shirt with matching color, glasses that match your face shape, clean, not worn out shoes, or fashionable sneakers and accessories you get +60 to the charm , +70 to the enchantment and +80 to success. Because they love women with their ears, but they choose with their eyes. Someone will note that clothing does not mean anything, because some women prefer to dress a man to their liking, forming from the effigy of irresistible beauty. But for this it is necessary to get in the trust and start a relationship. And a well-dressed gentleman has more chances to do so.

5. Manners and greeting

The first thing a stranger hears from you is a greeting. It sets the tone for further communication. Suppose you decided to shine with a caustic wit and say something like: "I do not yet understand if I'm glad to get acquainted or not." And what in the end? It did not turn out to be witty, but stupid. If you greeted a woman wrong, then think that he dug his own pit. Therefore, if you want to continue your courtship, be as polite and courteous as possible. Good manners are a win-win option, but you need to add a few touches, such as visual contact, if possible, handshakes and, of course, smileys.

6. Hands

Hands, no matter how you hide or hide them, your attention is paid. Therefore, cut the nails on time, and not when overgrown claws hurt during carding. Even if your workers, labor, calloused hands are drenched with fuel oil and dirt, this does not mean that you need to score on them. Even labor hands can cause disgust If you read this inscription. Nobody makes you do a manicure, just follow the basic rules. For God's sake, do not squeeze your arms into fists. Especially in front of the girl. So you give your image a maximum of unfriendliness and aggressiveness. She'll just think you're a sick bastard and prefer to stop talking.

7. The smell

Any of the listed items loses its power if it stinks of you. And a woman can be embarrassed not only by the smell of sweat or stale socks, but also the abundance of crappy rubbish for $20, which is called "cologne". Studies have shown and proven that women, when looking for a potential partner, pay great attention to the smell. Therefore, in your own interests, choose a good perfume or at least a deodorant. The choice should be approached as responsibly as possible, having studied the recommendations and reading the comments, as some flavors can irritate people. You do not care - if the perfume is good, you will not feel it, but we now care about others.

8. Speech

One thing is to say the right thing, it's quite another to support the conversation. Your body can exude a fine ambergris, and the muscles rushing out to seduce ladies and cause envy of competitors, but if your speech apparatus, along with the brain, gives birth to some game, it is unlikely that you will fall. Therefore, increase the vocabulary, do self-development and watch the language and not swear at the woman he just met. The culture of speech, at first, along with the appropriate wit acts on the ladies magically. And if, for all this, you learn to control your timbre, you will be able to make it more beautiful, work on rhythm and accents in sentences, then your speech will become truly hypnotic. It is not so easy, it is comprehended by exercises.

9. Movements and gestures

  • After all, actions speak of a person louder than words. Non-verbal communication rises above all the above points. This is a kind of shout of your upbringing and inner state.
  • Do not make sharp, awkward movements, do not poke your finger, do not put your hands on your chest and into the lock, it repels. Closed posture does not have to communicate and get acquainted.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this! dont judge it and take it too personally :)

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Cool post;) But I think more people are in a struggle how to get to a point to be all that, "perfect"... Just be yourself and hey, if you smell good... EVEN better :P

long story short :) thanks


Only skimmed it for now (I'm on a boat), but upvoted and followed. Interested in seeing more