I Feel Like a King! -- Just a Note

in #blog5 years ago

It's hot, the sun is out, work is going smooth, and the weekend is peeking around the corner!

Just want to wish you all the best Friday with this great piece of funk!

Give it up for all-time funk guitar legend Leo Nocentelli

Peace and Love to you all! // Michel


Someones happy its the weekend!!!

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Call it happy in general! Life's good :)

Hey! I didn't know how else to reach you, so here I am: we're doing drinks this Satuday in Rotterdam if you're able to attend: https://steemit.com/meetup/@soyrosa/let-s-make-a-toast-on-hf21-or-beers-or-juice-in-rotterdam-coming-saturday-august-31 Didn't want you to miss the announcement :D

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