15 Amazing fact about the sharks you never knew before. Part 2

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  1. Wildlife in the vicinity of a golf course in Brisbane, Australia, includes at least six shark bulls, which found themselves in the lake by accident after a flood in the area in 1996 that they brought with it, Golf named after it:


Bull bulls are generally known to be the aggressive predators that can survive in both salt and fresh water. Since the flood of the above-mentioned region in 1996, they have been observed in the Karbrook Lake at the golf course after flood receding . Since then, many of the players have stated that they have flapped their fins over the water, but their actual numbers remain unknown. It is 2.4 to 3 meters in length and is sometimes fed by the golf club

  1. A female (sand shark) can carry many embryos up to 50 embryos, the largest of which feeds on the rest. Scientists say this is a "competitive strategy" where the source of sperm is many different males

According to research by Damien Chapman and his team of marine biologists at Stony Brook University, the largest and most powerful fetus in the womb of the mother shark devours and feeds on its siblings, leaving only one of them. They concluded that this occurs when the eggs are fertilized by different male sharks, competing with the embryos and racing and ultimately staying for the strongest that comes out to the world. This is called Intrauterine Cannibalism (or intrauterine), or Adelphophagy which means (one of them devouring his brother

  1. Cats may lose during their lifetime 30 thousand years and re-germination, and this is because they are not teeth in fact, but Hrshava


The shark's teeth in effect are modified plate plates with the same structural characteristics that characterize normal teeth, forming an outer layer of Enamel enamel, with tooth ivory and the central pulp cavity. Most have five rows of teeth that, when damaged and damaged, are replaced by teeth in the row directly behind them. The shark uses a row of teeth in the foreground, which is also larger, and the front teeth of the front row are replaced and replaced by the nurse's sharks, for example, every fourteen days during the summer when they are at their peak

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