Being Debt-Free Has Afforded us The Luxary of Having Time With Our Children.

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This is the house that nearly broke us,

Luckily we had the courage to walk away from this picture perfect life.


Coming from nothing, as I did, I always dreamed of a life like this, and this being the house that Louise grew up in, she always dreamed of owning it.

I have already told the story about how we turned our backs on this life HERE,
This is about how giving it all up has actually given us so much in return, and hopefully, it can show others that it's possible.

"Have you completely lost your mind?"

This was all that went through my mind as we were turning our backs on the "dream life"
The thing is, all the fears we had were not ours, they were the fears of the people around us, just like all the old dreams we had were not ours either.

I believe that the 50% of couples who split up, do so because they don't see any other way out of their miserable lives, apart from getting a divorce.

"I see it as my duty to show people there's another way"

OK I would like to say at this point that if you have found a way to have the house, the cars, the dream job and still have a healthy family life then I salute you, but for everyone else who is stuck in that dead end job and being up to your neck in bills, housework, stress and having constant arguments with your partner then pay attention, this advice might just save your family from splitting up.

  • It's all about priorities, and your nr.1 priority should be your family, so find a way that you can spend as much time with them as possible with the ones you love, and this should start by getting rid of your TV. this is a tough one but trust me, once it's gone you will really start to see the world and your loved ones in a different light.

  • Get rid of everything that cost too much money, we now have an old car because it cost next to nothing to own, we don't have a phone contract we use pay as u go, that way we don't get any surprises.

  • Look at alternative lifestyles, there are lots of different ways to live and make a living, just pick one that suits you, we chose to build a tinyhouse truck, and I just work part time to top up our savings. If you worry too much about how it will all work out then it probably won't work out, just do it, and figure the rest out along the way, we have been doing this for 4yrs and it works great.

  • You will have to make serious sacrifices to simplify your life to the point where all you'll have to think about is your family, once you have achieved this, your life will have new meaning, you will start to see the true meaning of life, and you will never, ever let "things" get in the way of true happiness

  • This is not an easy way out, there is no easy way out, you will have to adjust to this new way of being and there will be challenges along the way, this is how life works but because you don't have all that other shit to think about, you will be able to deal with these challenges a lot easier trust me.

What we have gained by giving it all up.

It's actually hard to put into words just how much this has changed our lives, but if you can imagine what it's like to never worry, to be so carefree that anything and everything is possible, and to have the time to share all of this new found freedom with the most important people our lives is priceless, its priceless and at the same time, it doesn't cost a single penny.

Follow us on our journey of a lifetime

Peace and love to the world.


I know I have done similar posts to this one before but I really believe in what I'm saying, and will keep banging on about it till I feel it has helped someone, and I have a lot more followers now, so sorry to my older followers if you are getting bored of it.

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Truth. Nice post! Upvoted.


Thank you, sir @thedanzel
I appreciate the support :)


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Great post! debt means enslavement. but in many African countries where i live it's almost impossible to live debt-free


That is a real shame, I used to think it was impossible, but I have always challenged the norm.
thanks for your feedback

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It is often hard to choose what is right - but looking back you will never regret it. I'm glad to have met you and excited about the life you now have because of your choices and glad to be walking down a similar path myself.


Yes your right, it's a hard choice to make but is was the right one, I know we would not be together now if we had not made such a drastic change in our life. We are happy to know you too, the only other family in Sweden we know of to choose this lifestyle.

Family centered simple living is very admirable in my opinion. You took a brave decision and it seems like it paid off big time. Thanks for your inspiration markwhittam


Thank you, @ronni
It was the best decision we have ever made. and yes it paid off BIG TIME :)

I agree, family time is more important than having all the fancy stuff. But for most of us something has to give, if we want money we lose time etc. Nice article.


Yes, great comment, making money and having time don't usually go together.
thank you @hotandrandom

It's all about being happy with yourself and who you are around. This post makes a clear point about that. Great Job - Hansenator.


So true, Thank you @hansentor

Thank you for this fantastic post. You are so right with everything you say. I know the feeling of no debt and then to have huge debt again that I had no choice in is very stressful. This post of yours did hit home and I yearn for the day to be debt free again. Upvoted followed and resteemed


Debt is unavoidable for a lot of people, some deal with it better than others, we couldn't deal with it and knew it would break us, so we took drastic action.
I hope you will find a way to deal with it if it ever becomes to much of an issue
Thanks for the feedback and support.


It just gives a person so much more freedom if you're debt free. Thank you for your input. Have a great day.

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story.


Thank for reading :) glad you enjoyed

I absolutely understand what you're talking about! My husband and I are in a similar situation! We gave up our "dream" home to live a more stress free life with the goal of being debt free. I had a lightbulb moment and realized that less is more! I'll look forward to reading your other posts! Upvoted! 👍


Your so right, Less is definitely more.
Happy that you made that big step towards freedom. Thanks for supporting our blog :)

only debt that i like is owning multi unit houses or apartments

Thank you for the informative post. What would you sat was the most difficult adjustment you had to make in saving money? Followed you back, hope you can as well. Thanks


Saving money was the easy part, believing in ourselves was the biggest hurdle at first.

I feel like that with my debt, but it was to pay for my dog's medical expenses. I live owning next to nothing, and so I know how liberating that is. I would loveeee to get out of this debt though :) Maybe Steemit can help! I am a writer, a notoriously undervalued skill--but I have been doing ok for myself for my first week on Steemit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/story!


Debt is like cancer, it eats you up. it's a good thing you only have a little to deal with.
steemit is a great way for writers to make money, I am making money and I am far from a writer, I'm a school drop out so if I can do it anyone can. Welcome to steemit and I wish you luck.
Thanks for stopping by @jessandthesea