Domaine de Biar in Montpellier

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Brengues Pavec architects is an agency born from the association of Julien Brengues and Lionel Le Pavec. Julien Brengues started as a young draftsman in various architecture agencies. Lionel Le Pavec is a lover of the arts. His childhood is reflected in drawings and musical education. Coming from different horizons, these two collaborators become a complementary and strong duo whose projects reflect their world.

We invite you to discover their work through one of their recent achievements, the Domaine de Biar. What Julien and Lionel say about this project:

The excessiveness of the grand ballroom, Folie de Montpellier of the 18th century, imposed a light and contemporary intervention. After several years of restoration of the castle initiated by its owner, the Domaine de Biar is identified by its historical character and prestige. The renovation of the new reception hall was aimed at enhancing the site by offering visitors a dialogue between past and present. The use of raw materials and textures such as steel, glass, wood and concrete accompany the nobility of the original materials. The absence of visual contact between the new volumes and the existing emphasizes the humility of the project.

From the large room, the wide openings allow a strong relationship with the park of the Domain, English garden. The brilliance of concrete in soil contrasts with the grain of the stone. At the end of the room, a volume dressed in black, houses the bar and the kitchen on the ground floor and sanitary upstairs. From the hall, the monumental fireplace imposes its majesty. It is necessary to use the golden staircase to reach the floor by which a footbridge of glass allows the passage to the space orchestra which gives a sight on the whole volume. Lightness and humility were the key words of the project.


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