Is mobile phone a need or risk?

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For the past few decades, our daily life has changed a lot. Everyday new things and new products are coming out that are changing the lifestyle. One of these new products is mobile. Mobile means moving. It relates to the telephone, which is quite different from the landline telephone. The specialty of this telephone is that it can be taken anywhere by putting it in a purse or pocket. Its main feature is that it is not connected to the wires but is connected to the network without wire.

Nowadays there are many companies that offer prepaid or postpaid connections. With this help, the person is connected to his relatives and relatives at any time. He can be contacted at any place in the city or in the country, he can be contacted. The thing to think about is whether it is a part of mobile fashion or a need. Initially, when the mobile phones came in the market, their size was big and very expensive.

The call rate was also high when calling someone. That's why a rich person could only keep the mobile. Mobile is also used to increase its business. Occasionally it is used to reinforce the people. People studying in schools, colleges, use the mobile to make their status. Parents bring children to mobile because of their daily routine due to the everyday happenings of children, they have a relationship with them throughout the day.
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There are various types of colorful and cheap mobile phones available in the market today. Now the mobile has become a means of not only reaching rich people but also for the poor people. Today, mobile phones can be seen by Raky, Jamshed, and women working at home. When parents give their children a very expensive mobile, they are exposed to the feeling of folk in children. They consider mobile phones as part of fashion. They do not panic even by misusing mobile phones.
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Not even frightened by sending pornographic photos and messages to each other. If the younger generation uses mobile properly then mobile can be a boon for them. Some students use mobile phones for wrongdoings, as in the days of exams, students copy in the examination through the newly created promotion of mobile which is a crime. Apart from this, the girls' porn M.M.S. The news of blackmailing girls by getting the news is read and read in the news, which is a very shameful thing.

We must be happy about this progress in science, but to prevent the misuse of this, it is our duty to the government. Before using such things, we should inform children about the right use of these things. Parents should not bring expensive children to their children. Despite the many benefits of mobile phones, its use could prove harmful for health. Doctor scientists say that the waves coming out of it can affect the mind of a person.
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Consequently, it should now not be used as a great deal as possible. The reason for the popularity of mobile phones is the rise of mobile companies. Today, companies compete with each other to make mobile available at the lowest prices so that poor person can also use it. The money was used to call the first and money was used to listen together, but now only the money is required to call it, it is too low and there is no money to listen to the phone. Wherever everyone is watching the phone is crazy.
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It appears that the life of the younger generation is going on with the help of a mobile phone. Mobile phone communication is the best and fast service phone in a short time. Sitting anywhere, talking to anyone and sending messages can also be carried out. Even today, the messages of marriage, marriage, happiness or any other event are also given by mobile. It saves a lot of time. There was a time when it was the practice of writing letters to deliver a message. Then it was wasted time sitting on the telephone exchange to talk on the telephone. Then the S.T.D. service made man's life simple.

But the mobile service has crossed all limits. Not only can we talk to our relatives through mobile phones, but we can listen to our favorite songs, use the internet anytime, anywhere. You can also play games on mobile. You can also send a message to your friends and relatives. Mobile has made the police work easily too. Wherever there is theft, crime, the felony, robbery, it gets reported to the police within minutes and they report to their intelligence agencies in a few minutes by which the culprit is soon caught by the police.
Police have solved many difficult issues with the help of phone. Mobile phones have had a very bad effect on our finances. The mobile company attracts people's attention every day through innovation and new mobile phones, which by which the people earn huge profits, but its impact falls on our pockets. In this way, people with companies are being made poor from day to day. Mobile phones are ringing all day and there is a disturbance in the peaceful atmosphere. The biggest disadvantage of its use is the accidents I increase.Some people keep talking to the phone while driving cars, scooters, motorcycles.

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I think the limit is actually transcended. The majority of people are completely dependent on their mobile phone. Their phone is more important than their environment. I find it alarming. Orginally the mobile phone was developed for calling, not for those other functions.

Nevertheless the mobile phone was a huge advance for the marority. But i think that everyone should be carefully with using this phone the whole day.

I is what it is and it was bout to become such. I don't think that any line was crossed here, because who even draws them?
It is indeed obvious that people use it as something that is vital to have and with all the stuff you an do with your phone it's totally obvious. The question goes down to the person using it, his self-awareness and upbringing. People often say that the younger generation is this and that, all in their phones etc. firstly - this is often seen this way only through a prism of outdated values and secondly, the "younger" generation was raised by the same one that is now making these claims.
Misuse of anything is bad an often dangerous - misuse of food can cause obesity, but that doesn't mean access to food has to be restricted in any way.

I would never say, that we don´t need mobile phones anymore. I think that most of us are spending too much time in using their phones and that´s a big problem. Moreover a mobile phone is not much suitable for surfing and playing, because of the small display. If we want to surf or play games, it´s better to use a computer. A mobile phone should only used for calling.

It has both negative and positive side effects. Thank you for sharing.

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