Color My Soul With Your Light

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After sinking from the sun and green from the shade
The place where we meet, time has stopped there
When the sky melts then it enters the mirror
He freezes and turns into your face
I forget this world to meet you
This is a prayer that comes out in the heart
Color me with the color of your love

This is a prayer from the heart of a lover
It starts with you and ends with you
This is a sacred story
I am light and you are color
Every road leads to your place
After I restored this heart by uniting with you
My fog finally disappeared

Color me with the color of your love
In the past my heart's space was so empty
From today you enter my heart
From one body to one soul
I have reached that stage
Yes, all relationships feel faded in the world
But having a relationship with you feels more intense and real




Best Regards:




Oooo bak ue nyan yang kapeugah kayue ek, Manyang that nyan, payah tamah peng bacut teuk

Hana le.. meunye ka kalen leu kah ka anco postingan teuh

Nye,,,, ek bak u teudeng mandeng neu ek le awak droe neuh...
Bak u teu eh pajan rencana neu ek...

Nyan @barvon kah geu kontrak le bang @husaini geu yu ek bak u dilampoh gobnyan, kiban ka siap barvon? Ci ka tanyeng ile padum geu kira sibak bak u

Bak ue teu eh, Hana meujan Lom, Hana yang ikat kontrak lom bang @husaini hahaha

Bak ue yg i tak le geulante barosa von, abeh matee dum tupe

Kapaloe hankujeut ek le lon nyoka lagenyan, tupe manteng mate, pu Lom lon

@barvon kajak keudeh oommmm....

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Beautiful orange!

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