In Loving Memory of our beloved Mack

in blog •  17 days ago

On March 2nd @mack-bot's namesake, our beloved Mack passed away.

Mack complains about his day...

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

― Roger Caras

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My condolences.

I feel for your loss...I've been there in the past, as have many of us animal lovers.

Mack will be forever remembered on the blockchain and hearts. Sucks losing our pals. January marked a year of losing my lovable yet foolhardy, King.

One thing I believe has helped me is trying to imagine his strength in my person. Maybe that will help you as well.

I once had a female named Callie who looked much like Mack. She was the greatest dog.
I feel your loss as those wonderful animal friends we make cant be replaced so easily.
The good thing is the memories will never die.

Quite sad that this post is getting comment spammed. Of all times and places to do that, they pick here and now. Yuck.

I am sorry for your loss.

Sorry you heart my any activity I am only enjoy steem and all friends please don't downvote me.@mack-bot

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He will be on the blockchain forever.

It's never good when a pet dies. You have my sympathy, even if it's too late for an upvote. Reply to this comment and I'll upvote that instead.

Good morning, because it is flagging my publications. What is the reason?

What is your problem please say me @mack-bot

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