When to win, how to win?

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We all know basic interaction approaches in our daily life. There is win and there is lose. Most probably, you already heard about behaving in "win-win" mentality should be the key, for healthy interactions with the other party.

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Before going into how it is achievable, lets summarize the situations:

win-lose: One person gets what he/she wants, whereas the other is simply cannot get it. I think this type is the most common approach among all humanity. Olympics, exams, elections, competitions, career etc. There is a pie in front, the quantity one gets, limits the other shares.

lose-win: Well this is basically the same thing, except losing is done on purpose. Call it sacrifice or personal weakness. For example, I can give up on something, if I don't possess power to get it. Or in the name of loved ones, we can waive our own goodness.

win-win: is said to be the best interaction, where two parties can grab what they want. It can be done by agreeing on mutual interests. As said before, in our life, where majority of the things are designed for win-lose paradigm, this seems to be not logical. At the end, if there is a sum of some value, then it is divided! Worse happens if the value is a target to achieve.

lose-lose: I think this happens when two parties with win-lose mentality come across, lets say two alpha character. Both will try to win, but at the end nobody will get it. Because, the intended value is damaged by conflict, as well.

no deal: if the value is not damaged, and the parties cannot agree, no deal is preferable I guess. At least, the bargain can be postponed to a later day.

Situation of interest

So, which approach is more moral, more logical or practical? I think, there is one detail has to be seen in all these. Which is interest...

For example, the most appreciated condition, called win-win, has more meaning, if both parties has an interest on different aspects of the value at hand. Let me give an example:

Given that we have only one orange, on the table and two person asks for it. At first impression, I would think at best, they have to share it, so they can be in win-win condition. Yes, this is classical and acceptable with no argue.

But who said that both of them wants the orange for eating? What if one of them wants to eat that juicy orange and the other is interested in the peel of it. May be there is a dinner plan for a cake, flavored with orange peels.

Same goes for business life. May be successful partnerships has interests on different aspects of the same value at hand.

The other options, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose or no deal, may shift their views of the task at hand, or seek for another interaction. Who knows, may be other possibilities will emerge.


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A really helping blog.......
I think we should all try to always have the win-win condition........
By this way all differences and interests can be sorted out and all parties can be happy.......
The blog really give a priceless lesson......don't you think?

thanks @abdullahjamshed. I agree win-win is priceless, if we can achieve.

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