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If you love to fix things in case of fault, it doesn't matter, whether the thing is cheap or expensive you don't buy a new one. And if you are like me, a fan of DIY world, you just need to fix it by yourself.


Below you will find a solution to fix a meter tape. Basically the folding mechanism which holds the spring in place, a plastic retainer, was broken. Normally when you are done with measuring, you just release the lock and the mechanism will roll back all the tape. In this case it is not working anymore.


I decided to open inside and clean out broken parts. There was a rod broken, but the seat was ok. I started to check my inventory to find out what can i stick in place, to roll the tape cylinder. Then I found a purger key, which is used to purge air, out of radiators that we use at home. By good luck it was a perfect fit.


The rest was to assemble everything back and leave purger key handle outside. The idea was to use tape meter instead of throwing it away, because of a minor deficiency ... design change: it will roll back manually not automatically.

Did it worth? Definitely, because i fixed it 💪😃



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