A prelude....Never piss off a warrior.

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After the massive support from my post on Soy boy horribilus, yesterday - I feel I just have to write the mercy mockery post now...It would be rude not to...

But not today, oh no..
Why not?

After partying with Lucy and our 'girlfriend' last night, I'm chillin' and I'm hardly in the head space to really do it the full justice it deserves.

That being said, I will give you something that happened, that is just a little bit hilarious, and it connects nicely to the post.

...I will try to give you the essence of today's chat , without actually giving anything away... if I can..

Last night...

We were sat at the bar, waiting for our friend to finish work and I was chatting to Luce - and I mentioned the soy boy post, and the things that had prompted me to write it...

Before I continue, for those not familiar with Lucy, I'll give you the briefest of synopses - which doesn't do really do her justice, but it gives you an idea..
Born in the backstreets of Bangkok, 40 something years ago she grew up tough. ...And I mean tough, tough.
( any more accuracy on the age thing, may lead to my scrotum becoming my adams apple - so I'll just leave it there)

Her default setting is to fight if she feels threatened, or is in defense of those she cares about (that would be me, in this little story).
While she is a big softy to those she let's in, her defense system towards the rest of the world is reminiscent of ICBM's.
Strike first, is her credo - learned from the slums of Bangkok, no doubt..
Some poor guy tried to mug her about a month ago, while she was getting on her bike.
She knocked him unconscious with her helmet, and then drove over his prone body......oh no, she doesn't take any prisoners if you cross her..


I have it on good authority that Lucifer himself is shitting it, and is praying fervently that she changes her ways and 'goes north' when she dies.
He has his resignation letter ready, just in case...

What does this have to do with soy boy?...

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Well, the thing is (without going into any details to spoil the full post I'll do tomorrow), certain things were said, that displayed a very disturbed, and very dark mental state. Disturbed almost..
One that could be construed as an expression of sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies .

But the thing is, I told Lucy about it while we sat at the bar last night - and she was royally pissed off!
Not because of what was said exactly , but of how she saw it, and how the attack might bother me. (it didn't bother me...)
So Lucy really 'got on one'....Alcohol, oh, sweet alcohol...
While she has full license to attack those close to her, as is the norm for families woe betide anyone on the 'outside' that attempts it...

Lucy speaks almost fluent English, and has done legal translation services in the courts. From that time, she still has contacts with some legal people. And she called 'some people' this morning.
(I was still recovering from last nights party, feeling fragile).

"Hey honey, " She said to me " Did you know that human resources take a very dim view on people that express anger and that have possible sociopathic tendencies?
It plays havoc with their insurance payments and even company liquidity.
If they were told about it, and then ignore it - and then some incident happens when they had full knowledge prior to the incident.....ooooo....nasty...
The risk of having that knowledge and then it coming back to bite them...it's just way too risky...In this day age of social justice, apparently it can be the kiss of death for entire careers.."

"Uh?" I replied..

"Do you understand English?", She said.
(Considering I'm the natural English speaker in this relationship, and she has learned it all, she says this to me, way, way too often...)

"Did you also know that things written on the blockchain, stay here forever?" She continued.

"Yes ! Yes! I did know that!" I said catching up....coffeeeeee....

Lucy is my girlfriend, not my property - that would both misogynistic and sexist to see it in any other way.
I wouldn't dream of trying to control her, and her actions...That's toxic masculinity(?), I would imagine...or something..

She is an adult, and what she decides to do is up to her. Who am I to tell her otherwise...?

The morale of this story?...(apart from the drinking alcohol, angle )

Never piss off a warrior. Fighter's don't play at fighting....

Especially if you are a virtue signalling soy boy.

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There will only ever be one set of tears....

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