It finally caught me...

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Ugh, I haven’t been sick in soooo long.. so long I don’t even remember.. so it’s been a couple years at least.

How do I do that? Well, I know how to ward it off I guess. When I feel it coming on I normally make some homemade soup, take some elderberry syrup and start feeding my immune system with good for you herbal teas, probiotic foods, garlic.. etc etc etc

Then I usually kick that meh feeing before it has a chance to catch me and move on with my life. 🙌🏼

Well after the munchkin was at a sleepover and one of the other munchkins got a high fever in the middle of the night, I knew it was coming. So, I did all those things above for her and we kicked her fever in a night. wahooo

It’s so much easier taking care of someone else, rather than yourself.

So, this would then be the time I do all those things for me to ensure I don’t get the same yuckies..

But, instead I spent 3 days framing a house!


What the what?

I know, weird Segway there.. but for anyone who doesn’t know I’m building a small home on my families ranch and this was the weekend I had help showing up to frame it.

So I instead of taking care of myself, I over extended myself and followed none of my own suggestions 😄 and now I’m paying for it.

BUT good news is, we made some progress on the house and soon I’ll have this view with my morning coffee, and all will be right with the world ☺️


(minus all the construction equipment and missing floors and such...)

Anywho... 8 days since my last blog post and all I can offer you is a sad visual of feverish me with a non ending cup of herbal tea, a warm blanket and the most cheesy hallmark movies humanely possible. I hope you’ll forgive me 😜

Moral of the story..

Take care of yourselves people! Because when you don’t, it catches up with you...

Much Love,



Am I the only one who loves getting sick at least once a year? :D Call me crazy but it's a time I realize I should always put my health first, and it's a beautiful feeling even though I might feel really bad physically. It's a reminder you gotta take care of yourself, drink those cups of tea and rest, no excuses anymore :) I hope you feel better soon!

That is an interesting point, it sort of reminds us why we need to take care of ourselves. Really great way to think about it!

Thank you for the well wishes and yes, I can’t fool myself with excuses anymore.. I don’t have the strength 😂

You did not get steemfest flu and that was a plague so you may have good defenses bit get better soon, ginger tea helps me, been myself with the lurgy last week. Hugs a hot soup mugs

Haha! I forgot about the steemfest plague! Yes, generally I don’t catch things. Luckily after some tea and some very good sleep I am feeling myself again today ☺️

Thanks for the hugs ❤️

hahah yes that was bad, even a fellow steemian made a Steemfest flu song LOL

I have been sick for about a week now as well. Terrible cough. Get well soon!

Oh no! Ugh, I hate that cough that just won’t go away. Sending good healing vibes your way and hope you feel better soon ❤️Thank you.

Stunning view.

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Thank you ☺️ I feel pretty lucky.

That is a beautiful view and can't wait to see the completed version of the house!

Thank you! Yes I’ve been taking pictures along the way and I promise I’ll do a proper post on it as it begins to take shape.

Being sick sucks! I hope you're better soon.
Keep up those tea remedies! You know. ;)

Ugh! It sucks so, so much! My stubborn ass doesn’t like to admit defeat, but I guess sometimes we just have to give in. haha. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

It's going around, I'm afraid. Caught me twice in a month :/ Get well soon, Justine <3
Good on you for getting stuff done for the house (I think it's so cool that you are building it and I'm really excited to see how it turns out!):) But don't stretch yourself too thin, alright? :D

Thank you, I’m finally feeling a bit better... my stubborn ass really hates giving in to the sickness 😫

It’s getting really exciting to finally see it taking shape. I can’t wait to share the progress as it goes along ❤️ Hope you are doing well!

awww lele, get better soon! :( being sick sucks but on the upside, looks like your new house has seen productive developments and soon you will have a gorgeous view to enjoy :)

but, do rest up, and do all the self-care that you need <3

much love. sending you spiders.... uh, i mean good spiderly vibes. yep.


Thank you for all the love and the not scary at all spiders of well wishes 🤗 you’re the best my friend ❤️

When I feel it coming on I normally make some homemade soup, take some elderberry syrup and start feeding my immune system with good for you herbal teas, probiotic foods, garlic.. etc etc etc

Call me crazy but when I feel like I'm starting to get sick I go and workout... of course I wouldn't go if I felt really really sick, but since it is starting I feel like it helps. In my opinion the increased temperature of the body while working out and after working out decreases the normal bacterial and viral replication. At least that is what I think that happens, it already prevented me from getting sick a couple of times...

Hot damn, that is crazy.. but it actually makes perfect sense. I’ll have to give it a try! Thank you 🙌🏼

That is a great site for a hobbit hole. Get better soon lele :D.

Right!?! I can even hear the creek from the porch 😊 Thank you, I’m finally starting to feel a bit better ❤️

Omg so sorry! Sickness is the worst -- and I would know, I have malaria every frigging year!

Get well soon!

Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! I’m sorry to hear that ☹️

Thank you for the well wishes ❤️

oh my goodness, that view is dreamy. I can understand why you'd be eager to push ahead, I would have done the same. Get well soon!!

Thank you!! Yes, I just can’t help myself. After all the planning and prep work, to finally see it taking shape is really exciting. Then I can get the garden going and finally get some hens again... and all will be right with the world ❤️

Thank you 🙏

Take care of oneself , many reasons why i didn't or could not do just that .
Jo , you gotta make money , no time for sickness , i was born sick , ignore and go on , your little family depends on it . I worked many places that today are considered a health hazard risk . I was a expendable working class hero for most of my live . Some years back i got the bill for it , physically burned up and worn out , back-stabbed by wife and kids i lost all i had .
I have learned the hard way , take care of yourself first so you can stay a help and support to other's . Because the other way around no one will return what you ones gave .

Where i live a house on a location like that will cost you millions in cash , just to have the right's to build it . Ho yes you are so lucky with that view . Get well , stay well , enjoy your luck :-)

Thank you very much and such true words you speak. I am very lucky to be able to build in such a place and I try to remember that daily. Thank you for the wisdom and well wishes 🤗

Hmmm, I always say, Deal with Reality or Reality will Deal with You!

Very good point!

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