You will never know

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Do you feel like I do?
Do your eyes look for me?
Has there been a moment of regret?
Do you want to be near me?

I will never know
Hope Is what I grow
The only moment between us
Virtual interaction of humans

I will never know
How bad you wanted me
Or is there a time
When you thought of me

I will never know
What am I to you
Is it just a memory
Or a feeling more true?

I will never know
What you are in real
Though you are so real
Your heart I feel

I will never know
What it feels like to be yours
In a moment of time
Just hold me and be close

I will never know
What the universe wants
Just a drop in the pond
Or something beyond?

Tell me my dear
Will I ever know?
What you truly feel
Of what you have told..

I will never know
And maybe its right
I do not deserve
To see you tonight..

I will never know
That life is unkind
When you pull me close
We are in a bind

And what was before
The heartache and loss
I will never know
How it is to be lost!


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@cheetah... Where are you? She used my questions... :))
Love your poem, Dear...but you will never know... :)

behind the eyes we are what we are. outward facing we are what we need to be. internal to external bridges. swinging ropes and wooden slats over a great abyss. dangling in between what we know we are and what we can never quite reveal.
a powerful poem there...thank you

Yup! Your poem is powerful..mine on the other hand is a criptic step into my own self..not even I don’t understand the full meaning of it all..thx for the comment