Choose kindness

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Choose Kindness

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

"The world is full of kind people, if you can't find one." -Unknown

It is true that these are cliches and therefore lose weight for people over time. This is not true of me, these quotes truly resonate with me.

I choose kindness everyday, both randomly and directed acts of kindness. I am kind not because I am forced to be, but because it feels good. It doesn't normally cost me anything, and many times it doesn't even require me to go out of my way.

It might be a little true that I am kind for selfish reasons, it is the easiest way I have found to create happiness in myself. I also want my kids to grow up to be exceptional humans, and being kind will help them to achieve that.

The smallest gesture can change someone's day....a smile, a kind word, a hot coffee on a cold day. Your kindness might also inspire the people around you. Like yawning, kindness is also contagious.

With social media exploding on the interwebs

Social media is a great way for people to be shitty humans... unfortunately. Some of the comments I have been reading on social media lately astound me. There are so many hateful comments, even on sad stories that involve overdoses and suicides. Even if you feel strongly about addiction or suicide being a "choice", you can still feel empathy for their families and loved ones, and simply move on without an awful comment. The block chain really is forever, and social media of any kind may as well be.

Choose your words wisely, lift people up.

Be Authentic

I have personally witnessed people who are seemingly great individuals take part in this. Saying things they would never say in front of their mothers, or if they were face to face with the individual they are furiously "typing" hate towards. I noticed on my fitbit app yesterday that you can block people on fitbit. Why would anyone need to block people on fitbit? That was a rhetorical question in case that wasn't clear. Bullies everywhere.

End Point:

You can't make people not be shitty, and it is foolish and niave to think that all people are good. You can however make a small difference in your community and the people within it, it takes little effort and I promise it will give you the warm fuzzies.

So hold a door for an extra minute, strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger, compliment someone's car, leave a quarter on a quarter machine or 10 minutes in the parking meter. Be kind without motive, resist the urge to fight people on the internet, and most importantly create your own happiness.

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Very, very, very, nice post. If you make someone's day brighter, it can also make your day brighter too.. and I like the part where you said sometimes you don't even have to go out of your way to do these things.

All it takes is a second thought. Kindness is contagious. When someone who received your kindness has an obvious opportunity to help someone else out.. they might just do it, because they remember what you did for them.

...nice post! Re-steemed even!


Thanks intelliguy, it started as a vlog...but I am simply to camera shy to do any sort of vlog so far.....trying again tomorrow ...kindness really does matter, so I'll keep singing it's praises

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Great post. Simple and clear. I also really enjoy your choices of quotes.

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