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RE: Submit a Story - Tips For Crafting your Steemit Blog Post

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As usual, love the formatting and presentation of the post. I just worry that perhaps because of the nature of SteemIt, where money can be earned from posting, users have a focus on upvoting and commenting before actually reading their posts. I have felt in my short time here, alot of posts like copy-pasted or sometimes seem disingenuous. I'm very happy to make connections with those that reference something in my posts, that way I feel it is a real dialogue. I also worry when I see posts that look like they've been lifted from elsewhere. I love the concept of social currency, I just feel that at the moment real connections come secondary to the possibility of making money.


I am new here too and I had a similar feeling re: poetry. I actually wrote a poem about it lol and posted it in my blog :)

Keep sharing wonderful poetry!

Well said @kaertrolled. Being rewarded for social content certainly comes with a lot of risks... We find though, more often than not, that good dialogue is inevitably rewarded. Or at least more consistently than lifted content. Mistakes can happen, but there are a ton of smart curation guilds and plagiarism bots that help keep this community healthy and growing. This place is still so so young! There will be many more mistakes made as time goes on... but there's a bright future ahead.

The money is fine, but genuine dialogue between people all over the world is where the real value is waiting.

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