It's OFFICIAL! - I'll Be Interviewing Ron Paul Next Week! ;)

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ron paul promo november3.png

Hey everyone! I'm proud to announce that I will once again be interviewing the one and only Dr. Ron Paul next week!


Ron Paul has been most likely the most influential person on my life. He made me a voluntaryist and I couldn't be more happy to speak with him.

Another reason why I have the best job in the world!

What other job would allow me to talk to my heroes so frequently about the issues that matter to the both of us?

I hope all my awesome Steemit followers enjoy our coming interview! May just have to delve into cryptocurrencies! ;)

Stay tuned!

My last interview with Dr. Paul:

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Will he talk about steemit? ;)


Why stop at steemit. There is Bitshares which is a DEX in dire need of volume. I mean BTS could handle NASDAQ like a boss and it's barely accounting any trade volume. Just getting into crypto isn't enough. We need decentralized everything AKA bureaucrats without jobs.

Then there is upcoming EOS. There is Dash which is far far far superior to Bitcoin in everyday. As long as the dev team isn't located in China, pump up some coins. Bring more crypto volume
And of course, END THE FED!

This is going to be great @joshsigurdson will watch out for it for sure. Keep up the great work.


Thank you! I appreciate it! :D


How is it possible that you have no Posts, and yet you're doing so well...???

Curious for this, following...

Awesome! A man who actually respects liberty. Good for you on getting to interview him.

Only politician that is not politician :)


Oh, VERY cool! You were the first person I ever saw that got him to use the "v" word... "voluntaryist" - about himself. It was quite the score, IMO!


Thank you! I was definitely trying to get that word in there as much as possible. :P
He used it in 1988 on the Morton Downey jr. Show but he more referred to "libertarianism" in the years that followed. I mean libertarianism by the fundamental definition is the same thing as voluntaryism, but I also feel like the word "libertarian" has become far too over used by those who are in no way libertarian and it's kind of muddied the waters. So I try to bring in voluntaryism as much as humanly possible. :)


Yeah, when we got a "libertarian" party the concept of "libertarian" became "a third party" and that is NOT really helpful... lol!

ITS HAPPENING!! Lol I love that gif but this is totally epic I really look toward to this

Good news! Let's see what he has to tell us.
Good work!

Woah that's great to hear! Can't wait to see the interview!

Hey man!

That's super awesome!
Yeah I think Ron Paul is the real deal... Such a deep and rich knowledge of American history in one man...
I just love the man's humility... He never presumes to know anything other's don't, even though he is so clearly does...

Wisdom at it's finest.

I think at least 1 out of 10 people on this planet are intelligent... Maybe even 1 out of 20 are smart...

But only 1 out of 100, nay even 1 out of 1000 are wise...

And Dr. Ron Paul is most certainly a very wise man.

Enjoy your window of time with him! Let him fill your mind with his wisdom! Of course he will teach you something new, but try to pay attention to the way he behaves, the way he controls his being...

It is indeed a very rare occurrence to get exposure to a man like that!

But then again, you must at least be smart to be able to get an interview with him!

So I don't need to tell you any of this ;))

Have fun and be yourself!
Peace and Love,


Great, looking forward to it.
Hope you'll be able to enjoy my travel stories as well...

Anytime we can hear from Ron Paul is good. He is right about so many things. I would love to watch your show Josh. I need a link to it or to know where to find it. END THE FED END OVERSIZED GOVERNMENT.

Great to see you are getting an opportunity to sit down with him again. Congratulations. We need more people willing to put in the leg work to get interviews like this. People like Ron Paul can have a massive impact.

Please ask him what happened to his son last week. There is little info out there.

Can't Wait now Watch Trump in Vietnam live now on

Sounds fantastic! I love Ron Paul. True it's the best job in the world :)

Good luck! I am sure he is as excited as you are hehehe.