What Are You Here For?

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Apologies for not doing a book review this week!

I'll be completely honest, I'm reading Ken Davis' Fully Alive but I have not yet finished it. However I was inspired to write this blog post today which can hopefully help all us small fish in the big ocean that is Steemit!

Ask yourself this question....

Before you make another post on Steemit. Do another live stream on @dlive. Post another pic on @steepshot ....

Really ask yourself this....

What am I here for?

You may have heard that Steemit is the place where you make money from blogging. You might have heard rumblings that this is the hottest news source for crypto currency! Maybe you have had enough of YouTube and would love to get your videos on the blockchain via Dtube!

I'm sure people can list a thousand reasons why they are here on Steemit and each answer may be unique...

But a lot of people will end up saying....I'm here to make money!

Fair enough and while money (in my opinion) should never be a driving force in ones passions, I completely understand the draw to Steemit. The potential long and short term is very exciting.

Here's my thinking....

Jon    jongolson  — Steemit.png

Sure that 13 bucks in rewards is dandy (and I'll be honest, that's mostly from upvote bots so I actually spent that to get that lol) However look at those comments....

71 comments on a recent live stream I did on @Dlive!

That's what I'm after and why I'm here in the first place! Engagement! Meeting others! Sharing in our journeys!

I think Steemit (and all the apps on the blockchain) have the potential to be the biggest disruptive force that social media has ever seen. So in my opinion, my entire game plan for the next year at least is to build as many relationships and meet as many people on here as I can!

The upvotes and rewards?

They are a bonus!

And that's the mentality I think anyone diving into Steemit should take. Worry about creating awesome content and developing amazing relationships with the community....And think of any upvote you get as a bonus only!


(Not a bad 'bonus' for making a blog post!)

These rewards should never be considered something that is owed to you. If you get one, be thankful and move on. Worry about YOUR content and your relationships with people in th community.

And I can almost guarantee you this....

When you do that over time, the rewards will be there. You may attract the attention of a whale or two but the biggest 'reward' will be what you learn on your journey.

Keep creating!

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You are a shining example of the rewards that you get from creating community. Keep on keepin on!


Appreciate that sir. Working on it every day :)

the big downside of steepshot is they take a big % / slice of the rewards pie comming out of your pocket


Good point, not as much as Dtube though I heard?

Be interesting to see what Appics does and how much they plan on taking if any...

I'm here for all of the above but finding time to read, let alone write posts is the hard part. Good luck to those who've figured that part out!


LOL I hear ya'....So much content out there, such little time. That's most definitely one of the harder aspects of staying in the loop here. So much missed content simply because there are so many content creators crushing it daily.

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