What are the things that the Venezuelans who emigrated most miss?

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Although Venezuelans anywhere in the world can get a greater variety of products, different presentations or versions, there are certain options at the time of eating that are irreplaceable in the gustatory memory and that only in the context of our country can the experience of its tasting be revived


Sweet treats: all these Venezuelan knickknacks have seized the Creole heart and make anyone's mouth water just by naming them. Definitely, they are part of the national pride and more when these take chocolate as their ingredients, since the Venezuelan cacao is unmatched.

The rum: nothing like the one made in Venezuela. Whichever brand it is, its flavor surpasses that of any part of the world. Neither served as a free Cuba nor disguised with soda can compare or manage to satisfy the exquisite palate of the Venezuelan who is accustomed to the quality of rum.

Harina Pan: it is known that the arepa is the typical dish of the Venezuelan but with this same dough empanadas can be prepared. Those that despite the fat and heat are classic in the trip to the beach. In any of its preparations the Harina Pan is a symbol of Venezuela

Fresh cheeses: The cheeses here have a characteristic flavor that does not exist anywhere else and, although there is a long list of these milk derivatives that are very fine or exquisite on a global scale, any Venezuelan would opt for a criollo cheese.

The cachapa: the Venezuelan varies the breakfast menu alternating the classic arepa with the delicious cachapa. In this dish the cheese becomes protagonist for its thickness and contribution to the corn dough.

and have you tried any of these Venezuelan delicacies? If you have done it, I strongly recommend that you do it, I assure you that you will become addicted

I don't know that I have tried any of those. The criollo cheese sounds good. I had to look it up, but I can imagine that is very tasty.

here the cheese can not be missing in almost any food

I like to eat a lot of cheese as well. It's practically one of my food groups.

How's the situation there now? Have the stores started getting more food back in them?

hey buddy
the situation has not improved much, the gobrieno had the great idea of regulating the price of several products including meat and chicken, that made them disappear from the markets, practically you have to go to the black market to buy meat

What are you eating as your main meals? Are you still going to work? Are they still paying you with the same money? Have you gotten any raise in pay since the cost of living is going up so much?

in my work they have wage increase every month since the year began, however inflation is eating all the increases, I have eaten meat because had stored in the freezer for weeks but I could not buy more or chicken, and meat is already finish, then to expect to charge next week and see what can be bought

Sorry to ask so many questions. It's just that you have a unique perspective on what it's like to live in a country that's experiencing hyperinflation. I'm thinking that the USA is going to experience something like that in the near future. Trying to be prepared for when it happens.

Do not worry about that, we're here to learn about others, and how much is the percentage of inflation you have right now? I hope they do not reach the end of us

First of all, congratulations on your level 50 upgrade! It's been a long wait eh. I wish I can do more for you, but that's all I can support.

I have not tried any of the above mentioned product. It's like oh my god what have I missed? However, does Venezuela still export food? I mean those cheese and rum you mentioned.

thanks for the congratulations, these last 2 months I have not had as much activity as I would like for that reason I think that reaching level 50 became slow

I'm not sure if venezuela still exports cheeses but rum and sweets if there are all over the world

venezuela's so far away i just can't try any of your foods
but i'm sure they're very nice as you describe them! 😎

and let me know on discord when you post so i can upvote asap!

When I can visit you I will take food from here so you can try it, there is no doubt that you would like it, I will write to you by discord man

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