here the cheese can not be missing in almost any food

I like to eat a lot of cheese as well. It's practically one of my food groups.

How's the situation there now? Have the stores started getting more food back in them?

hey buddy
the situation has not improved much, the gobrieno had the great idea of regulating the price of several products including meat and chicken, that made them disappear from the markets, practically you have to go to the black market to buy meat

What are you eating as your main meals? Are you still going to work? Are they still paying you with the same money? Have you gotten any raise in pay since the cost of living is going up so much?

in my work they have wage increase every month since the year began, however inflation is eating all the increases, I have eaten meat because had stored in the freezer for weeks but I could not buy more or chicken, and meat is already finish, then to expect to charge next week and see what can be bought

Sorry to ask so many questions. It's just that you have a unique perspective on what it's like to live in a country that's experiencing hyperinflation. I'm thinking that the USA is going to experience something like that in the near future. Trying to be prepared for when it happens.

Do not worry about that, we're here to learn about others, and how much is the percentage of inflation you have right now? I hope they do not reach the end of us

Right now our inflation is supposedly around 2-3%. However, the central bank has been printing money like crazy since 2008 when we had a huge housing market collapse. The actual inflation is likely much higher. We're not in hyper-inflation now, but there are quite a few people saying that the Dollar won't be around much longer because people are losing faith in it.

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