How Dare You !!!

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If you can watch the above video from yesterday of Greta Thunberg addressing the UN without getting angry you are a better person than me.

To be clear, I am not angry because I agree with what she is saying, I am angry at how many people believe everything she says and I'm angry that a 16 year old autistic girl is being used as a propaganda weapon by the global elites who are trying to trick gullible children (and adults) into believing that the world is about to end and that certain actions 'must' be taken to save the planet.

The first words of her speech were "We'll be watching you" which was greeted with a laugh by some in the crowd. I can only assume it was a nervous laugh at the thought of a million children storming the UN building demanding action to stop the 'climate catastrophy', 'climate cataclysm', 'climate crisis' (insert a catchy illiterative slogan here).

She continues, "This is all wrong, I shouldn't be up here, I should be back in school" as her voice breaks with the emotion of it all, but she can't quite squeeze out a tear, as hard as she tries. "How dare you” she cries (Well almost, she's trying her best but the tears just won't come out like they did in rehearsal).

I did plan on transcribing more of her speech but even though it is only around a minute long I honestly cannot watch it again. It's too painful for me to see Greta's face desperately try to convey the emotions that simply aren't there.

Most of the time her facial expression looks like she has smelt the worst fart ever and maybe she has, maybe Trump isn't just Donalds surname but also something he does when he's around Greta to put her off her flow.

"Have you farted again Donald?" "HOW DARE YOU".

The New World Order that has been planned for so long is almost upon us. We have entered the final stage where everything has been revealed for those who care to look and aren't paralysed by fear and their religious belief in government and authority.

I'm not saying everything is perfect on planet earth or that humanity shouldn't be taking action to protect the planet, but trusting governments and agencies of government or jumping on bandwagons without checking that what you are being told is true is not the way forward.

The elites have failed to fully convince mine and my parents generation who have exposed their lies time and time again, so they are concentrating on the children by injecting fear into them by telling them things that are not true about things they don't understand.

The children are innocent. They believe it is their responsiblity to save the world from us because we are selfish and have 'taken away their future' and nothing is going to change their minds because to them anyone who questions global warming is a ‘denier’.

We are living in dangerous times.

"How dare you" shouts Greta.
"How dare they" shout I. How dare the elite scum think they can brainwash and scare my children into bringing in their new world order.

I have compassion for Greta because she is a child but for the elite scum I have none. They deserve what they are going to get.

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They have been going after the children for years now, they couldn’t instill their ideologies on the present generation so they went after the next one, and unfortunately succeeded.
It’s time we spent more on what these indoctrination camps are teaching our children and give them the truth, teach them to be able to critically analyze things with an open mind

Spot on =) I note that in the event the AGW alarmists get their way, a fart will be a taxable event, being a greenhouse gas emission.


These actors have agencies behind them who always profit financially, politically to push some agendas, publicly, and as you can see even environmentally. The environment business is very profitable.. wait and see.. We're watching her.

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The blow back from this whole mind fuck, will be like none ever before, when the Pseudo-science is proved wrong, when the hoax is exposed, scientists (frauds) will have zero credibility left, what a way to go, for a few dollars more!.
Then where do they grab "the expert" from, when they have corrupted those who are supposed to know!.

Jim, you got me crying from laughter for this..:
"Most of the time her facial expression looks like she has smelt the worst fart ever and maybe she has, maybe Trump isn't just Donalds surname but also something he does when he's around Greta to put her off her flow."

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Using a brainwashed child to brainwash more😡.

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