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A reader will always be more interested in your steemit post if you write it in a way that only you can. I know, I know…easier said than done. But, maybe not. It can actually be easier than you think if you have the right tools.

As a writer, I can tell you: if you put the time into making a story your own, it will pay off in views, upvotes, and follows.

It doesn’t matter what subject you’re writing about, there will be someone else, somewhere, who is writing about the same things. Why should people invest their time, then, in reading your post versus that of another writer?

The answer is simple. It’s because of YOU. You are unique. Your point of view, and the way you express that point of view, should come across differently than anyone else’s.

Easy steps to write a story your way:

  • Step 1: Establish a voice. This means you’re using consistent language that reflects your personality (and general point-of-view on things). Voice shines through in elements like: word choices, the types of examples you give, your tone (e.g. does your writing come across as positive or negative? Maybe it’s a serious tone, or maybe it’s laid back), and the overall feeling you give people after they read your work. You should write in one clear, consistent voice (**although you can alter your tone, when appropriate).

If you’re copying and pasting other people’s articles—changing them up a bit so it isn’t technically plagiarizing—and then adding in a few words of your own…trust me, you will have no voice of your own in that story.
Without your voice interwoven throughout the text, your readers will not connect with you and will have no long-term plans to read your future stories.

Your voice is your brand. Remember: stay on brand.

  • Step 2: Let your reader know why your perspective matters. It’s not that you have to outright list every single one of your credentials (you're not writing a resume, after all) but you do need to let people know: are you an expert on this subject? Maybe you have a crazy anecdote linking you to the topic? Or you researched several credible sources, which in turn makes you more credible. People want to know why your story is worth their time.

  • Step 3: Use story to engage your readers. Regardless of your topic, you can use story to make your post more interesting. Include a hook near the top of your post, if not in the very first sentence or two. Balance story (using tools like anecdotes or analogies) with facts, and back up your facts.

I’m reading Wired for Story, by Lisa Cron, and she suggests that every good story basically boils down to this: a good story gives readers a sense of preparation for what could happen.

A story will hook us, she says, if it teaches us strategies or how to navigate through something that could potentially happen in the future (this works if your story is about buying cryptocurrency or if it’s piece of fiction about the zombie apocalypse).

Next time you develop a post, try using each of these three steps to strengthen your writing. And, practice (a lot!).

If you’re looking for more advice on how to create good content, check out my article on writing stories people actually want to read and how to find the right words.

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Thank you very much for your advice, It is very useful.


Thank you so much :) Writing is like a muscle, the more you exercise that muscle the stronger it will become. Happy writing!!


I agree with this Jen. Many put begging for followers and resteems ahead of their own writing on here. That is one FATAL mistake on here. Write daily and write well, and everything else will fall into place :)

A well written post!
I love that establishing voice part in particular... Yes! Words do speak out loud.


Thanks, Varna :) Voice is so important for establishing that connection with your readers.


I totally agree..
Keep steeming @jenlavallee :)

YES!!!!! This is such useful advice.


Thank you, Jess!

Awesome! What I love about Steemit is that the community really encourages authenticity so being yourself really gets noticed. Let us embrace our weirdness and encourage one another to dream big and make it happen! Glad to be following ya, thanks again for sharing your advice!


Thank you for the kind words :) I love that, lol -- "let us embrace our weirdness and encourage one another to dream big..." Awesome ;)


You inspired the words, so thank you! :)

You are right, this is very similar to the post on my blog! Although, your post seems to be more useful and educative than mine, which makes is super awesome. I actually learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing!


Well, thank you for saying that (the bit about learning from my post, haha). I am a freelance writer so I've picked up a few tricks along the way :)


Please keep sharing, I want to read more from you :)

It is a great guide! I agree, and I find it helpful to keep in mind when choosing what and how to write. Much love!


Thank you!! What is on your calendar to write in the next little while?

Great post. I much prefer reading content that's actually original and had some thought gone into it (like this) rather than just resteems of articles published elsewhere.

Are part of the minnow support project? I think you'd get a lot of benefit out of it cos your content is good.


Thank you so much!! I appreciate that :)
How do you join the minnow support project? I think I follow an account of that name, but how do you become active on that community?

Muchas gracias, unos consejos muy utiles


Gracias por las palabras amables. Yo hablo solamente un poco espanol asi espero que tiene sentido!!