After leaving his wife, the husband blew himself up with a detonator

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news from Udaipur is shocking. It is being said that the fight of the husband's wife continues to quarrel but it will end in such a way that no one thought of it. Yes, a man named Friends Vinod, who is the same as his wife, There was a lot of unrest and for many days their

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battles were going on for the last 5 days since the last 5 days, he has been busy in the fight feud with his wife and as far as his wife left him, In this tension, Vinod, I, with the help of detonator myself, is being said to have lost my life, that Vinod used to work with a stone-breaking company, and with the help of the detonator, large stones were broken. He stole some of his detonators and came to his house and tied all those detonator scores on his body and got out on a road and he blew himself over there When we heard the voice of the bang rumors, the dwellers of the place arrived there, and then the

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patchwork was fluttered. Then when the police examined it, it was discovered that due to the conflict between the house Loved his life. No one thought that Husband feared fighting in the wife, but kept going but it would be 9:00 p.m. It is a very tragic incident


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