Who the @#$% are "THEY" anyway?!

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“They say” – if you are happy, you listen to the rhythm and beat and if you are depressed you listen to the lyrics… ok, well who the fuck are “they” anyway?! Clearly “they” weren’t artists of any kind!

Honestly – what planet are “they” from?!

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What bloody purpose does music serve without lyrics? That is like a painting without the paint, or a dinner plate without the food!

Music is ART! It is the most demonstratively vocal form of emotional expression you will ever find and within every single song is a story, a tale, an adventure, a pain, a joy, a lesson... and a whole lot more!

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Yes, the rhythm and beat are an essential part of the makeup, but the lyrics are the foundation.
“They” are idiots…! No, “they” are IDJITS! ;)

I wonder if “they” have ever taken account of how many times “they” have mindlessly made use of certain songs to transport them from one place to another… from a bad mood to a good one, from feeling low, to feeling high – from angry to calm.

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“They” might not be paying any attention to the lyrics, but they are there! And yes – they are playing their pivotal and primary role.

Shit! If people who listen to lyrics are branded as depressed, well, then I killed myself a long time ago!

For as far back as I can remember, my mother always told me to “listen to the words”… and as much as I rolled my eyes at her back when I was a kid – oh, am I EVER grateful that she taught me to show a true appreciation for the artistic expression - that is music.

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Music is like poetry with a backing track.

For those that aren’t into poetry or simply don’t “get it” – think of it like a movie… the spoken word is the story, which is accentuated and dramatized (for easier emotional absorption) by the backing sound effects….doom doom doom…

Get it? Got it? Good!

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People get stuck into music genres because that is what resonates with them, and that is fine. Personally, I think I have too many split personalities to limit myself in such a manner, (hehe) but I do love sharing music with others… seeing how, what impacts me – impacts them on first impression and also, stepping into their “space” of preference.

Sharing music “favourites” with those close to you, is not only sharing the experience which the artist shared, it is also sharing a little piece of each other – WITH each other. Whether you like or want to admit it – your music choices resonate within you…
right down to your soul! They speak the things you that you choose not to!

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That is precisely what music is there for!

It is ART.


It is a way of COMMUNICATION! (oooooh about those lyrics!)

And “they” can go @#$% themselves as far as I am concerned!

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What bloody purpose does music serve without lyrics?

Here you go, JaynieLea

The semantics of music

mjuːzɪk/ noun

  1. vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
    couples were dancing to the music"
    synonyms: notes, strains, tones, chords, sound; More
  2. the written or printed signs representing vocal or instrumental sound.
    "Tony learned to read music"

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Just being mischievous... But what about instrumental music..? ;-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hahahaha!!! Mischievous is good... and like I said... it is the backing track to which the emotional "words" will be added... because music invokes thought and thoughts... are words, and words are lyrics... :)


So when you listen to instrumental music, you write your own words as you listen..? I listen to a lot of instrumental music, and I don't add words, I just listen... Images and colours may float past my inner eye, but words would merely obscure and confuse the music... Or something like that, anyway
Fascinating to discover how other minds work, isn't it? :)


indeed it is :)

Much more so yes ;) I agree to an extent. I have been known to prance around at Christmas to Tchaikovsky and have fun with the little ones to some Beethoven or Bach etc. These days though, it's rare to find music that speaks without lyrics. I think the most recent would be by Metallica, Orion off of Master of Puppets. That was a guitar symphony. But yes, for the most part, the artistry of music without lyrics is like an easel with no canvas.


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hehe do you wear a knitted sweater with Rudolph on it whilst doing this? ;)


Lol no I got a Snoopy T-shirt and wear a Santa hat that says naughty :)


I think I am in love ;)

Very nice post. It is not easy to express the value of music using words (and pictures), but you have done a great job. Are you in the Africa channel yet on Steemit.chat? We'd love to have you join it.


Thanks for the awesome feedback - it is always appreciated. :) I am not... How would I get connected to that?


Go to Steemit.chat and join, then contact me there. I'll make sure you get into that community channel.

nice post
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From Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to Vivaldi to the Shadows to Carlos Santana. All produced great music without lyrics. Sometimes lyrics get in the way of decent music. Opera is a good example : it might be poetry to some but I just wish they'd shut up.
Needs to be said...most lyrics in pop music make no sense anyway.


you are quite right with both of the above statements, but in essence - I was referring more to the original statement about how people say that people who listen to lyrics in music are depressed and people who don't, are happy... which I feel is bollocks - because the entire point of music with lyrics, is to listen to them :) (and I am referring only to ACTUAL music - not the garbage they call music these days lol)

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Music is omnipresent. It's magical stuff . Good post @jaynie


That is very true. Thank you for the feedback x

great post..



thank you x

Excellent post! With the music we can destroy our barriers of suffering.