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Despite the fact that I am a complete and utter tech junkie and I love so much about our modern world - (yes, there is a lot that I DON’T like as well… but keep up people… this is a happy hippy post), I have often considered the fact that I might have been born in the wrong era.

I have an insatiable love for anything 60’s!

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Fashion, make-up, accessories, music, décor, lifestyle…all of it!

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Perhaps it’s because that era was (to me anyway), like complete eye candy! Everything looked so “RAD”. Colours were vibrant, people looked funky, and everything resonated happiness, like a multi coloured lollipop!

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We will NOT delve into the “not so cool” aspects in this post ok negative Nancy’s… There was just something unquestionably AWESOME about the 60’s… I mean…they had ELVIS!

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Could I have been a hippie? Absolutely!! Ha-ha! Would I have participated in all the “recreational activities that hippies engaged in? FOR SURE! – I did it in my time anyway he he! (Thankfully that is a road I have now crossed…)


The sixties just looked like so much fun! I also want to stand on a roof top in my bell bottoms and daisy laced hair, singing “all you need is love” – because, let’s be honest… all you really DO need, is LOVE!

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So here I sit - in the 21st century, perhaps minus the bell bottoms but definitely not without the happy spirit, excessive array of colour (everywhere) and juuuuust a few gadgets to boot…he he!

Definitely a tech happy hippie!

Which other era would you have liked to have lived in?


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Great Post! The sixties were certainly a great time.


true story!!! xxx

very cool


why thank you ;)

Cool post jaynie! Throw in a little 70's rock n roll and i'm getting in the time machine -- so groovy baby!


ooooh its gonna be a good party!!! lol ;)

Yes I think that is a wonderful era. Love the clothes and the colours - I have a hippy flowerchild daughter - we are an open minded, peace loveing family . Guess that is a little bit of hippy right there. Beautiful pics


Wonderful!!! share some pics some time ;) Thanks for the lovely feedback x



thank you

So beautiful 😍😍😍


thank you xxx

Not a fan of flower power personally. Think that's why Mario Bros. was invented 😂


hahahaha! They were (are) cool too... perhaps this post will resonate with you a little more honey xxxx

I really loved your post


thank you x

sooo cool. love it :) resteemed and followed

I was born at the very start of the 60's and love the music of that era, not sure I was ever a hippy was a little young for it but I think still till today I may not dress like one but I think at heart I am a hippy

Nice! Man I traveled deep within i guess what you could call a hippie circuit for a very long time. A lot of beautiful things happen in this type of environment.