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Have you ever “played” with your own energy field – or experienced the magnetism of yours combined with someone else’s? – It is quite an eye opening experience if you get it right… and one which will absolutely leave you “changed”.

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As most know (I hope anyway) – we are all energetic beings. We are made up of energy, we give energy, we receive energy, we carry energy …


If you have ever gone through the practise of seeing other peoples auras and succeeded (it is a lot easier than most think) then you will probably find this little exercise quite easy and fun.

Below, I have explained how to do this by yourself – but it is a truly amazing experience to try it with someone else.

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Close your eyes.

Cup your hands individually (as if approaching a clap). Bring your cupped hands together…..SLOWLY… but don’t let them touch. – hold them “that” close…but NOT touching!'

Like this...

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Keep them there for a while. Eyes closed.

Feel anything between them?

No? (or even yes – still carry on)…

VERRRRRY slowly and very gradually move them toward and away from one another repeatedly in VERY small increments….
Away from each other and slowly back together, repeatedly – but not touching.

Feel anything?

Feel the magnetism? The push and pull?


Once you have felt it - gradually increase and decrease the distance between the palms.

The longer you continue doing it, the more you will feel it and the stronger the push and pull magnetism will become. Eventually, you will wonder how you never felt it in the first place ;)

That is you! That is your energy FIELD!!

Now try it with someone close to you (personally, not literally... haha) – ie. one of your palms and one of theirs and repeat the process.

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Once you have felt that pulsating rhythm between your palms you will never forget it. Do it – often! It is a great tool for perspective and reminding yourself that you are here with purpose!

I am no expert in this field. What I am sharing with you is what I have learnt in the journey that is my life. If there are any other questions you have, or things you would like to know about – I will gladly share my knowledge and experience with you… if it is something that I have knowledge and experience on.

(I am on an “energetic" roll today apparently… hehe) – Keep an eye out for my post later on Psychic Protection. Or, kick off with reading my post on Energy Vampires -

Until next time xxx

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Interesting and for more control in the energy field is necessary the control of the thoughts and his balance. Feel so good when the hands are hot(work for me) because the energy is most high.

eeeeeeeeeeek!!!! you are the first person I have EVER spoken to that has recognized that trait! when the hands get hot... you are on POINT! it is an amazing experience!!!!!!!! yay!!!! so glad you connected properly with this!! xxx

Used to practice aura sight on plants. Good post !

thank you x

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Two months ago I've had a sudden feeling that I needed to meditate. I was sitting on the ground in my room in front of candlelights and started to meditate. I closed my eyes and focused myself on my energy. All of a sudden, 'I' told myself to put my handpalms together above my head, slowly spread my hands and move down, later I held my hands with a small distance from each other and felt my own energy! I still had my eyes closed. I focused on that energy and was actually moved by what I felt!

It was the magnetic field, my own energy! I haven't felt it before so after I played with the energy, I immediately texted my 'spiritual guidance' to tell her what I had experienced and what it was. So she told me about what you described in your post!!!

In the last few weeks my hands started to get hot and even itchy hands.. last month, they were very hot that I needed to put my hands under cold water (not that the hot feeling Dissappear). I still have to figure out what caused it.. I know about 'healing power'.. but I'm not sure if the hot energy had to do with it. Or it was just because I had too much energy. 😂

I am very glad you are in our Facebook Steemit Rockers group and that you posted about this subject. I want to have more control over my powers/energy. Reading posts like this can help me grow spiritually. Thank you 🙏🏼✨

What a beautiful comment. I haven't forgotten about your request, re. Energy vampires. I have the post ready to go, but tonight didnt feel like the right time to post it. Perhaps tomorrow. You are mentioned in the post so you should get notified. Xxx

Thanks, dear. I will check it out! 🙏🏼

This is really wonderful! I've done this many times.

Ever noticed that its more intense when you haven't touched anything or anyone for a long time before doing it?

Try withholding touch from as much as you can as long as you can. Focusing the whole time on some type of beautiful feeling.

Then when you're ready build this magnetism high and release it into a body of water. (pool, lake, river etc...).

If it's raining it can be even more intense.

Great Post!

Love how you just "got it"! thank you for your comment xxx

You bet hun! Keep them coming!

Wow very interesting, excellent post, good job! @jaynie keep it up, thank you for shared the information, I follow you.

pleasure - and thank YOU for reading xx

Reallyinterestingread. I'm going to try this tonight before i sleep. Thanks a lot.

Cool :) thank you! Would be keen to know if you get it right :) Some do, some don't - I have experimented with many people over the years...

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i love your posts on energy... im skeptical on these things usually but im trying to astral project but failing hard

Now that is a subject all on its own... (inspiring me now... thank you)

Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated ;)

Yes I have, & it is very cool.

indeed it is!

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You didn't even read it, you've been writing shitty comments like this all day. Go back to Twitter.

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hehehe I thought precisely the same thing @clintjunior hahahaha! but thought I would just be nice anyway lol - but did YOU read it Clint? :P hehe

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Definitely got a follow from me for that bold comment. lol ;) :D and an upvote for that matter lol

Glad you enjoyed it! xxx

@jaynie I used to practice tantra as a discipline and did my own little bit of experimentation, trial & error with energy fiends with help of a few close friends. This post was a gem, indeed! 🙂

Glad you could relate :) and thank you xxx