Well, I have what I call a 'bathroom', but in reality it's a shower, toilet and vanity unit sink (6ft x 2ft), still a comfortable space and functionaly effective..... All there is now are some little finishing touches, but it's definately now operational.

yes sir it's very that for to travel around in or to live in if things get chaotic and you need to leave the city?

It's primarily for recreational use - To see and visit parts of the U.K. we've never been to. Second to that it's a Bug Out Vehicle to one of my Bug Out Locations.
I live in a semi urban area.

howdy sir preppervetuk! very interesting indeed. so you have a bug out location somewhere already picked out...are there supplies there too? Also, you said "visit parts of the U.K. we've never been to" by "we" you mean one or two partners? not trying to be nosy just curious because I had the idea that you were by yourself.

Yeah, I have two locations I can go to if need be.... And one abroad too...
By 'We', I mean me and my Fiance'.
For my Van - She comes up with the ideas, i build it lol.

haha! oh excellent sir preppervetuk, so she is the designer and you are the construction guy..very good. And she is on the same page as you as far as being prepared?

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