Thank you for the blessings, @janton! There was a family from Texas (the ones who brought the giant smoker) this year and the dad really reminded me of you - he even looks like you with a longer beard. He taught the rest of the camp a whole lot about hospitality because he made it a point to cook up a huge breakfast every morning and offer coffee and hot breakfast to anyone just crawling out of their tent early. Somehow I think you'd be that kind of Sukkoter!

haha! yay for my fellow Texan representing us in a fine way! Yes Ma'am that would be so much fun to do it like he did, great for him! What a blessing...well we say all the time that we are blessed to be a blessing!

Your trip sounded wonderful.

That's a good saying!

howdy lturner! Yes Ma'am isn't that good? that's what we live by. I mean the only reason to be wealthy
is to build a strong financial base for your family and then help others whether it be through the local body or individually since we are God's delivery system of His blessings in all forms to the world.

This is true. And one of the things I've enjoyed about Sukkot in particular is learning more about how to be hospitable, how to be a source of blessings. For some reason, everyone camping together like that brings out a lot of situations where you can see how to be a hand when someone needs it or even just to be welcoming or inviting while seeking out good conversation. Blessing other people actually takes practice. Both in noticing when someone could use the blessing and then understanding how to gracefully carry it out.

howdy again lturner! well that camp ground sounds like a wonderful place to practice your faith. This wasn't for Sukkot was it? I mean everyone there wasn't celebrating like you guys were right? they were just people on vacation?

Oh no, they were all there for Sukkot. It was held on @mericanhomestead 's homestead. So it was a big ol' Sukkot celebration!

howdy today lturner! oh I see, wow...well then that would be so much fun! That would be a little slice of heaven right there. So this is going to be a yearly trip for sure right?

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