The blindness of ambition

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Achieving great goals and objectives requires a certain degree of ambition. In addition to effort and good performance, ambition helps people to see life's opportunities, and to seize them in time, which means that it is complemented by people's audacity.

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Ambition is generally associated with a negative quality of people, but this is not entirely true. Everything that exists, from living beings to the most recurrent events, materializes on different levels, naturally there cannot be two qualities exactly alike, there is always a certain degree of difference. The same is true of people's ambitions, which are expressed in different degrees in each person. What makes ambition special, and the difference from other qualities, is that it can evolve and spread quickly from person to person (not literally). Living in a society that represents a social battle for success, and where having money gives power, it is not uncommon for people to make every effort to be more successful and have a lot of power. The problem with this arises when people lose sight of the important things (happiness, family, tranquility, healthy living...), and they immersed in a continuous cycle of more and more ambition.  

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We have all heard the phrase, "Who has power, more power wants". I can say that this is absolutely true, we humans are ambitious by nature, this is one of the many qualities that have allowed us to reach our current position. However, we should not let ourselves be dominated by desires, when we maintain a neutral and focused position, we have the advantage of making more wise and advantageous decisions, which in turn will give us a greater chance of success. Our greatest quality is rationality, after all we are the only rational living beings, hence our dominion over the planet. So, first of all, we must have a lot of rational capacity and then to tink on ambition fruits.

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